Tripping on Acid isn't professional House Cafe

I was a customer at the House Cafe in Dekalb, (I go to NIU), and this is a little hot spot for live music and good food. It's owned by very friendly people, and a lot of college kids come out to hear the music, as well as the locals coming out too. The lead singer of this band seems so nice when you meet him, and just likes to promote music. So wrong! I originally went to the show because my friend I guess liked his drummer, so I went to go check them out. I near the stage while they were setting up and me and my friends overheard them talking and ALL the lead singer Joey J. Saye, was talking about, was how he had been taking acid or lsd and saw a starfish on his living room wall. I'm pretty sure he was trying to sell drugs too. I'm going to try and talk to the manager of the cafe the next time I go there as this is bad for their cafe. Even though it is full of rowdy college kids later at group having overheard that conversation a few people left the cafe (us being Christians we felt a little disgruntled by him then saying he was going to bring drugs to a church retreat over the summer.) I feel bad for the band I've been in the music industry for my whole life since my family is from Nashville, and as a Christian, no body will hire a group like that. I guess that is why they are playing in such a small place. I also see that I'm not the first to say something about this band...HOUSE CAFE CLEAN UP YOUR ACTS!
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Wow. First, Joey is the nicest and most honest person I know, so even if you did hear what you thought you heard, maybe you should've talked to him or the band before you go bashing them online.

Second, you didn't hear what you thought you heard because I know Joey, and he would never say that or even joke about it. I'd suggest confronting people in person before you splatter your lies everywhere against a group that is doing things right in the music scene and "loves their neighbor as they love themselves" more than it sounds like you do.


Lol joey is the man, known this guy for a while. And acid helped me write my first mixtape hahahah but I'm not here to promote drugs. Religious people are the most judgemental, sad.


you are the reason christians have a bad reputation


*** off, I would vote for Joey as President.


Anybody who knows Joey or his band would agree that this complaint was fabricated by a desperate person with a petty grudge.


Musicians, doing drugs? What is this world coming to?!


This review doesn't even grasp the tip of the iceberg. I've known Joey for some years and "unprofessional" doesn't even come close to describing him.

The guy's a monster, I've seen Joey do things I can't speak of and I still see a therapist because of it.

I've personally witnessed Joey violate the Geneva Convention on four separate occasions. Lock your doors at night, America.


Joey J. Saye is a villain of the most aberrant variety.

While there is breath in his lungs, nothing you cherish can be safe. His flashy, sexy guitar licks and do-what-though-wilt philosophy will be the downfall of Western civilization.


This is malicious libel committed by an undoubtedly vindictive individual. Being that I am closely affiliated with this band, I can attest that none of its members endorse, nor have they ever partaken in, substance use of any sort.


Funny how these "Christians" are the ones passing so much quick judgement. I'm not religious at all but honestly ask yourself what Jesus and or God would think of you going out of your way to bash someone out of hate.

You should be disgusted with yourself. Who cares if he does drugs or not? How many millions of Christians have done drugs?

Quit *** going to the shows if you're going to clench your fist and whine like a self righteous ***.

The rest of us live music fans for just that. The live music. I don't give a **** what else he does.

I'm there for the music. For the sound created on the stage.

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The Joey J. Saye Trio

Not only is this band an extremely unreliable bunch when it comes to recording music, they have had multiple claims of creating their own original music, sound...only to be shot down by others who ACTUALLY made it. Will use you in order to climb to the top, and extremely egocentric for a few young people that have yet to move out of their parents house. They have NO work ethic whatsoever but all the gab in the world to make you believe it. The half rotted brain behind the group Joseph June Saye, was tripping on LSD and *** when I had met him. Also, he tries to be a pseudo intellectual, waiving around a copy of Ayn Rands The Fountianhead, which if anyone knows ANYTHING about the school of Philosophy, is completely bogus in the field and tends to make instant *** of anyone that reads it. If you value integrity- do NOT work with him. He can come off as a very nice person, good with dialogue, but after asking around I have found out hes somewhat known as a sociopath in his personal life, particularly with preying on women, writing s few songs about them, then habitually taking them for a "ride." As much as this kid will put on his big boy pants, this is one shoddy excuse for a man, and a shadow of what a BAND should be. Not too mention the drummer being a complete ***, and living up to every stereotype in the book.
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Joey is a budding Charles Manson. Do NOT let your children near him or they will be eaten.


Hang in there joey, I see that this blog and the other one were written very close to each other. All these comments are way too personal for a random person in the crowd.

You have an upset stalker.

Not everyone will like your music and not everyone will like you... But that's life!


Well not everyone likes each other. It's obvious that someone has personal problems with this guy and took it to the extreme...

Crazy people... I'd say let the music speak for itself..


Well professional or not the music sucked to me when I listened to their demo. Looks to me like the band has rubbed a few people the wrong way lol... Karma maybe?


*** jexxi ya slunty tardo


I think the post is saying they aren't professional when it comes to recording music. I've gone to a few of their small gigs, or solo shows.

Not too sure about this Kenzie chick but from what I've heard the lead singer is a real *** to people.

I wouldn't want to be in his shoes! And yes, the drummer was playing for young men anon.


The trio did not even play any gigs in may and the drummer was in Europe...


Um do you even read? If you look on their website they do solo shows.

Plus its not about gigs its about their character when they record. I'm a barista there so ***


I can attest to the fact that Kenzie Hernandez gets around. Almost all of my friends have *** around/ done butt stuff with her. :eek


kenzie u trailer trash little *** u think that we all dont kno that ur worthless jelous *** who just angry that joey wanted nothing ot do with u hahhah so pathetic seriously pathetic go get ur jacked *** teeth fixed and rub some vagisil on that nasty smelling and crusty *** snatch :grin

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