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I watched a bit of this "Jenny Thompson's" video.Does anyone really believe the picture associated with the voice are one and the same? Does anyone really believe her claims? Every hear of Kevin Trudeau? Yeah, he's the guy who sold all those books entitled basically the same: "The weight loss cure they don't want you to know about", or "the cancer cure they don't...." You get the point. Well, he is not scheduled for release from "Club Fed"...
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I didn't like
  • That jenny thompson is not in prison
  • This video scams older people
  • People who made this video
I received "Miracles from the Vault" & perused it I happen to be an expert on Curing Cancer by a simple Inexpensive method. It was never mentioned in the book. Instead, for each problem I looked at in her book, they offered items to be purchased. In the Updated Anthology, I looked up cures for Diabetes. I then searched on line for the Syntra5 that was cited as an amazing cure. There was nothing to be found from any INDEPENDENT SOURCE....
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