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Hartford Casualty Insurance Company has acted in bad faith by unfairly and unjustly denying a diminished value claim.I was backed into by one of their covered members and the problems began immediately. At first they claimed that the member was not covered and I was just out of luck. After several months of repeated efforts to get them to take responsibility, they finally agreed to cover the repairs. I informed them from that point that I would...
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In the past 16 years we have been members of AARP, we have brushed off all the so-called savings for rental vehicles, etc as being a joke and there Health Insurance was not really beneficial, However we have maintained Auto Ins. for the past 15 years with no claims. Unfortunately just having a major incident involving a vehicle with tow trailer and here it is 2 months later and the only thing resolved is the trailer. The vehicle is another story...
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Anonymous CEO of HArtford Insurance Christopher Jerome Swift, his home phone number and address is 203-549-1662, 49 Winfield Lane, New Cannan, Connecticut 06840-3439 to resolve issues. ...