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Glad I Invested with HGG

The Hartford Gold Group
So happy I got silver from HGG when I did! They're incredibly helpful and gave me an amazing deal! I've recommend friends and family members to check them out. They follow up and make sure I'm happy with my investment and make me feel secure in my decision. A true investing partner!

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Why I left the company

I worked for Hartford gold group for 3 months - in that time I had nearly $850,000 in sales. I was let go because I said mentioned that a potential client shared with me that he just purchased a Hummer like the one arnold schwarzenegger owned. One of the black sales guys heard me say that and turned it into ' a thing ' . I was let go without getting my commission, or my last day of wages. I filed a claim with the labor department and Hartford Gold ( Sandy Man and Scott Gerlis) lied to the department so ...it upsets because, my commission on $850,000 plus my last day of pay would have been nice...but Scott Gerlis and and Sandy Mann are Alcoholics and I met them at an AA meeting. AA is supposed to be a program of honesty and the fact the Joe Grossman ( aka Joe Green) who stole the leads from Gold Line and Joe, Scott and Sandy started Hartford Gold - they lie, they cheat, they steal - DON'T do business or work for this company - Also, they like telling people ( or rather - Dave Martel likes telling people) they have a 5 star rating on Trust Pilot ( they pay a monthy fee for that listing) They're just not honest -
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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Pass on Hartord Gold

Rebel Xka
map-marker Miami, Florida

You will lose tremendously if you invest with this company

I have just discovers I ALSO have lost a similar amount thru my purchase of their “gold buffalo Canadian coins “, I have called & spoken to several people REPEATEDLY & emailed . I’ve always get the same *** story that” Paul Stone “ will call me back at a set appointment time & respond to emails sent ! NEVER HAS HE CALLED ME . I really would like to talk with you , I invested my entire future savings through my disability & I have surgery in three days so I needed to sell some back to cover the hospital bills and now I in deep trouble. I received the information of the cost I have lost per coin of approximately $200 per 1/4 oz coin Aaa from ANOTHER company who was willing to look up this info for me . It is a massive loss for me and I am in contact with my legal recourse right now since no one will speak to me with any information from “Hartford gold “ I definitely need to get this resolved by contacting legal resources, BBB social media & ALL other associations connected to these transactions .I will share the news everywhere as you said to unsuspecting consumers until I receive my investment back . Please contact me as soon as you can I would really appreciate it! Lisa I will send you my phone number if you email me
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Beware of Hartford. I invested in 2019 in gold and silver coins and have lost nearly 50% of its value. Just devastating.

Richard J Tnm

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| map-marker Los Angeles, California

Resolved: Unscrupulous account representative (AL S. Flat out LIED and Misrepresented transaction and hid 40% fee tacked onto my purchase at spot. Stole over 40% of my life savings.

The Hartford Gold Group - Unscrupulous account representative (AL S. Flat out LIED and...
Updated by user Oct 28, 2019

A representative of the Hartford Gold Group contacted me within days of this post. He listened to my explanation of what took place in my particular experience in opening a precious metals IRA with his company.

He was interested in how I was treated and more importantly wanted to take actions to resolve the bad feelings I had been harboring since my original transaction date. He went over and above this time to be transparent and fair with the pricing in my account. I got off the phone feeling good about what had transpired since my original post. They are in the process of making things right.

I believe my original contact was with one bad apple and should not be representative of this company as a whole. The way they treated the resolution of my serious issues makes me want to continue to use their services going forward. I am completely satisfied with the resolution we agreed to and feel we can both move forward equally happy.

Thank you for taking the time and working to make this resolution possible. R.S.J.

Updated by user Oct 20, 2019

I received roughly 60% of the metals I paid full. I received a receipt after the fact (sale) that I paid for the full amount.

Actual account value was and is 40% less. No documentation of where these monies are or where they went from my account, Total fraud committed on me and who knows how many others just trying to secure their life savings. My first contact was a fast talker Al Smith only interested in getting my IRA under his control so he could perpetrate his securities fraud as soon as paperwork cleared.

I was new to this type of investment so trusted them as professionals as they were giving me direct advice on what to buy and how to protect my savings, After this transaction I was able to read through all their boiler plate small print to find out that they hide their sliding commissions in the transaction and somehow you are to magically know you are going to be cheated by what seems to be a legit Metals business. I am spending the time today to shout from the rooftops to try and save as many other investors as possible from falling prey to Hartford Golds Deceptive business practices.

Original review Oct 20, 2019
My 101,025.64 SEP account value in cash was turned into $67,000 over night. I was given no sales receipt of transactions until pressing company for proof of transaction. Weeks later they Fed Ex me a Sales Receipt showing my purchase of $74,350.74 in silver and 26,674.90 in gold. When I compare to my new account value online my nest egg value was magically reduced by 40+% showing a new value of appox. 67,000!!! I went from 101K cash to the safety of precious metals for an immediate loss from deceptive business practices in some sort of hidden and never disclosed sales fee for Managing Director Alfred E. Smith V. (King of theft by Deception) Called company and tried to get some sort of explanation but even the owner could not explain where my $44,147.25 went! In later months new account reps have called on me to try and make it right with me admitting the wrong doing of AL SMITH but still no one could turn back clock and fix the FRAUD that had been perpetrated on day 1. I can not ever get back my lost opportunity costs of not having the use of the stolen funds from my SEP account.. I want and deserve a fair resolution which would make my account whole again and right the wrong doing of AL SMITH. (CROOK), Considering Gold is up substantially since my account opening, restoring my account to its original value in either gold/silver or CASH would be more than fair resolution for Hartford Gold Group. I have the TRUTH on my side and have been bullied enough by your company and have read enough poor reviews to realize my situation is one of many. I will make it my new mission in life to tell as many unsuspecting investors as possible of the poor way I have been treated and the OUTRIGHT SECURITIES FRAUD Alfred E. Smith/ Dan True of Hartford Gold Group committed in the transfer of monies from my retirement account without proper documentation of fees or commissions up front. Please take this opportunity to contact me and come to a resolution in this matter. My original purchase was shorted $44,147.25 on Day 1. Need appropriate cash or metals restored to my account or cash or take back all metals and restore my SEP to $101,025,64.amount before theft by deception took place. Other lies made by Hartford Gold Group /Al Smith. 1. You can take possession of your metals and store in your own home. CLIENT #30757 account# 20162**** Call me at 717554**** if you are considering working with this company and putting any hard earned monies in under their control. I will be happy to give you a first hand account of what to expect.
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  • Not up front on sales commissions fees fraud of account rep
Reason of review:
Pricing issue

Preferred solution: Add metals to get to original purchase receipt price of $101,025.64 or refund difference in cash or full refund and close account.

Michael J Ady
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Great company, very helpful thank you!

I spoke with several gold companies, none were willing to take the time to explain how this works and what the costs were. Hartford gold group has a rep that helped me named Robert Chef and he was very patient and helpful. THank you and i recommend them.
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  • Helpful and informative
Reason of review:
Good customer service
Sally G Rwp
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Great Experience and Very Helpful

I loved working with the Hartford gold group. I searched a bunch for a reputable company as I wanted to buy mostly gold and some silver. I spoke with Jake at the hartford and he was VERY helpful. Investing in precious metals can be a little confusing but they really helped me and I am super happy with the price and service. Highly recommend.
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  • Helpful and informative
Reason of review:
Good quality

The Hartford Gold Group's reply to: The Hartford Gold Group - LYING SCAMMERS

Are you sure you have the right company? There's no record of you in our database.
Donna B Bgx
map-marker Los Angeles, California


Same old, same old. They told me if I bought their gold coins I could resell at the same "market" price which to me means what I paid, give or take appreciations (which I should have gained by now).

When I went to liquidate some I learned this was a lie. I was told a bunch of malarkey to reel me in, e.g. that there was some sort of IRS "loophole" that would allow me to only "declare" the lesser value based on the weight or some such nonsense.

The WEIGHT value is NOT the market value, which I expected them to repurchase the coins (and then of course resell them) for. A classic scam, Hartford sold to me at one value, but only willing to repurchase and a MUCH LOWER one.

  • Lying scammers
  • Precious metals ira
Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Full refund


I have an interview with them next week for a sales rep. I thought they were a reputable company.After reading complaints i may cancel. After reading complaints i may cancel.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1744136

I am sure some of their sales reps are not even aware of their real game. They always bring in innocent sounding underlings to take care of certain details.

If you go to work keep your eyes and ears open and be a whistleblower. Read up on another similar firm - Merit Gold - that was forced to pay millions in settlements and then went out of business due to similar tactics.

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The Hartford Gold Group's reply to: Terrible

Thank you for letting us know and don't hesitate to reach out to us in the future.
steven m Ncs
map-marker Grand Rapids, Minnesota


I called Hartford gold and asked to invest $60,780.00 in silver , when I received my statement I was informed that they put half of my investment into gold. I called and talked to the person who I made the investment with and he told me not to worry that it was a sound investment.

He assured me that I would not lose money as long as I stayed above bid price of each. I also was told that he would keep in touch weekly with me. never to hear from him again so I called Hartford back to find out that this gentlemen was no longer with them. I decided to cash out.

gold was up 70.00 silver up 1.05 believing I would make some money, only to find out I lost $3500.00 because of what they called a spread, I was told that they was no hidden costs or fees when I agreed to my investment, I was never told about a spread, I was misinformed and lied to. My advice stay away from Hartford gold..rip off

Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund

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Why is it so hard to find an honest company dealing in gold and silver? It seems like they ignore your wishes and steer you into something that makes money for the company.

I've found that going it alone is the only way to go. Why pay salaries for these crooks when they're not looking out for us?

The Hartford Gold Group's reply to: Resolved: A "highly unregulated industry" - Head of the company to me via phone.

Thank you, we continue to strive to set the industry standard in Client Services & Compliance.
Frank S Khe

Resolved: A "highly unregulated industry" - Head of the company to me via phone.

Updated by user Jan 14, 2019

They were very willing to resolve the issue and explain what had happened and what went wrong. With my new understanding of the process and business for that matter I completely looked at the transaction in a different light. Very happy with their chosen resolution to my complaint also.

Updated by user Jan 14, 2019

spoke to the company and they gave me everything I asked for and then some!! They were very willing to resolve it at no cost to me.

Original review Jan 10, 2019

Avoid this company as there are many other companies online you can buy Gold, Silver or any other precious metals from, not only at a cheaper price but without the pressure sales talk. They'll talk about IRA investments, tax advantages and strategies and how one study over 20yrs showed that Gold and Silver coins outperformed all other investments. They will tell you that they will setup your precious metals IRA and so on, they will, and they will take your money. Pure B.S. They are scam artist in a "highly unregulated industry". Those quoted words are right out of the President of the Company's mouth. His name is Scott Girllis and we had a recent conversation within the past week. It is a highly unregulated industry and the uninformed public will overpay unless your a astute buyer. Read between the lines.

They charge a spread on their products that will prevent you from earning a gain on your investment unless there is a significant increase in the spot price of the metal. We are not talking 5 to 10% but rather huge percentages. I purchased gold coins at a spread of 61% which amounted to a price 740.00 dollars over the price of Gold on that day. I also purchased Gold coins at a spread of 57.34% which was 765.51 over the price of Gold that day.

Hartford Gold Group purchases back the product you will purchase at the going "spot" or "melt" price. The premium you pay will not be recovered!! Want proof? Ask the salesman their buy back price for the item you are interested in. Do that first. Then see what they are charging for that same item.

As a matter of fact whenever buying online that is the question that you should always be asking. That "Spread" or "Premium" is the boundary against you and your profit.Your buying these products to make a profit, not to make Hartford Gold Group or any other company rich. Look at other major online sites like Kitco, APMEX, and you may find better deals but buyer beware, find the smallest spread!!

Avoid the "special" Arctic Fox, Buffaloe, Polar bear coins or any other coins that are not straight out bullion or bars. Only buy products minted from the United States Mint, or the Royal Canadian Mint and you can purchase them from dealers that charge a smaller markup by doing a little shopping.

A semi-numismatic coin is a coin whose value partially derives from its numismatic value and partially from its bullion value. The coin's premium will be between the low premium of a normal bullion coin and the potentially very high premium on a certified and graded numismatic coin, avoid semi-numismatic coins, your either a coin collector or an investor in Silver or Gold.

Like stated above, I overpaid greatly for my products from Hartford Gold Group and probably will never see my investment turn positive unless gold goes over 2000.00 dollars per ounce. There are many other stories out there like mine, just search.

Avoid this company.

  • Make it very easy to give your money to them
  • Personable like a car salesman
  • Online rating and review
  • Huge premiums
  • Huge markups
  • Advertise respectability and sell thievery
Reason of review:
Pricing issue

Preferred solution: Full refund

1 comment

I agree this company is a scam, they lie to you to get your money and thenthey rip you off

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