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My daughte was interviewed by Catherine at the North Location off of Woodman. Apparently my Daughter was told they don't hire thugs there due to her having 2 tattoos on her feet and one on her arm that both can be covered. She was also told about her nose ring and she came in contact w an employee who had a tongue piercing... i don't appreciate my Daughter being called a thug who is a 21 yr old looking for a job to pay her bills. I think your HR person Catherine is a thug for displaying this type of behavior in a interview process. Hope you follow up on this and correct her behavior before you end up w a discrimination lawsuit.... i will spread the word, after all word of mouth is the biggest ADVERTISEMENT!!! Shame on you, DISGUSTING.....
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Faricy Boys Jeep failed to repair my skyslider they actually caused more damage and a safety issue

I own a 2008 Jeep Liberty, bought (paid cash even) from Faricy in January. It is the Liberty you see in the ads with the skyslider roof. This roof is a great feature, like a convertible Jeep at the push of a button. Properly working it opens completely from the front or completely from the back. Last month my skyslider broke and opened crooked and got stuck. I promptly brought it to Faricy for repair. At first they speculated that it might just need an adjustment. Turns out a cable broke. So about 6 days later and $1200 poorer I can finally take my Jeep home. My skyslider was working great (as it should have been, *** at that cost it should be the KIT car....) Anyhow the next day I took it through the carwash and guess what, the skyslider was leaking. Evidently the service department tech had failed to ensure that the roof was weatherproof. A BIG mistake, this is Colorado we get torrential rain, wind and snow. I took it back in right away. It was there for a day before I was told that it needed "some minor adjustments" and that they were waiting on the "specialist" and I could pick it up the next day, at no cost to me (as it should be). The next day I picked it up, fresh from the Faricy wash. No more leaks. Good finally, I'm thinking and just in time for the weekends sunny forecast. Hooray! Well the cheering didn't last and I was back at Faricy on Monday. Seemed that the "specialist" did not adjust correctly and one side had more tension than the other which made my skyslider open crooked and get stuck. Needless to say, I was pretty heated when I had to bring it back once again. I had to leave it there again and was informed the next day that it would need a new track which cost $1500, I was livid. I told them that I would not be paying for any more parts because the past two issues were due to the negligence and faulty/poor workmanship of their service tech and they should repair the damage they caused at no cost to me. Furthermore, I questioned why all of a sudden it would need this $1500 track, the skyslider was working perfectly when I brought it in for the leaks. So obviously if a new track was necessary, it would be because the "specialist" or the service tech damaged the current track, although Helen Keller could see that fact clearly, Faricy did not. I was not about to give out money I didn't owe so I picked up my still damaged Jeep and have been trying to get justice ever since. There's a few more points of interest to my saga. Both men that I dealt with in the service department (Micheal the rep and Aaron the dept mgr) were condescending and refused to hear my input about what the issue is with my skyslider and what it would take to repair. I mean obviously since I'm female I am totally ignorant and oblivious when it comes to such man things as car repair.....well sorry about their luck, had I been a customer whose satisfaction mattered they would have listened and discovered that I am a mechanic tech and additionally I had a private, certified, skilled and trained journeyman mechanic give me an assessment of what he thought. He said there is no reason to replace the track that is NOT the issue, which is what I had confirmed also. I mean even an average person could conclude be just looking that there is only one track. No matter which direction the skyslider is being opened from it is on the same track. Now with that said, my skyslider works perfectly when it is opened from the rear if the track was damaged the skyslider would NOT work from either direction because it is only ONE track. So as logic dictates, there is NOT a problem with the track at all. The problem exists because the skyslider was NOT adjusted, aligned, attached and tensioned evenly on BOTH sides. The "specialist" only adjusted one side to correct the leak issue and in doing so threw the alignment of my skyslider completely off which is what directly caused the issue that I am still dealing with. (FYI for better understanding, the skylslider works using a basic motorized cable and gear pulley system. In order for the skyslider to open evenly both sides must have the exact tension/resistance or one side moves faster causing the skyslider to jam. I called Faricy and presented Aaron (dept mgr) with the question of why my Jeep needs a new track when it opens completely from the rear with no issues and I would gladly bring it back so he could see for himself. Aaron said he agreed with his tech, I need a new track, and there happens to be one in stock should I choose to have the repair done and he would even offer me parts at cost and a 10% discount. At this point I was dumbfounded as to why Aaron did not even want to see the rear functionality of my skyslider, evidently it seems he was trying to coerce me and effectively rob me by making me pay $1500 for something I do not need. As it is, I am still driving around in a Jeep that is damaged, yet is still perfectly and fully operational from the rear. With my Jeep remaining in this condition and colder weather upon us, there is a serious safety concern looming on the horizon. When the weather is nice I have my skyslider opened to enjoy, but with the cooler weather that will not be the case. The problem is that because of Faricys failure to adjust my skylslider properly, leaving one side looser than the other, my skyslider will not stay tensioned down and closed on the loose side when I am driving. For example, I drove to Pueblo the other evening, it was chilly so the skyslider was closed. At 65mph on the highway the looser side opens about 3 inches. This will not only cause unnecessary wear on my skyslider, but it is dangerous and could potentially cause a horrific if not fatal accident on I-25. All it would take is that 3inch gap and a semi truck passing me at a greater rate of speed to create a wind gust strong enough to tear off my skyslider and create all kinds of havoc and who knows what else. Any injury, accident or fatality resulting from such an incident would be directly caused by Faricy due to their negligence and failure to properly repair my skyslider. I can only speculate that their negligence and failure is a result of their greed. If I was a business owner I would deem it more logical to please the customer and treat them with respect. I would practice honesty and integrity and fix problems that I cause. Word of mouth is the best advertising. I would rather be known as having honesty and integrity, than be known as the business where greed killed innocent people. Not really a tough choice to make as I see it. I just want Faricy to fix the damage they caused, repair my skyslider (*** I already paid $1200 for that) and have concern for my safety, for everyone's safety. Each day is a new opportunity to do the right thing. I'm still hoping that Faricy will grasp that opportunity.
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