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The Expo Pros - Review in Professional Services category from Broomfield, Colorado

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We just did an expo and there was less than 100 attendees after Ashley told me and other exhibitors there would be well over 1500. We know she can't predict the outcome but 100 is nowhere near what she told us.when people were complaining and asking to leave early, the only two expo pros staff who actually showed up told us that we got to meet each other so that's good enough. I don't have to pay $1000 to meet a few other exhibitors.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised
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Expo Pros - Lack of contract fulfillment

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On April 30th, I signed up to be a vendor at the Artwork Network Bridal Show put on by The Expo Pros. Approximately on May 18th I made a change to my company name and contact information. The name was received and confirmed by my sales representative by email. On the day of the Expo on 6/10/2015, I discovered that the change was never updated. The wrong name and contact information was given to many brides. It was also posted incorrectly on the Expo Pros Facebook page and not corrected until 6/12/2015, even though I pointed it out on 6/10/2015. Upon speaking with the director/owner, he admitted an oversight to making the change but insists that my name does not matter. As a new business, my correct name and contact information are everything. There was a lot of conversation about this issue, but the matter comes down to what is stated in the contract, which states "25. ENTIRE CONTRACT - This instrument contains the entire Contract between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof. The parties have made no contracts, representations or warranties,relating to the subject matter hereof which are not set forth herein. No modification of this Contract shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by the parties hereto." Given this clause I asked for a full-refund for lack of contract execution on The Expo Pros part. I have received no formal response from the company, despite a formal email requesting a full-refund and stating the above issue. It is not my intention to hurt this business, but it is my intention to let vendors know that there are severe communication issues at which they refuse to take responsibility for. I am not looking to get something for nothing, but I am looking for this company to hold up their own contract terms and conditions. Lastly the actual turnout of this event was far below the marketed impression.
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  • Lack of customer service
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund


Our company, The Expo Pros produced the event.

The staff of The Expo Pros has been producing events for 26 years across North America with millions of people in attendance over the years and over half a million booths sold into various expos. In that time we've had a handful of complaints with the majority of our customers - vendors and the public (in the millions) very happy with our events.

Of course we can't please everyone but we certainly try our best to.

The vendor quotes one #25 from our "rules & regulations" from our contract and we appreciate that. The contract was the entire contract between our company and hers and we delivered what was promised.

The vendor purchased vendor space in the show and she was provided the vendor space and she exhibited.

The vendor fails to mention that her vendor space was very crowded with a lot of attendees and we have the pictures to prove this. In fact, all of the vendors we spoke to at the show had a great experience and have told they us they will be exhibiting in future events. This is the ONLY complaint we received.

In terms of her Company changing its name, they signed up under a diff name on their contract from the name they had the day of the show.

She did inform her salesperson of the name change but it never made it to the show manager. There was an internal mistake where her new Company name wasn't updated in the files and we have corrected that process so it doesn't happen again. This though did not affect her performance at the show. There were a limited amount of areas where her old Company name would've been seen.

Her old Company name was on her tent card on her table but that is merely there for directional reasons during vendor setup to get the vendor to the correct location. We didn't have a Show program with a vendor list for this show so the old Company name wasn't listed incorrectly. The client did giveaway free chocolates and we printed a card with her old Company name to give to the attendees but we discovered just prior to the show that her name changed and we told her we would re-print the cards. She declined saying "No, you don't have to do that it's bad for the environment to waste paper".

Lastly, we did put her old Company name on Facebook prior to the show but this was not a promise connected to the contract it was simply providing addtl info for the show attendees. The attendees visited her vendor booth and the name change had no effect on whether any Attendees approached her vendor booth. We will not issue a refund to this client because its simply not reasonable. We provided the vendor the space as promised and she spoke to attendees at her vendor space like all other vendors in the event.

As a concession, we offered to upgrade her space in a future show but that offer we've now withdrawn. We're not unlike other companies, we want to get paid for services rendered. We have clients that we have done business with for years and we they will continue to do business with us for years to come.

We will not be inviting this Company to exhibit in any future events which ultimately is a loss for her since the majority of our events sell-out.

NoName S Nzx
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Thank you for responding and owning up to the mistakes. This shows character.

I am a little shocked that in spite of owning up to the mistake, you would try to boycott me for tying to reach out to you and resolve this mutually.

As a woman owned business, why am I being targeted? I am simply trying to come to a mutual agreement on the mistakes made.

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mailmeee K
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FAMILY FUN EXPO False $1000 Gift Prize

On "Baby and Kids Expo" held in Los Angeles (Pasadena), our baby has participated in Diaper Derby Race which was prepared by EXPO PROS (aka: Ultimate Expo Company, LLC) and he won the Race, which the prize was $1,000 gift certificate from World America Discount Store. But when I got home and try to use it from they obligate to pay the shipping which is not covered by the gift certificate, and the shipping fee exceeds the actual selling value of the items. I bet EXPO PROS didn't even spend a penny for this prize. This is "worthless prize". EXPO PRO is cheating all little babies with false prize!
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I have taken my kids to the Baby & Kidz Expos for 4 years. The complainer is simply a complainer.

This show is great.

Don't let this person influence you. I'm looking forward to bringing my kids to the next event


Why do people complain about free prizes. If you don't want to pay the shipping then seriously, order a feather or don't order at all.

I just "won" airline tickets- they are not free- I have to listen to a two hour sales pitch. But, it is just time. In the end I get my two free tickets. Just like you get to do free online shopping.

So- your baby won a prize. It was free for your baby to "race". It cost you nothing, it is still costing you nothing. Not even to the IRS, it sounds like.

What has this world come to, that people would try to say don't go to this place or that place for such absolutely petty reasons! Unfortunately now the prize can't go to someone who will actually appreciate it!


We don't even understand the context of "Malmees" most recent entry. It's from "Malmee" but it says "Thanks Malmee"? So our response... First of all we don't "lie". The prize that "Malmee" speaks of has been replaced for future events by ribbons for the winners.

As a Company we've taken the time to answer this complaint in previous responses.

The internet is a great forum for opinions and we welcome positive conversations from our attendees and vendors. In Malmees case, Malmee has overstepped his/her legal bounds by making baseless accusations in earlier comments and continues to do so.

We appreciate comments and they help us put out a better product so long as they are factual, truthful and the tone is professional. Again, thanks for this forum.


Thanks Malmee, looks like Show Producer is confusing with other complaints now.

I wouldn't mind spending shipping if its reasonable, but shipping fees are extremely high which exceeds actual value.

Show Producer told me he wasn't aware of this fact and after the complains he received, will stop using this prize, but was lie. He used same worthless prize again on following event.

Most participants won't know about it until wins the prize. I just wanted everyone know about the truth.


Unfortunately "Malmee" really doesn't understand what fraud is. The prize is usable he just doesn't want to pay for shippng and handling which was disclosed prior to giving out the prize.

He doesn't like the prize and therefore believes it is fraud. This is very simple, "Malmee"`If you don't like the prize than don't use it. He says: "I want others to know about this event or stop this event also is not bad or threatening". Yeah it is bad and threatening to the thousands upon thousands of people that enjoyed the event.

It's threatening to the vendors and negative for the community who we bring the event to. On the way out of the show Parents took it upon themselves to say things like: "Great event","We'll be back next year", "Thank you for putting this on so my kids have a safe fun place to go" and the one we appreciated the most is this one "Thanks for putting this together for families". Malmee is one out of thousands and thousands of people that complained and it's not even about the show it's about a prize that he doesn't like. We'll state it again and he doesn't like it - we welcome everyone to our event next year except for Malmee.

Again thank you to "Pissed Consumer" to allow us to tell our side of the story. As always with all of our events we welcome positive criticism from anyone this helps us to make our event better for all.


To tell a company you are going to take action for is not a threat when there behavior is fradulant...the prize they gave was fradulant. Saying that I want others to know about this event or stop this event also is not bad or threatening, I don't want others to suffer or be deceived as I was.

Also, the announcement was not made to give your information and a business with good practice would get this information when the prize was issued. Second, the VALUE of the prize was NOT $1000 as when I spoke with they were not purchased for this amount AT ALL.

Nice way to try to turn the table though. The last line put by the show producer is immature and needs no furthers comment.


The prize that "Mailmee" won is valid and usable. Your complaint from "Mailmee" fails to indicate that they were told at the show prior to winning the prize what the prize was.

I was the announcer at the event and announced twice the specifics of the prize which was for a "$1000 online shopping credit and that shipping and handling was not included". In addition, when "Mailmee" received the prize it was again explained that they won a "$1000 online shopping credit and that shipping and handling was not included". The prize is valid and the consumer knows this - they just don't want to pay for shipping and handling. We can't make someone like a prize.

We also asked all prize winners to stop by the Show Info desk to provide us with their name, address and social security # because all prizes have to be filed with a 1099 form to the IRS. This prize winner took the prize and decided not to report it to the IRS. There's also more to this. The comments in the emails we received from this person were rude, threatening and discourteous.

These are direct quotes from emails to our Company: "... if I don't hear from you guys I'll search for a legal action and report to all organizations and agencies including BBB regarding your fraud marketing". We don't have any fraud marketing. In addition in another email it was stated by "Mailmee",..."Your company is screwing with little kids, I'll try my best to stop this event." So the show has also been threatened by this person?

Companies are not all bad and we have rights as well. Nothing has changed here, if "Mailmee" would like to use the prize they can. We would ask of course that they give us the proper info so we can report their prize to the IRS as is required by law. The event was a wonderful affordable family event that was enjoyed by thousands.

We took the time to respond to this because it was the right thing to do; to set the record straight. We appreciate forums that allow businesses to do this. Unfortunately, the general public doesn't usally report how they liked something. The internet is filled with all sorts of bad experiences and not all businesses will take the time to set the record straight.

If we listened to them at the word, than we wouldn't travel, shop, bank or do most of the activities that we do because the internet is filled with complaints about just about every industry and every business. With that said, we welcome everyone to our event next year except for "Malmee".

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