Matia Ujt

Resolved: GlennDormer is a fraud company! Big loss!

Updated by user Mar 23, 2017

I posted this in error. I stole money from Glenn Dormer and he prosecuted me for doing so this post should have never happened. I am a criminal and need to learn from my mistakes.

Original review Sep 26, 2016
It all starting in Feb. 2015. We were told to find a home and put a contract on it. Then to send Glenndormer $1,000. We did that and started the process of getting an inspection on the home and were told we were set to close. But our realtor could not get Glenndormer to set a closing date. Therefore we lost the home due to taking too long to get closed. Glenn Dormer and Wendy Dormer informed us that their investors ran short on money and couldn't fund our loan but they had an even better program that we qualified for. We just needed to send an additional $1500 and find another home. We did put a contract on yet another home in trusting GlennDormer Services and we sent them the additional money. We got our approval letter and were told by both Glenn and Wendy that everything was good. Then we stopped getting responses from our inquiries. Finally we lost this second home and so we requested our money back in full. We had been givin paperwork previously that said our money was FULLY refundable. I got forms from Tyler Black at their company that we had to get notarized to get our money back. We sent those in Aug 2015 and I kept trying to follow up on status with no response until their "legal dept" started sending emails stating our refund was mailed to us. Of course we never received any money back because the legal department is held by Wendy. Finally we received a letter in mail stating that their investors backed out on them and that they are refunding all clients money asap even if they have to make monthly payments. Still as of March 2016 we have not received our money back. A recording answers theirs phones now and on their website it states they are not taking any new clients and refunds are being sent out. Found out after fact of doing more research that Mr. Glenn Dormer had ripped ALOT of people off previously. It also said he was not allowed to be doing business in lending but yet he was and has taken our money and many other innocent people that just wanted to purchase a home.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

His name is Robert Domenic Lonardo. All the other names are made up and fake. Not Robert Caruso, not Leornardo and not Geudrau

Matia Ujt

This was a personal vendetta against Glenn Dormer personally and it was wrong. I stole money from Glenn Dormer and unfortunately it has cost me.

I should have never posted this Bogus complaint against him.

HE is an upstanding citizen and great Real Estate Agent and anyone looking to hire Glenn in representing them in a real estate transaction will be well taken care of. Again, my sincere apologies for the erroneous complaint.


PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THESE ARE BOGUS COMPLAINTS. It’s obvious these are bogus as they are posted by the same poster “SAMWILLIAMS0123” "ANONYMOUS" AND "PEARLROSE" and now "JAMESSMITH2016" within seven days of each other, first posing as a business owner and then posing as a homeowner (which Energywise doesn't even sell to).

These were posted by a former Rogue salesman of Energywise, Leonardo “Rob” Caruso, Lonardo Caruso, Rob Gudreau, Lonardo Dominic, the alias' this guy has is endless, he is currently out on BOND in LOS ANGELES COUNTY for stealing Energywise client funds and filing fictitious business statements under the company name to carry out his crimes.

Leonardo/Lonardo Rob Dominic Caruso has orchestrated these posts and is being prosecuted in Los Angeles County, his case information is below.


CASE NO: BURGA0993**-**


VIOLATION DATE: May 24, 2016 FILING DATE: August 4, 2016 Courthouse: Burbank Courthouse Count 1 530.5. (a) Every person who willfully obtains personal identifying information, as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 530.55, of another person, and uses that information for any unlawful purpose,including to obtain, or attempt to obtain, credit, goods, services, real property, or medical information without the consent of that person, is guilty of a public offense, and upon conviction therefor, shall be punished by a fine, by imprisonment in a county jail not to exceed one year, or by both a fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170. Count 2 487a. (a) Every person who feloniously steals, takes, carries, leads, or drives away personal property of another, or who fraudulently appropriates that same property which has been entrusted to him or her, or who knowingly and designedly, by any false or fraudulent representation or pretense, defrauds any other person of that same property, or who causes or procures others to report falsely of his or her wealth or mercantile character and by thus imposing upon any person, obtains credit and thereby fraudulently gets or obtains possession of that same property, is guilty of GRAND THEFT Count 3 470(d) Every person who, with the intent to defraud, falsely makes, alters, forges, or counterfeits, utters, publishes, passes or attempts or offers to pass, as true and genuine, any of the following items, knowing the same to be false, altered, forged, or counterfeited, is guilty of forgery: any check, bond, bank bill, or note, cashier's check, traveler's check, money order, post note, draft, any controller's warrant for the payment of money at the treasury, county order or warrant, or request for the payment of money, receipt for money or goods, bill of exchange, promissory note, order, or any assignment of any bond, writing obligatory, or other contract for money or other property, contract, due bill for payment of money or property, receipt for money or property, passage ticket, lottery ticket or share purporting to be issued under the California State Lottery Act of 1984, trading stamp, power of attorney, certificate of ownership or other document evidencing ownership of a vehicle or undocumented vessel, or any certificate of any share, right, or interest in the stock of any corporation or association, or the delivery of goods or chattels of any kind, or for the delivery of any instrument of writing, or acquittance, release or discharge of any debt, account, suit, action, demand, or any other thing, real or personal, or any transfer or assurance of money, certificate of shares of stock, goods, chattels, or other property whatever, or any letter of attorney, or other power to receive money, or to receive or transfer certificates of shares of stock or annuities, or to let, lease, dispose of, alien, or convey any goods, chattels, lands, or tenements, or other estate, real or personal, or falsifies the acknowledgment of any notary public, or any notary public who issues an acknowledgment knowing it to be false; or any matter described in subdivision (b).

473. (a) Forgery is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, or by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170. It is also interesting to note that he uses as part of his contact information and references, which happens to be another company that Leonardo/Lonardo Rob Caruso misappropriated funds from and is currently being sued – please see the link to the Ventura County Case below.****1041-CU-BC-VTA Leonardo/Lonardo Rob Caruso is BAD NEWS and we encourage you to Google his name to see the laundry list of bad press on this guy in addition to what we posted here.

He has a record in Florida, Texas and California. He has hired UPWORK an overseas company to write these stories which is why they make no sense whatsoever and has even taken it one step further and has stolen names from our client list to use in his bogus posts. This is nothing more than a lashing out from someone whose time is running out before he gets sent off to jail for the crimes he has committed. It is certainly not a coincidence that all the “bad reviews” have been posted in the last 10 days – they are all BOGUS!

He has also attacked other family members which is about as low as you can get. Please ignore these ridiculous and nonsense allegations and rest assure that Energywise and its principles are successful businessmen with a long history of good business dealings.

Energywise has a long list of satisfied clients that they will be happy to provide a list of to insure you are confident that quality products and service will be delivered when you do business with them as promised. For more information on the current criminal case, or if you have been a victim of this individual, you may contact Detective Dickard of the Burbank Police Department he can be contacted directly (818-238-****) to verify all information provided above.

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His Name is Robert Domenic Lonardo. He’s from Rhode Island originally and started a sham business called Spray Tan LA and Spray Tan Hollywood. He tried to screw me over as well, I was a temp employee until I realized what a psycho this person was.

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