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James Corbett is actually a pretty good reporter and most importantly for his YT broadcast he's got radio voice, wry humor, and eccentric personality. His subjects are captivatingly offbeat for those interested in behind the scenes type reports. Nevertheless I feel compelled to correct some notions people get that he is a magician. He is a clever disinformation agent. Not in the way of actual disinformation but in redirecting the audience from deeper issues. Take his recent series on Bill Gates. You think from all the comments BG was some kind of mass murderer not the beneficent genius who has promoted a pretty reasonably priced marvelous (often times free) software around the world. The contention is BG is a eugenecist and has a hankering to vaccinate everyone with gels that will transform them into zombies who will die when their time is up. A veritable house of horrors is in the offing and Corbett thrills his audience like he's created the perfect masterplot himself. Okay we get that BG is a speculator and overextends himself, but there is a lot more to this covid than Mr. Bill, event 201 or not. Corbett, as comment by alan mass notes is a Russo operative more likely than not. He appeals as a gentle friendly pacifist nerd, but take a look at some clues. First his suscriber numbers are more than likely inflated and the commentators half are click plantation robots. That is a specialty of the deep state. Second why attack BG? Its to distract from the fact that many states are conducting biogerm research. His reports with careful NLP (neurolinguistic programing) redirect your energies and frustrations upon Bill Gates, not anyone else. Read the report transcripts at and although well-cited, the argument is thin and flimsy at best. Sure, there is a linear narrative, but who has he actually interviewed to confirm Bill is a eugenicist (or the other elites). Everyone realizes the inherent dangers in germ warfare and that complete vaccinations are hardly ever possible. He uses the poor results of Gates Fdn backed programs in Africa and India as examples. However what were the entire numbers of people who were grateful for medical care and medicines? Does he not know that there are medical officers often making these critical decisions and that social work or poor laws often contribute to malpractice? So this is the vein in which he cherry-picks among the evidence choosing whichever story will help move the conspiracy along. And with his repetition, stage voice, and clever articulation hundreds of thousands of listeners are hypnotized. Again, I do not worship BG or such. I hate the Bing SE for its lousy results and biased filters. Nevertheless BG is also an American hero and entrepreneur who created the new wealth that enriched Bellevue. He only began restructuring after he was basically forced to, and was a generous employer. But as a Russo operative and Canadian and probably Japanese citizen, why would JC feel any kind of loyalty to the USA. His *** of foolish followers listen to his endless spins not realizing JC is a Russo syndicated production TEAM. Yes. No single guy can be pumping out interviews everyday at, podcasts everyday at YT, and news reports at The last newsletter is very telling. In a recent report on Artic development, one of the ghost writers slipped up and is using the Robert Chapman byline and even inserted a conversation with the author who he addressed as "James" twice. FYI Robert Chapman died in 2012 of cancer. But these antics indicate the somewhat exhibitionist typical of Russo. And yes the fact that JC is editor-in-chief means he receives or inherited RC foundation funds, so why not just call himself Robert Chapman? Among the associates there is the (infamous) Stephen Lendman who also is an investment become journalist. I think the saddest part about JC and his Pied Piper enchanted groupies is the fact that our chap is based in Japan but he might as well be a walking ghost there. We know the Japan govt is extremely suppressive about news on sensitive issues--and believe me with the Olympics at stake everything appears to be sensitive--- but our fearless bold whistleblower is a real scaredy-cat when it comes to reporting on Japan, Canada, or Russia. Or for that matter Ireland. It all goes to show you what a strange bedfellow we have for an international journalist who thrives from feeds and harvests and clips provided by the Corbett Production Team...Anyway thanx for the free transcripts, James!
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Guest very interesting essay. We think its clever enough for momo san.

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