Horrible service

I bought a car at 29% i terest like dummy. I told them after 13 months that i could no lo gercaffird the car and wanted to return it. They took it out of my driveway sugh my thi gs still in it. They refuse to give snything back u less you sign a notarized statement saying they feturned everything to you! Befire ghdy even tell you what they are giving back. Bought a sub and Amp Nd they refuse to give it back evdn though it was i. The trunk with no wires ru ni g to it. Not i stalled. Very poor Customer service. $7k later, no car and they steal my *** Smh stay away from ghe biglot!
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Biggest Scam!!!!

Terrible customer service!!!! They were literally ready to fight, instead of the just doing the right thing. Save yourself
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Poor customer service

BIG Lot Car 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Car Review from Kansas City, Missouri

So I have bad credit and desperately needed a car. The salesperson was awesome, and talked me into getting an 07 Jeep. Within the first week I got it, I went to the car wash, and my window started leaking. I told them about it and they said bring it in to get it fixed. When I got the my jeep back, they told me they HAD to seal my sunroof. I was pissed off. And other than exchanging my vehicle, they wanted more money from me. If I was at fault I could understand that, but it wasn't me. So now I had a flat tire. Didn't think too much of it to use the emergency brake to change the tire. After that, I started hearing a noise. Took it to my mechanic and found out the e-brake was so rusted, that it snapped. I haven't had this car for a year yet and now it needs all new brakes and rotors, e-brake, and not to mention I have some electrical problems (told them and they said nothing was wrong) DO NOT buy a car from here. They're cars are ***.
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Kansas City, Missouri
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Bad quality
New Reviewer

BIG Lot Car - Car Review from Kansas City, Missouri

Big lots KC is a SCAM they knowingly sold my grandma a car that did not have a key to unlock the doors and then said they would get it fixed and once they found out it was $70 for each door they said that "it wasn't coming out their pockets and if she didn't want to pay for the locks she could give the car back". For a company that im sure brings in thousands of dollars $280 shouldn't be a lot to keep your customers happy especially since they knew that before they sold the car. So im assuming that they put the car back on the lot without getting the locks fixed so they can do the same thing to someone else. Hopefully who ever that is has enough funds to pay a car note, insurance, & also get locks fixed that is big lots responsibility. Terrible company and management. Their rude as *** and take advantage of the people that really need transportation.
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Kansas City, Missouri
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Damaged or defective

Great Place to do Business

I'm one very happy guy!! I just bought another vehicle from the Big Lot and as always they did a great job. I have bought multiple vehicles from them, my family has purchased many vehicle from them, and some guys from my job have purchased and have had nothing but great success. When everybody else was turning me down they had me approved and out of the dealership within an hour. All of there vehicles have a 6 month 6,000 mile warranty and they have extended warranties for sale also. They have a great finance department, the back office where the payments are made the women are very nice to work with, and they have a very good service department, they will do anything from oil changes to major transmission work. Keep up the great work!!
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Kansas City, Missouri
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BIG Lot Car Credit KC...Big Lot of ***

First of all, any car that you put out on a lot should be reasonably in good enough condition to drive especially when the dealer knows you are transporting a family. Not only did this dealership allow me to test drive a car with faulty brakes but my 7month month old was with me as well. They still wanted a heap of cash down and no plans to service the break system before I gave them the money. My father put $500.00 to hold the car while I explored my other options that weekend, well the car dealer Jacob was obviously pissed because he left a message on my phone during my professional work hours, and I quote "a buddy of mine told me a little dirty secret about you". I immediately called his direct supervisor who began to make excuse after excuse for Jacob's unprofessionalism (a bit sexist). Needless to say they want me to jump through hoops to get the $500 back and my father who holds the physical credit card is 1500 miles away. They weren't so concerned when they took the credit card information over the phone were they? No wonder they all work behind a thick sheet of bullet proof glass. Good thinking on their part. I tried to save them a step and deal with me, it's out of my hands. They want to play with a 285lb man with the horrible temper, may want to add another layer of glass.
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THe Biglot Car Credit is a rip off. The owner Jeff and Service department are rude and very disrespectful to you AFTER the sale is final.

Here is my issue:

Purchased the car in Dec of 2014. Within a week I noticed there was a noise coming from the breaks. Call & told to bring it it. They looked at it and determine it was just dust but if I had any additional issues to bring it back.

Of course I had addition issues. Call them to bring it back in, and the Sev girl Kristen was rude & condescending. She finally agreed to look at it & when they did of course nothing is wrong. That same day I decided to take the car some where else and of course within 20 minutes of having the car they told me what the issue was and what needed to be done.

Immediately I called Big Lots and was told the shop was just out to get money and their service dept had certified mechanics. Like I would be that *** not to take it to a CM when dealing with them.

I took the car back to Biglots and they supposedly fixed the issue. Within 2 weeks I strated hearing the scrubbing noise and took it back to CM. They tell me again that my original issue wasn't fixed and now it's to the point where I need brakes & rotar's.

Now after 5 visit and 10 calls, you would think the issue was fix. NOT!!!

I called them to complain, not one time did I raise my voice or used profane language, (wanted 2, but didn't). I got Jeff who basically said oh well, we will gladly fix it but we would have to charge you! He twisted everything I said and over talked me.

Customer Service is the key and Biglot is not the place. Unfortunately this is the shot version.

The BBB has the long version. If you want good customer service & be treated fairly then DO NOT go there!

Never Af


We bought a car from the big lot . we got great service.big Jim was a great salesmen


I'm one very happy guy!! I just bought another vehicle from the Big Lot and as always they did a great job.

When everybody else was turning me down they had me approved and out of the dealership within an hour.

Keep up the great work!! :zzz :grin


I just finance a 2008 impala on july 11, 2012 and having problems already. the first the problem I had was he wasn't going to tell me that it was hit or somebody back up and put a dent and broke the back tail lights.

Ask the tail light skin guy about it and all he said was I didn't know. You can tail the tail light was replace because it was a lot clear then the other one. He offer me a free detail and I still haven't received that lol. The second problem is the car jerks sometimes and lose speed.

The lil secret they don't know I got the records that the prev owner was having the same problem and the only thing they did was replace the spark plugs the final thing that pissed me off was my pregnent wife and son was on their way to a daycare event when the car started shaking and abd the brakes went out. She called me scared and crying at work. So I called up their and the said to bring it in. So I brought the car back and I ask the lady if the prev owner had and complaints about the same issue she told me that she don't know and it would be hard to find out.

But what she don't know was I have the paper work about the prev owner lol. 2 hr past and I ask about the car and the problem and she told me it the something what the car key and how it was cut and they are still looking at it.lol I'm still waiting to see what's wrong and I've been here for a couple of hr now and still no answer.

Let's see how the day goes. BY THE WAY STAY IN KC.....


I have had nothing but problems from big lot,and honestly these ppl have to b the most unprofessional ppl ive evr dealt with. I have gotten no help with the issues my car is having and the sad part is ive only had it 2months. I hate this place and I will tell everyone I k.ow not to go there


This lady must of been having a bad day these guy work their butts off and have been around for 26 years . I think they know what they are doing .I give them 5 star.


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Boston, Massachusetts

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