This company has the worst marketing skills. I thought i was entering to win a free system when really that was my one way ticket to getting 50 calls a month about a free water test? After reading numerous reviews about this company i am assuming it is not free. The man at the Austin home show was rude and wanted me gone when I was not in the market to buy that day. I ended up not buying a unit after reading the reviews on being charged for service... what a joke! If you want to keep customers happy do NOT charge them service charges and and at least advise them that they will be screwed in the end!
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Please be aware that some reviews are past history with disgruntled employees.

As the only authorized dealer of Puronics, we are the leaders of the industry representing the founding industry manufacturer since 1947 based out of California.

Please call us directly for experience and professional assistance.


I would like to retract any words of protection regarding Texas Water Solutions operating under Prostar Water Inc. im a former employee and can no longer recommend them as a good company to work for OR be a customer of this company. RUN FOREST RUN!


Why do you no longer recommend this company?


Good thing you aren't running a business, else there would have to be a bigger domain to host all of the complains. If not getting a free system is the one thing that implored you to write this review, you should invested in a Brita water bottle/ sink filter.


Sounds like a bad riddle for how to run a business into the ground: "don't charge for service charges"

This review was utterly useless.

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Reason of review
Poor customer service
New Reviewer

Failed Puronics Water Softener and RO Systems

Texas Water Solutions - Failed Puronics Water Softener and RO Systems
Texas Water Solutions - Failed Puronics Water Softener and RO Systems
My wife & I bought a 5K water softener system with an RO system just over 2 years ago. Everything was good for the first year, then it started..... calls for us to have annual service done for a huge price. The RO system needed new filters but I had no idea TWS would charge so much !! They don't tell you that when you’re thinking about buying their systems. I finally replaced the RO system with one that cost less for the entire system than the filters from TWS. I now can replace my RO filters for $25 per year. Next.....after just 2 years the stainless exterior of the water softening unit has rusted through, leaked and has stained my floor. I emailed the president of TWS but never received and answer, so after 5 weeks of waiting I called. Now they want to charge me $89 service fee to come and analyze the unit. With this company It's all about charging the customer over and over again. Paying the price we did, I expected a quality unit that would last for more than 2 years but that's not what I got installed. I wish I had done some research before buying. My advice, do the research and save yourself the anguish, frustration and most of all your hard earned money. Always ask about annual maintenance and associated costs too.
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In an effort to correct this situation we have made several trips to this customer with no charge and are working to get him a brand new tank worth over $2000.00 at no charge to the customer. I have spoken to this customer and he has now agreed to all the terms of the warranty and has scheduled for the new tank to be installed. I hope that once the work (install) has been completed this will all be settled as that is what the customer stated when I spoke with him today.

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San Antonio, Texas
New Reviewer

Texas WaterSolutions- resolution !

Thank you pissed consumer web site - Just want to update my account and advise Pissed Consumer web site and its readers that Texas Water Solutions local staff and regional director read the review, both contacted me by email and phone and has in a timely manner responded to my posted issues and they have removed their system and given the refund as requested. As I had agreed with texas water solutions, for the resolution, I am posting so all pissed Consumers readers know -The local service and regional involvement responded to the issues. I have no further comments. Thank You
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Huntsville, Arkansas
New Reviewer


I want to discuss my experience with Texas Water Solutions and the misleading sales rep Ronnie that came out to my house to do a presentation of my drinking water. I had scheduled an appointment through the headquarters with a rep by the name of ashley. she was very kind and professional and explained to me what their equipment can do. She set a time and date and informed me that a sales rep would be coming out to my house to do a free water test and show me what Tws had to offer. on the day of the scheduled appointment the sales rep showed up 45 minutes late with a list of excuses on why he was late. Right from the start he seemed very nervous fast talking, and that he might be using drugs. He started by taking a sample from my kitchen sink. He did some testing and showed me that my water was hard and he proceeded to tell me that the hardness in my water could cause cancers,kidney stones, and skin conditions that would cause eczema and worse. He also told me that I am drinking fecal matter in my water and that the city would not do anything about it and that it was up to me to add filtration to my home. I was very sceptical about not purchasing until I had time to do a little research. After Ronnie left my house I decided to do my research and found out that a lot of what Ronnie had told me ABOUT MY water and the fecal matter, cancers, etc. was BS. i then took time to call the main office and question them about there systems and all the information Ronnie had given me. I spoke with a technical director who apologized for all the misleading information Ronnie had given me about my drinking water. He then explained the system correctly and offered to come back out and retest my water and provide me with all the right information. Also to my surprise during our discussion I learned that Ronnie did not in fact have a water system in his home. To make a long story short, I did end up buying a system from the company and recently I was also informed that Ronnie was let go from the company due to his misleading information. THANK GOD THAT THE COMPANY CAME TO ITS SENSES AND LET THIS REP GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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not to assume because we both know what that makes us but the above comment sounds more like someone trying to defend themselves not a sales rep that they are satisfied with. I think the company should file for slandering on said person


You better do your research a little betterm because some of the information that salesman told was more than likely instructed by the technical director himself. This company has actually had several complaints on them and i can tell you from being a customer myself that the individual you speak of was misled himself and there are other salesmen that have worked for this company that were misled as well into providing not so acurate information for the sake of making the owner money, who is the so called "technical director" and if you look on the EPA website, and other websites, tap water can and has been linked to some of the ailments the salesman brought to your attention.

sattisfied client with salesman~

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Racine, Wisconsin
New Reviewer

Texas Water Solutions misleading!

Texas water solutions based out of dripping springs price gaugies their aproducts. they also refurbish recently used equipment with components and then sell them with the Puronics logo as Puronics products.. The owner also gives false information to his employees regarding pay then lets them go when they question him.. This company is currently now and has in the past faced law suits from former employees and is also in litigation with existing clients regarding faulty products and not so ethical business practices. If i were any of you, i would NEVER purchase ANYTHING from this man or this company itself. They provide false information to consumers and employees alike, and the owner is at the top of it all.. there are other reputable WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS out there such as KINETICO.. Disgruntled client. Leander Texas-
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Please be aware that some reviews are past history from disgruntled employees. Their review does not reflect the standards that are held to by Puronics.

We are the only authorized Puronics dealer for the state of Texas and as such quality and service is our number one goal for all clients.

Please contact us directly for any questions regarding your water. As leaders and educators for Texas, we take our water and communities very seriously.

Thank you.


This is probably the worst review I have ever read. Get over yourself.

It sounds like you have actual experience being a reject employee from TWS. Are you even a customer? Regardless, no one cares.

For all the general public knows, you can write this about any company that *** you off. AKA, you aren't credible.


This company is ran by crooks that price gouge and sale refurbished machines.Bought filtration system for 3500 two plummers cofirmed it was a used system that took two months for a refund,Buyer beware!! :(


Same issues....wound not recommend


If any of y'all need help with your current filtration needs let me know, I'm in the field and I here complaints about TWS Daily. It's always sad to here when one company ruins it for all


^ Professional companies don't reply as anonymous and misspell *hear (twice over). What scam are you?

Someone should complain about you.

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Austin, Texas
New Reviewer

Puronics Texas Water Solutions RIPOFF!

Sales rep misleading! Told us we could save $$$ no longer buying water softener detergents additives for washing machine and dishwasher, only needing approx 1 bag a salt to the full salt load they deliver at install. ALL bacteria would be removed with NASA Approved Puronics filtration system.Save our pipes, our lawn would be lush green with filtered water, skin soft, no more rust stains, bad smells, you got it! Said his company requires removal of our GE "water softener" and sends them to country with poor water after refurb. Oh the promises did not end, some real SMOKE and MIRRORS, once the tech arrived to install , he took one look WITHOUT water test and said - this system could not "fix" the water problems he could see! Tech called owner who advised him to install and then he spoke with me and made appt to come out. Owner apologized for misleading sales rep and then tried to SELL us additional $35, 000 system! Yep that's right we spent $6k on the wrong system he said and he would credit it to the right one!!! Our water problems remain! We use approx 6 bags of salt with iron out a week, recycles almost daily, rust on clothes and water tastes like the ocean, new water test show off the charts TDS! Does NASA know their labels and logos are being used in presentation? Good luck contacting them, The phones now go directly to the owners cell vm... - The runoff from the system - another forgotten disclosure is disgusting!
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overpriced junk. may as well drink from the gulf of mexico.


As a current TWS customer myself I have to say I am shocked to read the above comments. My experience with the company and its employees was surprisingly plesent.

From the sales rep, Mr. Crawford to the technician, Doug, all seemed very professional. Both men answered all of the questions that my husband and self had and I can honestly say that I am now reaping all the benefits that Mr.

Crawford had discussed. I am one that will be recommending them to all my family and friends.

happy customer :grin


Yes, NASA knows that logos are being used in systems. Seems like the owner in the one that should be held liable hence HE is the one that approved the final install after being told not to not by the Technician not just the salesman.

Correct me if am wrong, but doesnt the client have the option to have the final say on the install by not signing a completion form?

You need to file a BBB complaint on the business and the owner due to the him approving the install in the end, and your not the only one hes taken advantage of, he approved the install after knowing the system you were sold would not work, illegal business practice. Client myself- : (


I'm in the water business myself and I here all of the same complaints about tws when I'm in homes, I hate seeing companies like this ruin it for companies like mine. Some people just should not treat well water and leave it to people who know what to do.


^ Professional companies don't reply as anonymous and misspell *hear (twice over). What scam are you?

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Sealy, Texas

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