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Taxation "without" Representation

It is hard to just drop and forget the company or people that simply let my family be exposed to insulation particles 24/7. TDLR says all normal for mobile homes only. TDLR said change the two filters every two weeks to solve the problem. TDLR was so busy making excuses for their shoddy filtering in mobile homes only(it is illegal anywhere else) they completely overlooked and ignored a completely missing tie-in. Metal that was completely missing and buried in insulation for no one to find. TDLR's inspector came and took pictures and was appalled at what he saw. He was from the mobile home division and was able to take pictures of the particles floating in the air non stop. With the A/C on it was worse. He was showed the sugar jar that gathered so much insulation dust on it every day it had to be wiped off every day to use it. He took pictures of the fake filtering system used by TDLR . One that violates all the standards of basic HVAC care and use. TDLR ignores the FACT that all HVAC manufacturers VOID their warranties INSTANTLY when they find out one of their units is installed in the TDLR "legal for mobile homes only" method. That alone should open eyes at TDLR not close them and try to come up with excuses to hide it all from anyone who ask about it. Ask Lloyd Doggett if he was told to just shut up because it was a disgruntled consumer? How can I get the FTC to even address this or help? Help Please, Our insurance companies "STAND FIRM". They will not pay for DAMAGES CAUSED by improper installation of equipment by a contractor or builder. See if you can find a loop hole for the consumer to crawl behind not just for all the Corporations in positions to CREATE THEIR OWN LOOP HOLES? Everyone that knows about this and does nothing is just as guilty as the sheriff who looks the other way for a lynching to proceed without question of right or wrong. SIMPLY IT IS RIGHT AND "OK" because of "WHO" is doing it. It saves all the racial *** from showing up when you can attack and use the poorest Texans today. That covers a lot of groups and put them into one category of abused but who cares? It's only against trailer trash anyway, right? There is a group of millions of families that need advocates. Advocates that will speak up about all the fraud and intended damages that occur with blessings from state offices. It does create work for states but at the expense of the poorest Americans in the country today. Their assets are eliminated just to survive the bad business that is allowed to be bestowed upon them. All the time with remarks like : the A/C in mobile homes is musty, dusty, extra humidity, and NOT AS GOOD. Doctors ask "do you live in a mobile home as part of their diagnosis here. They know the conditions are there they just do not know why. Other things that are put in with intent to fail are electrical, plumbing, septics, and all the basics of a safe and and reliable home. All well charged for to the max. The cost to eliminate/fix the problems I speak of would cost no one a single cent just to install the exact same equipment and parts correctly. Our state would have to eliminate all it's bogus laws that include and rely ONLY on the statement they make " LEGAL IN MOBILE HOMES ONLY". That covers all the deception and covers their abuse of power also. Here is a small sample of it and how the consumer is placed on the very bottom of list for help because it is called legal? Not one of your homes would ever be allowed to move into with the faults and intended code breaking. I know you are busy but could you or someone on your staff please read this and consider some advice or help on how to solve it? It is about very poor ethics and practices of power abuse? This set-up is guaranteed to cause and create health hazards. Guaranteed to cause damages to air handler.Guaranteed to cause and create un needed work. Guaranteed to be legal in only "segregated homes" that are given lower standards than zoos of Texas as far as health, ethics, and correctness are concerned. But who cares it is only the trailer trash of Texas that needs to worry about this scam! The legal for mobile homes only method can be proven to cost "over" ten times as much to operate and maintain. The legal in MH only method uses 2 times as much electricity. It is a scam and set-up. Not one good can be found by anyone. Even the law and code makers? Completey missing tie-ins and no possibly way to achieve sealed air system. My family and I have been caught in the middle? We faced hard facts while TDLR decided all was normal to have excess dust that would never go away. Even when filters changed daily it would not help or slow dust at all. It hung in the air 24/7. TDLR said all normal and legal for manufactured homes? I can prove in any court that there is no such thing as "normal" dust. It is all caused or created. Not one official in Texas will discuss or answer anything at all because of who made this decision. The more I looked into it the worse it got as far as the excuses that TDLR uses to explain it away and look the other way with their ethics?. I do care that my family breathed insulation dust and particles for over ten years. I can prove how wrong the entire set-up is for mobile homes if need be. The main concern for me is the missing tie-in that was discovered which caused all the insulation in our home. TDLR A/C division calls it all legal. The missing tie-in and the improper use of filters. I can use facts from TDLR alone to prove how wrong both of these are. But like I said I do not care about their filter scam. There should not be a time limit on proving how damages and health hazards are caused and created by ignorant laws or codes that allow it to occur. Asbestos is illegal now. How long did it take for changes to be made? Much too late I think. My families lives are important to me. We have been subjected to what is worse than asbestos because laws and codes endorse faulty and illegal installations of A/C equipment. But "only" in manufactured homes in Texas. Any states L&R office can supply facts to prove what I say about the harms and damages caused by missing tie-ins. Any states L&R office can prove how wrong it is to NOT HAVE a sealed filter system for a residence. TDLR especially. It is never allowed or legal anywhere except the segregated homes like mine in Texas. Very good facts show all why it is "MADE" illegal every where else. Please put me in front of any judge, jury, L&R office experts, HVAC manufacturers. All facts very easily prove it is a sabotage set-up from day one.. Not one can support or prove TDLR is right at all about any of this. Please help if you can? This is leaving out lots of facts about specs etc. I hope it includes enough to at least make someone ask: WHY? Where is our 14th Amendment when we need it? All the big ones amend it to fit their needs? How about some help with an amendment that is to make sure all residences deserve safe, efficient, and long lasting equipment? How about one that says our air deserves the same laws and codes that you have for all of you? When the EPA was contacted with the fact that insulation was escaping when these homes were being delivered the EPA took action. They would almost act immediately and ask questions. Questions of Who?, Why?, How?, and When? Then start to work immediately because of all the answers discovered. That is one time the EPA jumped in to help? And made specific laws to protect our roadways environment from this? This home was sealed per EPA specs to move it. The bottom being the main place and sealed the best because it is never removed. It must be sealed to fit the EPA law that stops the insulation from getting outside on roadway. That same exterior insulation for the bottom is allowed to go inside the A/C system legally? The EPA says sorry we do not concern ourselves with indoor environments, even if it does affect possibly millions of Americans? If someone can get away legally, after leaving out the tie-in to the A/C system and using duct tape to cover the void and hang duct with, something should say that it is wrong. It would be for any other place or home in America. But it is legal to expose my grandson to this because we bought a manufactured home? No tie-ins and no possible way to have a sealed filter rack. All denied and installed incorrectly. ALL STANDARD INSTALLATION CODES AND LAWS of HVAC manufacturers ignored. All illegal everywhere else. Yet it is All done in 1800 sq. ft. homes like mine only when desired by installer of A/C and/or builder of home. No set standards of correct installation. No safety codes of installation? Only make shift and camouflaged, damage causing, when installed in the legal for mobile homes only method with laws made to cover it all. TDLR, Any HVAC manufacturer, Any other states L&R offices, Any HVAC academy or school, Any employee of TDLR especially can not find one thing to say good about the sabotage set-up that is legal. The “only” thing TDLR and all it’s experts can come up with is :”it’s legal” ,so end of questions because no one thinks they should question the TDLR? I never would have if they would not have defended Clayton Homes so much. From ever being mentioned by anyone except me? They never did anything except consult with each others legal staffs? TDLR’s legal staff will not explain why they consider it all ok to use what *** did and what Communist did and what other governments do against their citizens that we say is wrong. TDLR simply has it to where the only place to complain to is the place causing and creating all of it with bogus laws that were created to segregate millions for the profit of the few? TDLR will not even let their own employees and experts tell the truth or ask why it is ok? This is not new, it just never makes it past TDLR A/C Divisions line of stalling and avoiding major issues that effect the laws they have made. TDLR should find out immediately why mold can be caused so easy with this set-up. A provable fact.TDLR needs to find out why the rest of the entire set of coils CAN NOT BE FILTERED WHEN FILTERS PLACED IN CONTACT OF THE TWO COIL FACES? A set of “A” coils. TDLR stalls and misleads and just drags it out long enough for anyone who is complaining gets passed up and pissed off into dropping it. That way every one brings it back to the door that put it out and it NEVER GETS PAST THERE. What is wrong with this COUNTRY that we need to be so scam creating against OUR OWN CITIZENS? What can any one prove is wrong about ANYTHING IN THIS LETTER? Can YOU? Is it a fact that TDLR completely fails in the job description and it’s reason for being at all? Protect what equipment? Protect which people? Certain Consumers are in neither of those when it comes to the TDLR and manufactured homes HVAC systems all being called legal but in mobile homes “only”because it does not pass codes and is illegal.... That is a provable fact not opinion. It is very possible that TDLR refuses to admit what can be easily proven in any court of this country. Texas is the most beautiful state. Texas is the most envied state by others. Texas has everything desired by most citizens. Texas can supply and care for itself when others would collapse. Texas shows this country what a perfect state can be, sometimes? Texas has the wisest officials? Texas has it all except for one thing? A License and Regulations office that is not a hoax and failure for doing it’s job description? Protect who? Protect what? All other states L & R offices have job duties and perform them as needed to protect everyone.. Texas ignores issues that concern citizens that do not donate enough to offices? This is wrong and my family got infested with insulation while TDLR made excuses to cover it up, NOT INVESTIGATE what TDLR already knows very well is wrong? TDLR can’t possibly say anything except it is legal. TDLR can’t prove or say this is right or correct to allow. Legal but not safe, not efficient, not recommended at all, not used anywhere in a sealed A/C system.Like your home or office. A correct system is not possible with the” it’s legal” one. Can common sense have a place in Texas? Not at the TDLR, the place that can’t even answer or explain their own laws that were created to cover their sabotage work efforts? It is a scam and cover up. Someone take me to court because I called TDLR crooks and scam artist? I can prove what I say here but TDLR can prove nothing because the proof is all on my side. The truth and facts all show I am correct. Can this system that has hanging duct tied in with aluminum tape possibly be safe? Can this system possibly filter the intake area that is from floor to ceiling? With filters in contact and resting on face of coils? Coils that are in the center of the big open UNFILTERED intake area? Can this system cause and create damages to the air conditioner and it’s parts? Can this system produce very high humidity? Does this system loose it’s efficiency because of all the dirt that is allowed in the wrong places? Unstoppable dirt with this set up of fake filtering and tying in A/C systems. A real good question would be, Can all the problems that are caused and created be completely eliminated with proper installation of metal to metal tie ins and A SEALED FILTER RACK? A filter rack for one filter instead of the two that TDLR says need to be used in mobile homes only? You might picture a single wide all metal trailer that is 12 x 60 in your mind when speaking or reading about a manufactured home? Picture a home with lifetime siding guarantee, a 25 year shingle roof guarantee, insulated roof walls and floor, 25 year floor etc. lots of extras? Picture a home of over 1800 square feet. Picture a home that is large enough to be four bedrooms and two baths. Then picture a three bedroom with a second bath that uses extra bedroom for walk in closets and giant tub and separate walk in shower. This is not just the old single wide trailer trash that TDLR made bogus laws for and now wants to enforce them by hiding facts and not allowing open discussion with anyone? Simply the quote of “it’s legal” to cover it all. See if TDLR can come up with any good reason to DO IT ANYWHERE AND ALLOW IT LEGALLY in ANY SEALED SYSTEM? They can’t possibly do it? They haven’t been able to in over ten years. Very simple questions with very simple yes or no answers can prove it all to anyone. Covering up wrongs and hiding real problems that should not be able to get covered up with,” It is legal in mobile homes only in Texas and that is the way we do it”. Our inside controlled environments are just as important as all TDLR codes say they must be for any of their homes and offices. Yours too are protected by codes and laws that are true and correct. The freedom of Information act can get more than enough evidence from any License and regulations office about how A/C must be tied in and filtered correctly. TDLR can’t prove this is correct in any way. TDLR can’t give any facts or answers to simple questions. The truth and facts prove everything I say and very much more about the wrongs and damages. The only statement TDLR can give is “it’s Legal”. There are the most efficient systems, and the least efficient systems here. But only here. Residential experts at TDLR know that the entire rest of the world knows the one that can be used legally for mobile homes “only” is the very least and furtherest away from safe and efficient as possible. No tie-ins and no filter set-up that can be safe or efficient but make laws and codes that INSURE it can never happen anywhere except our homes. Never yours or theirs because laws and codes PREVENT IT, not endorse it. The more you look the dirtier the air systems get that is used to be called legal in mobile homes only. This leaves out lots of details but facts can be proven very easy. The same facts that TDLR uses to make codes for clean safe air in their homes. The same facts that DESTROY ever attempting to use this system anywhere else. ZOOS etc. But who cares it is only against the poorest homeowners in America today. Their homes are built to fall apart according to the TDLR. Not one good fact or reason can be given by anyone, including TDLR, to even attempt this set up of improper installations.. All the negatives are very easy to spot once eyes are allowed open. It is an injustice that should not be able to be endorsed and backed up by state laws that are failures and provable failures. Laws that protect no one except the scam artist in on the easy taking of profits from it. Very simple questions like: What does the TDLR A/C Division have about hanging “metal” duct with aluminum tape? There is a very long list of wrongs when it is allowed and called legal. There is not one good thing that can be said or proven to even consider it as “legal in mobile homes only” . That is the TDLR answer to very many questions that need answers not excuses. Can the unit possibly filter all the air into the intake area with two filters laying in contact on the face of coils? The set of coils and all walls of intake collect and gather dust that gets moist with time and usage. The coils exchange heat in the wrong places before ever filtered which gets dirtier and wetter with NO WAY TO FILTER IT AT ALL. That all causes extra condensate in the wrong places. It looses efficiency very rapidly. It gets worse with time and usage. I had a completely missing tie-in to ductwork from unit. That is what started all my troubles with the A/C. TDLR A/C said all was normal and legal. The duct was hung with aluminum tape from inside the duct to tie in to air handler. The sealed filter rack that was completely omitted also is what TDLR needed to keep quiet.. That is the part that makes sure all the air that goes in is through a filter only. The missing tie-in was buried under the floor in the insulation that EPA makes sure is sealed. At least once when first moved. EPA could care less when repo-ed or sold? Those trips down the road have holes at all connections of utilities and many more. EPA or no one else cares? I knew nothing of the missing tie in because all said dust was normal to be hanging in the air 24/7 for mobile homes only. I discovered that the filter set-up that is used is for sabotage of the unit only. No possible way to filter correctly the TDLR legal method. Missing tie-in caused it all to speed up the process of sabotage by having damp insulation particles clinging to every surface and part of the intake area and air handler. The scam got sped up and worsened. The scam is the filter set-up. The missing tie-in is the deadly part. The filter set up picture that TDLR uses to show and quote that it is legal in mobile homes only, with no facts or procedures to back them is the exact same photo I can use to prove over 35 reasons to never allow it anywhere. Why is that not just possible but easy to do? The missing tie-in. No possible way to filter correctly. All legal. It is happening to millions that are completely unaware of the problems because they are told it is normal for mobile homes only. TDLR has quotes of dust is normal for mobile homes only. That means the work is very sub standard in mobile homes only. That is all it means. All materials more than good enough to do it correctly that is a fact. No one knows that it is far from normal because they are not facing the problems that take just a little time of use to be caused and created. Then required services that would never occur for you.. New home owners are all told it is normal for mobile homes. It then becomes more and more trouble to take care of the A/C . Simple question like; Can this set up cause and create health hazards? I can produce facts and true answers the say nothing but yes it does cause this type of problems. The list of problems for the air handler and residence has over 35 facts that say never allow this anywhere. Why can TDLR only produce a statement of “it is legal” to explain it all away? Not one answer to anything? TDLR knows they do not want to look into this because they know the answers and facts prove it should never be legal? The air handler itself is nothing but created problems by improper installation. All manufacturers of HVAC say “it voids our warranty” when installed this way. Why would our nations HVAC manufacturers say that? It is because of the DAMAGES that are guaranteed to be caused and created is their honest and factual answer there. Why is it legal for mobile homes only? Not legal anywhere else in Texas? My family breathed insulation particles for over ten years because of all the misleading and wrong answers from all involved, including the TDLR more than most on critical issues for some reason? Why? What other country or license and regulations office of USA says that hanging metal duct with nothing but aluminum tape from inside duct work is legal? Not a one of them does. But why do they say it is illegal and against all codes of correct duct work tying in and hanging metal duct? These are just a few of the questions? There are many that deserve answers. TDLR thought they were covering their lame installation laws by making excuses and never finding the real problems here. This is just as bad as hidden sabotage. It effects a very large number of homeowners who are completely unaware because every one tells them it is normal in mobile homes only. I can prove to anyone there is no such thing as “normal dust”. It is all created or caused by incorrect installation methods only? I have many more questions not here and if you would like to know some more of them please let me know? Our elected and appointed officials should not be able to ignore the constitution when they chose to or when it is favorable and less trouble than looking at it. Our officials seem to place themselves above us after in offices in a god like manor I guess. With one sweep of the hand millions of families are not important enough. Millions of votes could be gained doing the right thing and showing people you mean what you said trying to get elected or appointed. Of course that would be votes from people with no money or corporations to use as power. Almost every statement in the Texas Deceptive Trade Act and Consumer Protection Act, about all the wrongs and violations it takes to be called a deceptive trade are violated with TDLR A/C statement of “it’s legal” but in manufactured homes “only”. That statement is made by TDLR A/C division to cover up all the major wrongs and injustices. To cover NOT HAVING ANY LAWS OF PROTECTION AT ALL is a better way to put it. No laws that even make sure HVAC s are installed with the very basic “required” manufactures parts. No laws to stop sabotaged set-ups. This leaves only an open, but well protected, field day for bogus companies and harm causing individuals. All protected with it’s legal. The same it’s legal would NEVER pass anywhere else in Texas or the entire USA. Health and safety, and protection from scams? Not a one for us. Clean safe air and efficient operation of the air handler taken away should not be a part of buying a lower quality home. Ignored to create income for sure? But for who? The poor boy getting 10 an hour to learn how to install HVAC very un safe and incorrectly? Or into the pocket of the company that is guaranteeing his quick return and many un needed services. Calls that are caused and created to occur by nothing but incorrect installation of HVAC equipment. Not normal at all in any way. Facts can prove it to anyone when allowed to get past the “it’s legal in mobile homes only” that is used to HIDE BEHIND instead of a real code or law that protects people and their environments. We have wolves guarding the hen house. That is bad enough. But when that is used to commit frauds, deny rights, and create scams. It is wrong. It should be a sin. We are being treated just like the saying goes-Like trailer trash. The entire world and every state of our union has made this illegal because of the health hazards that are guaranteed to be created. The mechanical problems that are guaranteed to be caused is also a long list of reasons, used by all, to make it not pass codes and make it illegal. It is illegal in every home or office in Texas. Except for the one place that our law makers decided it can be made legal. In manufactured homes only. Nice way to keep it segregated. Legally? The TDLR sees all this as an opportunity to abuse their power and scam the poorest homeowners in Texas. It also shows large corporations and others that Texas will bend the rules to get them here. The side effects of it all cost only the poor. So who cares about that? An act of terrorism is what it is called when I state the truth. Not one A/C company or License and Regulations office in this entire country can defend this action of the TDLR and it’s scam.. Not one school of Air Conditioning or Environment. Not any of the best TDLR A/C experts. NOT A ONE of them can come up with “just” one good thing it does for any consumer. TDLR can only say it is legal in manufactured homes only because that is the way we do it in Texas. That is a quote from them not made up or my comment. There are over 40 facts and very legitimate reasons that prove this should never be done anywhere or to anyone. It is illegal in the zoos of Texas. It causes damage to A/C. It waste electricity because of efficiency loss. It causes 100% humidity after a few years of operation. It requires two filters every two weeks, per TDLR to keep it clean. How many do any of you use at your office or home in a year? 52 for me? It could all be fixed with one filter and one tie-in in the correct places and installed correctly. Not one cent of extra cost to anyone. It has nothing to do with materials used. It is “only” the way they are” legally allowed” to be used and installed. This teaches young A/C installers and mechanics that work on mobile homes that it is OK to install it completely wrong. It is OK to set-up sabotage is what they KNOW after a short period of time working with the TDLR’s advice and photo of HOW TO DO IT. Please get TDLR’S photo of how-to from them. I can prove over 35 reasons to never do it in the manor they show as OK for mobile homes only. Prove over 35 facts to show wrong with THEIR PHOTO. Not just the “one opinion” from a heater box manufacturer in the valley of Texas? That is probably the only thing they ever got from there? That is the BEST TDLR can come up with? WHY? Ask someone that manufacturers A/C (ie:Lennox) to show or explain what their unit REQUIRES when installed with people in the environment and/or just to protect their HVAC equipment properly? TDLR can’t do that now for some reasons? It teaches them no ethics are needed. It teaches them to ignore facts and just slap it in. They never have to learn the correct installation method. They are never taught that the dangers and damages they are causing are harmful. Simply hurry up and be sure to leave stickers for homeowners to see, when checking on troubles with the unit that he does not understand occurring very soon. Lots of return visits per year and cleaning contracts required because of incorrect installation. Cleaning of the parts that should never be exposed to the dirt that you get trapped in your filter. Exactly what a filter is designed to do. There are no specific designs here just get what covers fins of coils and do not worry about the rest of it? It all ends up on the Air Handler and In the air handlers system the way TDLR says to do it in manufactured homes only. There is no possible way to have a sealed system in the climate controlled system that TDLR has for us. That is the # 1 basic for all HVAC manufacturers in the entire world. Millions of Texas families are not good enough or better yet millions of Texas families can create possibly billions? But for whose gain? Consumers are denied the installation method that HVAC manufacturers require and use as a STANDARD and “required” installation method. TDLR “requires all this”every where else but only for every other HVAC unit in Texas. NOT OURS. It voids the manufacturers warranty when it is installed the Texas manufactured home only method. Consumers are placed in a guaranteed to have created health hazards environment when this is allowed. 100% humidity inside the entire intake area is approvable fact not an opinion. Consumers rights are denied. Consumer protection is denied. Consumer safety is denied. Consumers effective operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment is denied . Home owners rights are denied. But only one branded consumer gets all this done by its governments laws of protection. This is done in Texas only so far. This is done to manufactured homeowners only because that is the only place in the world it is legal?. This is done to people who pay for a four ton A/C system but legally get a sabotage set-up put in place instead, because of nothing but the type of home their family lives in. 100% humidity after a few years of the flawed set-up. Just another result of the set-up that occurs with nothing but time and operation of the improperly installed HVAC system. The U haul climate controlled self storage units can not use this set-up. IT causes dust and humidity. It would never pass codes. The safe and effective air handling that is required for all people by laws is eliminated completely and immediately upon installation when in the legal for mobile homes only method. All laws and codes say it is illegal in any other home or office of America. It is damage causing and wrong. It is easy to prove how wrong and damage causing it is to install A/C equipment in the Texas mobile home only fashion. It is against all installation codes for every other building in this entire country. Some one official should see the red flags? Why are we chosen for the sabotaged, unsafe, most expensive running cost A/C set-up that is possible? There is only one thing worse than this and that is to have no filters or tie-ins at all. It would not cost the builders one cent to do it correctly. It would not cost any installer of A/C one cent to install it the way A/C manufacturers designed it to be done. Every HVAC manufacturer on this planet says: “it voids our warranty”. My homeowners insurance (that is required) states : “we do not pay for damages that are caused by improper installation of appliances or equipment”. Clayton Homes says “call the A/C company that installed it”. Action Aire says : “call Clayton Homes”. After years of complaining to both Action Aire says to call the TDLR. The Texas Department of License and Regulation. TDLR is the place that makes this provable damage causing system legal , but in manufactured homes only. There are many details and very many facts left out of this letter. I call the TDLR damage causing. I have much more and every statement here (especially TDLR’s damage causing system) can be proven without a doubt. That is to any one or to any court. Or to any HVAC expert any where. TheTDLR denies that as a consumer right also. Wrong opinions are used to make laws that effect millions of families and that number grows yearly. Proof means nothing. Because it is legal? There are damage causing laws being used that is for sure. What does the Consumer Protection Agency stand for? Who do they protect when it comes to provable scams and fraud? Not Us. All places that help citizens or consumers say it is not their job to look into this. They were told to not concern themselves so they don’t. The only reason I ever looked into it at all is because I had a completely missing tie-in and TDLR insisted that I prove the filter set-up is wrong. Now I can prove it with ease. Because TDLR insisted I complain about the filter set-up first and then we would deal with the missing tie-in. I have photos of all the missing and incorrectly installed HVAC. Now TDLR A/C division will not even acknowledge they had a complaint? Sincerely, Tim Glover
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Abuse Of Powers by TDLR A/C division BOGUS LAWS

Someone please help millions of Texans that are IGNORED and ABUSED because of the home they own and their lack of knowledge. In the situation I am trying todescribe to you there is NO POSSIBLE WAY the words safe or effective can be used in anything TDLR A/C division can come up as an answer to why it is done at all?No possible way to use safe or efficient in any answers for over 35 facts that prove health hazards and guaranteed damages occur. The entire sabotage is covered with "it's OK. for mobile homes ONLY. With the TDLR A/C division being the backbone of an outright SCAM used on Texas citizens. With BOGUS LAWS that MAKE it legal to carry out makeshift work and installation of Air Conditioning in CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS, or HOMES.Those bogus laws make it very simple to HIDE BEHIND, ITS LEGAL, instead of FACING FACTS and PROOF of how wrong TDLR A/C division is.HOW UNSAFE IT IS. WRONG for EVER CONSIDERING USE of the GUARANTEED DESTRUCTION and HEALTH HAZARDS method that TDLR A/C calls legal for mobile homes "only". The SABOTAGE of the Air Conditioning that TDLR has MADE LEGAL IS NOTHING BUT WRONG. In the cost of operation, health, unsanitary, five times as muchelectrical use, A/C equipment gets destroyed as results of the improper installation combine, up to 60% effientcy lost, excessive maintenance, mold and excessive dust control,only NEGATIVES OCCUR. And ALL could be eliminated with ONE filter in the CORRECT PLACE instead of TWO in the warrenty breaking, WRONG PLACE.THAT IS LEGAL? WHY JUST FOR MY FAMILY? AND ANYONE ELSE WHO LIVES IN A MOBILE HOME IN TEXAS? AND ONLY IN TEXAS? LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER BUT IT IS ALL WRONG to allow this.. The TDLR or ANYONE ELSE CAN NOT FIND A SINGLE BENIFIT FOR DOING WHAT TDLR MADE LEGAL IN MOBILE HOMES ONLY.I can prove this to anyone.NOT ONE positive result from using the TDLR A/C divisions LEGALIZED, TAUGHT, and CORRUPT method for mobile homes only filtering can be found. ILLEGAL and INCORRECT usage of AIR FILTERS and their INSTALLATION that GUARANTEES DESTRUCTION of the ENTIRE HVAC system. That is in states that use their CODES FOR ALL CITIZENS HOMES. THAT IS WHAT TDLR A/C division HAS DONE WITH BOGUS LAWS MADE to break codes and laws for just CERTAIN HOMEOWNING TAX PAYERS. The broken codes are for mobile homes ONLY. This type of A/C installation IS NEVER considered for use ANYWHERE because of the SNOWBALL of PROVEN NEGATIVE EFFECTS and HEALTH HAZARDS. There is NO BENEFIT from it IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, or, FORM when installed the TDLR, legal, for mobile homes ONLY method. I CAN PROVE THAT TO ANYONE. There is a GUARANTEED SNOWBALL effect of CREATED DAMAGES and CAUSED PROBLEMS that would NEVER OCCUR AT ALL or would take at LEAST 20 years to even exist or become a problem The problems and health hazards WOULD NOT EXIST AT ALL if installed correctly and the way filters are MADE and DESIGNED TO WORK, NORMAL... per codes that MAKE SENSE?JUST LIKE FILTERS ARE DESIGNED FOR AND USED everywhere else in the USA today? The TDLR destroys the word filtered with it's bogus method of sabotage. The problems that start immediatly after start up of unit are Problems that start snowballing and being very obvious "NORMAL" PROBLEMS that occur frequently after about 2 years of operation in the Legal for Mobile Homes Only BOGUS LAWS. NO ONE TELLS THE MOBILE HOME OWNER IT IS INSTALLED INCORRECTLY IS THE ONLY CAUSE OF ALMOST ALL Problems that are SNOWBALLING FROM THERE. The effects of NOT FILTERING the AIR FOR THE "AIR CONDITIONING". And that includes a snowball of health hazards also. I can PROVE THIS TO ANYONE. This picks out a certain group of people to KEEP segregated for the special sabotage to run on. This is something that BOGUS LAWS were MADE to COVER UP the breaking of THEIR OWN codes and laws for ALL OTHER RESIDENCES AND OFFICES in this state. This is something that EVERY STATE in the USA calls illegal including Texas. All other states say it is illegal EVERYWHERE. Tx says its OK to sabotage mobile home owners. I can supply over thirty five FACTS THAT PROVE this type of sabotage to homes environments is WRONG as per all STATES License and Regulations offices CODESand LAWS that have been MADE to PROTECT and SHOW THE TRUTH. TDLR HAS EVERY ONE OF THEM AND MANY MORE FACTS THAT SHOW WHY to NEVER install the A/C filtering and tie-in like what is called LEGAL in my families home. The EPA would never pass it if shown what it REALLY DOES to the environment. EPA is covered with quote: "we don't do inside air".It would NEVER pass a clean air act. And the EPA should be able to get involved with FACTS TO PROVE UNSAFE AIR in HOMES. I have searched to find just ONE good thing about the TDLD A/C divisions legalized, damage causing, incorrect use and installation of filters and tie-ins made of nothing but aluminum tape for HANGING DUCT for mobile homes only. There are several SCAM RELATED reasons that endanger environments and RUIN EQUIPMENT by incorrect use of the VERY BASICS of the HVAC System. Clean Air in and Clean Air out is BASICLLY # ONE and #TWO. NEITHER OF THESE CAN or EVER WILL be achieved with the TDLR'slegalized and taught method for mobile homes only. PLEASE ASK ANY HVAC SCHOOL how important clean air is for the equipment and it's environment. The equipment of the air handler gets NO FILTERING AT ALL.Dirty air passes over all coil loops and moist metal BEFORE it ever comes close to a filter. It is a SCAM. To SWINDLE A SCAM that just goes to show you what a democracy can pull off with the right people knodding heads to things they have NO IDEA about how NEGATIVE it will be in the long run. If it sounds good when describing the income it WILL CREATE? Now is the LONG RUN and there is more PROOF OUT THERE than anyone wants. The TDLR has not been able to come up with ONE IDEA or OPINION to DISPUTE these facts about THEIR SABOTAGE set-up. All the FACTS are showing it as SABOTAGE so that's why I say NOT "ONE IDEA" to show any possibly good reason to do it. Even from the TDLR statewide FACTS PROVE THEM WRONG SO THEY SHUT UP... and legalize it? BECAUSE THEY CAN? EVERY COMPANY who gives honest answers says :It is done this way to CREATE AND CAUSE problems. This is all PROVABLE in ANY COURT. And to ANYONE including the TDLR A/C division who ALREADY knows it VERY WELL.. TDLR ignores it to keep it hidden. The ONE reason ANYONE has been able to come up with for the incorrect use of filters is to GUARANTEE to CAUSE AND CREATEDAMAGES to the ENTIRE HVAC system. The TDLR A/C division has made BOGUS LAWS to IGNORE FACTS. Lots of GOOD FACTS, not opinions, that PROVE the TDLR A/C division knows it is WRONG and that it would NEVERPASS inspection in Texas or any place in this country. Simply because of the PROVEN negatives that are GUARANTEED to OCCUR from it. Lots of ignoring facts about the "guaranteed" health hazards that are "CREATED" by simply saying it is legal in mobile homes only in Texas. Our state or our nation should NOT DEPEND on how much it can SCAM its citizens out of. A wrong that is dishonorableto all should not be allowed to be commited by ANY PART of our government. Not a nation like the USA. My main question now is : WHY can PROVEN scams be allowed to CONTINUE? Very provable guaranteed health hazards, Very provable sabotage to environment. Very provable destruction of the AC system and every component of it. WHY is SET UP DESTRUCTION LEGAL in mobile homes ONLY and ONLY in Texas? It is not the materials used. It is ONLY incorrect installation thatCAUSES AND CREATES SABOTAGE to occur and guarantees DAMAGES to occur from it. TDLR A/C division looked at my A/C in 2001 for non stop complaints of very excessive dust that had been going on since move-in of home.In 2000 it is on the walk through papers that "something is wrong" with A/C. Excessive dust not just a little. TDLR decided that it was LEGAL to NOT use filters like they are designed and BUILT FOR. NOT ONE seal or filter rack for either of the two filters needed EVERY TWO WEEKS That means EVERY INCH of the air handler and ENTIRE air intake area is COVERED IN DUST.EVERY SQUARE INCH of the INSIDE of the DUCT work is COVERED IN DUST.NONE of this would happen for OVER 20 YEARS instead of every two weeks like TDLR A/C scam SETS IT UP for SABOTAGE . TDLR's total answer for years of complaing about it to Clayton Homes, Action Aire, and TDLR about a massive dust problem that would Not Go Away? It's LEGAL solved it all for everyone back in 2001. I still called with complaints for years. All of this dust was legal because incorrect filter usages had been MADE LEGAL by BOGUS LAWS that allowed it.In 2001 I could not go any further than the TDLR to see if something is installed and operating correctly when I questioned the filter placement in 2001.TDLR said it was legal in 2001. We lived in constant dust from then on. Or what we and all others thought was dust. In 2010 while working on other parts of the A/C I accidently found that the MOST IMPORTANT piece of duct work was totally missing.It is the Tie-In. The short piece of "special metal" to cross over from the air handler to the intake of the ENTIRE duct system. This completely missing connections void covered with nothing but strips of tape and surrounded by insulation. That piece missing is the metal used to connect the air handler to Hanging duct work. WHERE THE WIND HITS THE DUCTWORK THE HARDEST AND FASTEST... When I found the true cause of the CONSTANT DUST. It WAS INSULATION PARTICLES. NOT DUST. TDLR would not let me file a complaint against Clayton Homes. The CULPRITS that left out the MOST IMPORTANT peice of duct work and covered it with STRIPS OF TAPE and insulation.The TDLR said I must prove filters are wrong first. So I did.And can still PROVE TDLR A/C division WRONG about it ALL OF IT. Anywhere, anytime, and to ANYONE. I have over 35 facts to prove why to "never install filters" the way TDLR A/C division TEACHES and has "made" legal for mobile homes only. All reasons with guaranteed negative results for the homeowner. Results that are provable sabotage to the HVAC unit and health. All from simply misplacing and misusing A/C filters like TDLR A/C teaches people to do and "use" for mobile homes "only". I can prove it to anyone. TDLR CAN NOT give themselves or anyone else just "ONE" reason. NO ONE in this world can give a good reason to do it the way TDLR A/Cinstructs.I was never a chance to file suit against the company that did the tie-in of duct work in a deadly way.I proved the missing tie-in wrong with photos and anything needed by anyone. I did and still can PROVE the filters are NOT used correctly at all. They are used more like weapons on the A/C because of the destruction CAUSED. The filters are NOT being USED in any way they are DESIGNED or MADE FOR. AS IS PER TDLR's "It's OK IN MOBILE HOMES ONLY" It does nothing but CREATE and CAUSE GUARANTEED health hazards and damages. The answer for all of this "IT'S LEGAL". ? This is not legal in Texas zoos because it CONTAMINATES the controled enviornments of ANIMALS. It is not legal in any home or office in Texas. The missing tie-in that was CAUSING insulation dust to be present 24/7 should not be part of a states cover up FOR LEGALIZED, SHODDY, MAKESHIFT work habits Texas allows it to happen and has MADE IT LEGAL for a few segregated millions of Texans. The poorest, the elderly, LATINOS, BLACKS, and WHITES. It is called a LAW for mobile homes ONLY. It would "never pass" a REAL EPA examanation. The EPA says "it's NOT OUR JOB".It could "never be presented" as something that fits into "any" Clean Air Act. It would NEVER be ALLOWED in your home or office or THEIRS. The completely missing tie-in that was called legal in mobile homes only is "DEADLY". SPECIAL LAWS that are able to OMIT & IGNORE all safty factors? Special laws that COVER deadly mistakes by making NO ONE responsible at all. Special laws that totally eliminate laws that were made to protect the consumers health and the equipment. A TIE-IN was NEVER INSTALLED. This is "missing metal" to hang duct and tie-in to HVAC unit. The completely incorrect usage of air filters would never be used by any reputable HVAC company because they REFUSE TO WORK in mobile homes and participate in SCAMS they know every school says and KNOWS is wrong. They also might just be a representative of a legitimate company who REFUSES to do it for warranty reasons? It VOIDS THE WARRENTY if allowed to be used in the TDLR mobile homes ONLY method.I CAN PROVE THIS TO ANYONE and have but no one cares because it only afects the poor people in mobile homes. OUR CHILDREN NEED CLEAN AIR JUST LIKE YOU AND YOURS. Can TDLR A/C division (or any divisions) give you just ONE reason to call this legal? The only one so far is it's legal.I can give you OVER 40 very good FACTS to NEVER ALLOW IT AT ALL. In ANY HVAC system ANYWHERE. Why so much trouble to make SPECIAL LAWS to legalize SABOTAGE of mobile homes enviornments and ENTIRE HVAC SYSTEMS? Instead of just sticking to safe and NORMAL operation of the ENTIRE SYSYEM? JUST Like all their homes for sure and yours too. Just ask ANY SCHOOL of HVAC about BASIC RULES of PROPER FILTERING and CONNECTING DUCTWORK. TEXAS HAS FAILED IT'S CITIZENSAND "CREATED A SCAM" for PROFIT.I have not been able to find just one manufacturer of HVAC systems in the USA that does not say: IT VOIDS OUR WARRANTY.. Try one? All the facts and GOOD REASONS are IN TDLRs own CODES to NEVER install equipment like they say is LEGAL for MOBILE HOMES ONLY. Can the TDLR give just ONE REASON they do it? NO, because there is ONLY ONE REASON so far. And it isTO CREATE AND CAUSE GUARANTEED DAMAGES that include HEALTH HAZARDS. That's the way we do it in Texas and It's LEGAL covers it ALL? TDLR A/C division has never once denied the facts of NOTHING BUT guaranteed negative results from it. Only, It's Legal? Facts, proof, laws,ethics,common sense, health, and several others ALL kicked OUT the door with ITS LEGAL. The truth about all these NEGATIVES can not be denied yet TDLR A/C OMITS IT ALL with ITS LEGAL. ALL OF THE SAME TAXES apply but NOT ONE BIT OF PROTECTION when REQUIRED. It has Nothing to do with the materials used only the illegal installation that TDLR legalizes for mobile homes ONLY. All other countries that use HVAC have made it ILLEGAL to use in "ANY" residence of their country. I tried a few just to see. Proof should not be able to be DENIED with ITS LEGAL by anyone. TDLR A/C division and the make shift "it's legal" think it is OK to sabotage equipment and health of mobile home owners families. NOT ONE EMPLOYEE of TDLR, in ANY DIVISION, can or will face FACTS that DO PROVE this is a SABOTAGE set-up from the very first start-up.Legalized and Guaranteed to occur and Guaranteed to STAY SEGREGATED.It is a great plan if you and yours live in homes and work in offices. Sincerely, Tim Glover5290 Goforth RoadKyle, Texas 78640 TGlover@***.rr.com512-312-****
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I'm sorry for the drivel. It is very hard to write or talk about something that has exposed your family to insulation dust 24/7 just hanging in the air even with A/C off.

TDLR sent their inspector from the mobile home division when it was brand new. He saw enough dust to take pictures of it with open doors for light. He was freaked out but he was only allowed to take the pictures and give them to the A/C division of TDLR. Insulation dust that you would have to wipe off the sugar jar every morning just to use it.

I showed that to the inspector from the mobile home division also. They told me to change the filters every two weeks and it would go away. They said normal for mobile homes to be that way as far as the ignorant filtering system. The missing tie-in is what got over looked completely while they made excuses for what they know is a faulty system as soon as it is turned on.

It voids warranties. That alone should say enough to someone like our Licenses and regulations OFFICES.


Where in the world did you learn to write? This is nonsensical drivel.

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I only have a GED. I don't know how to write correctly I guess. I do know that I can prove TDLR A/C division is deadly wrong for segregated families only. The EPA is full of it too. Their own rules make inside air their business for others. NEVER INSIDE TEXAS MOBILE HOMES will they help for some reason. Were they TOLD TO? I know you have no idea what a missing tie-in that is buried in insulation can do. Look it up or just ask the L&R in Spicewood what would happen if YOUR HOUSE OR OFFICE WERE "MISSING" the tie-in completely? And the "VOID that is created from missing metal is all covered with NOTHING BUT TAPE. It is hard to explain in short notes. TDLR counts on that also. Most people who make laws have NO IDEA what is really being accomplished for the PUBLIC.

Nonsensical drivel? You made one sentence that has these two NONSENSE WORDS for your true opinion or better yet what company do you work? The TDLR or an AC specialist that participates in the SCAM? The only ones who disagree or HAVE A REASON TO, either work for or own a Mobile home specialist HVAC company that KNOWS IT IS WRONG and counts on people like you to not care or look deeper because it is too much trouble to do either. Plus when you have wolves guarding the hen house.....

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Subject: A "few" FACTS that are ignored by TDLR A/C Division to enact a law that ALLOWS all this to happen to one home only in Texas.

IT IS ALL ILLEGAL and AGAINST CODES in every other building in Texas and the USA.

Laws that do not follow any constitution are in full effect on the poorest

Texans there are today.

I ended up with 24/7 insulation dust being drawn into the A/C system.

Fact, Warranties are voided by all major manufacturers of all A/C in America. Fact, Mold is caused. Now that is just a reasons that millions of Texans do not deserve this to happen to them. FACT, No one can find another place that the same set-up of A/C is "legal" for peoples homes.

In Texas? In America? Anywhere? Dog pounds?

FACT, This concerns possibly millions of Texans. FACT, Other states L&R offices all have at least the basic rules and safety of CLEAN, SAFE AIR. FACT, Millions in Texas are denied the basics for just one reason so far- "it's legal in mobile homes only". FACT, Millions have probably got the set-up of filters that cause mold and damages because of where and how they are used.

FACT, It is impossible to have a sealed system at all. FACT, Keeping it in no other place to investigate except TDLR made it impossible to do anything. FACT, No one will even consider a case because TDLR (the only L&R)says it is legal to be done in mobile homes "only" FACT, The companies that did all this damage to my family's lungs and to my A/C could not be sued. Please help me get a fair trial and a case handled that uses facts and not ancient laws to hide behind and give lame answers to all questions.

FACT, We breathed insulation. FACT, There has to be a law somewhere that includes all people in the USA and Texas Constitutions for protection. Especially the one for Texas. It is for Texans.

Who is responsible for what? FACT, I have nothing to hide. Laws protect the VERY PROVEN wrongs here. Why?

FACT, Other states L& R offices would "never make it legal" and would never condone it for use. FACT, The UK would NEVER DO IT TO IT'S CITIZENS. FACT, Ten years of insulation dust while all stalled and gave lame answers or no answers at all FACT, I have never stopped complaining and filing every case I could. FACT, TDLR took 1-1/2 years to say: "it is legal" but in mobile homes "ONLY"!

A thirty second answer, NOT 1-1/2 YEARS. FACT, Both of the cases I did manage to get open at TDLR were not solved at all. They were hidden behind "it is legal in Manufactured homes "only" case closed. FACT, I can clearly proved how wrong just the filter use is.

Fact, The missing tie-in is illegal anywhere. FACTS all overruled with :it is legal in mobile homes "only" and that is the way we do it in Texas. FACT, That quote from TDLR is the one that made me start asking "other places". FACT, TDLR was the place I thought every Texan could depend and rely on for the truth.

FACT, My family breathed insulation while loop holes in the administrative laws being abused. FACT, TDLR can not find, to this day, a single thing good about what they stand behind for others and call legal in mobile homes only. NOT ONE POSITIVE it can or ever will do for people, places, or things? IN ANY WAY AT ALL?

FACT, It would NOT COST anyone one extra cent to install it all correctly and up to correct codes for homes and residences. FACT, NOT ONE CENT TO DO IT CORRECTLY! FACT, They all "know" they are doing it wrong now if ever worked on A/C or got license for A/C. Can you help with a few of these FACTS?

#1 FACT, My family breathed insulation for ten years because we followed the laws used for that decision. #2 FACT, A completely missing tie-in in the 2010 complaint all answered with "it is legal in mobile homes "only". #3 FACT, Some of the things that TDLR "insisted" I complain about. The FACT that filters create and cause damages to happen because of how used.

Facts all ignored by administrative laws created laws not needed by any consumer. Fact, Provable wrongs all endorsed and stood behind by users of administrative laws? A. FACT, Mold is caused because of the filters location.

B. FACT, Impossible to have a sealed system that is the law and code, the normal for every A/C in America and Texas. Except, of course, mobile homes "only". FACT, The manufacturers NORMAL "must haves" are impossible to achieve.

C. FACT, Illegal for everywhere in USA except manufactured homes here. D. FACT, It causes health hazards.

E. FACT, It Creates damages to all air handler parts. FACT, It looses efficacy. F.

FACT, It Waste energy. Runs much longer than what a "normal" A/C ever would. G. FACT, It Can not run as cool because it exchanges heat in the "wrong places".

H. FACT, It is Impossible to filter the entire system and entire home. Every square inch of both. I.

FACT, It is Guaranteed to wear out equipment prematurely. J. FACT, It VOIDS warranties of all major A/C manufacturers. That is just a few but laws are quoted to "only" cover it all.

Saying It is LEGAL In manufactured homes "only". H. FACT, All other HVAC laws/codes for every other place A/C is used "forbid it" to be able happen or used anywhere. FACT, It is illegal and system is shut down until installed correctly?

FACT, It is Not allowed to start up "at all". FACT, ANYWHERE ELSE, except a new manufactured home that has a law that simply says "it is legal" to incorrectly A/C. FACT, Employees learn how to do it wrong, yet call it legal in Manufactured homes "only". FACT, What do they need to worry about the law has their back for completely missing tie-ins and completely missing filter assembly and rack.

All called legal but in "manufactured homes only". FACT, Out of all the air conditioning in this entire country a manufactured home is the "only" place that is subjected to such injustices and misuse of power. FACT, The only defense that was ever given all went to Clayton Homes, Action Aire, & TDLR A/C div. FACT, Not one of them has been able to come up with just a reason ,much less a good reason, to use this incorrectly installed A/C system on any A/C equipment, home,office,zoo,storeroom,barn, etc..

you name it! FACT, All stand behind case closed because "we say so" and "it's legal" in mobile homes "only" in Texas. FACT, Nice way to make sure it never gets past TDLR for ANY REASON? FACT, The TDHCA CEO agreed with all I had to say.

He had to add this for the rest of his answer: I am not allowed to have an opinion about "anything that has to do with A/C in mobile homes". FACT, That is the CEO of the mobile home division and concerns every square inch of homes he protects? #4 FACT, I don't care about all of #3's. Filters "only".

Someone needs to be responsible for what happened to my family. FACT, You all can see a few things that following the law "created here". FACT, There are definitely more things that can be added as negatives to #3 list if these are not enough to think about helping out with. FACT, A long list of negatives caused and created can be obtained from TDLR.

The same place that "IGNORES" their "OWN CODES AND LAWS OF PROTECTION" but manufactured homes is the "only place it is legal" to ignore basic codes of safety for people, equipment, & environment. FACT, All in one. FACT, But "only" one place. #5 FACT, Those things on #3 made it very easy for TDLR A/C to quote a law WITHOUT EVER seeing what was really here.

FACT, I found out a few things that are true because TDLR A/C division insisted I had a filter case to prove wrong to them first. FACT, All ignored because it proves too much is being DONE WRONG with HVAC in mobile homes "ONLY" in TEXAS "only". FACT, Excess dust is definitely caused by the filters misuse and abuse. FACT, That is why TDLR A/C division has quote of: "it is normal in manufactured homes in Texas".

Not Any Other License and Regulation Office says that. FACT,It is "never considered normal" in "ANY" code or A/C system set-up in USA to HAVE DUST OF ANY KIND. FACT, Even more basically, we need to reclaim the vocabulary of the law. FACT, Rather than speak of Administrative Law, we should say Administrative Power or more solidly of Extra-legal, Supra-legal, and Consolidated power.

FACT, Then we can at least recognize the dangers that can be caused and created. FACT, You can see a good example of that here. FACT, My family breathed insulation dust from exterior insulation used for bottom seal. FACT, It never went away until missing metal used to hang duct was found completely missing.

Please tell the Texas Senate to make someone responsible for what has happened to my family because people worked laws instead of common sense and FAIR LAWS were eliminated for our home "only". A little more that needs looking at with open eyes and an open Senate or however it gets to be heard by someone. FACT, No one else will even discuss how bad it is. Fact, They all agree but say they can not disagree with TDLR "it is legal in mobile homes" in Texas only.

FACT, Deceptive Trade Practices are not right even if there is a law to "allow it" in one home "only". FACT, It is ILLEGAL for the rest of America and Texas including all the zoos that use HVAC for their Animals. FACT, Because it causes health hazards and it damages the HVAC system simply by being used. FACT, My family breathed insulation for ten years because I had to take the answer of TDLR that it was legal and normal for a manufactured home to HAVE EXCESS DUST.

FACT, I found the missing tie-in GAP that was all covered over with tape to hide the void of metal ten years after the TDLR decision about all my complaining about dust in my NEW HOME. FACT, We had insulation in our home 24/7. FACT, Air Quality = Impossibly to have. FACT, Health Hazards=GUARANTEED to occur.

FACT, HVAC Manufacturers requirements NOT MET. Warranties instantly voided when used. FACT, Insulation in my home for ten years. FACT, Caused by the HVAC system "not having metal tie-in to cover a total void and then hung metal duct with "nothing but tape" completely unsealed in any way, from inside ductwork(that is illegal everywhere in Texas) except Manufactured Homes ONLY.

VERY LARGE FACT, A modular home is "identical" but it has a "different name" placed on it so it is illegal just like all other HVACs of America and Texas. "Modular", "Manufactured", please let TDLR explain why one makes it illegal to have unsafe air like all others and one simply ignores standards. FACT, Guaranteed to Cause mold and water in places that should never be wet. FACT, It should be kept dry by proper installation of tie-ins and filtered correctly with "SEALED FILTERS" that DO STAY DRY because they must be kept dry to operate correctly and how they are designed to do.

F FACT, To trap dust and particles and to be dry. FACT, That is the filter TDLR insisted the entire case was about in 2001. FACT, Never one A/C person or case worker from A/C division ever here to find true problem. FACT, Or ever look at what they had convinced them selves was a filter problem.

FACT, They just knew because they are professionals that with the set-up filters it had a long LIST OF PROBLEMS that are GUARANTEED TO OCCUR with nothing but use of the equipment. FACT, In 2010 the true cause of all the complaints was discovered. FACT, While repairing damages caused by filters misuse and abuse. FACT, The missing metal at major connection part and connection of duct work to hang duct with.

FACT, The bottom of home insulation is sealed very well with EPA for road proofing for all the insulation to not be able to escape. FACT, That caused the duct to have a constant draw on taped up gap to let insulation be drawn into the system from under floor. FACT, The dust never stopped or ever went away until this was temporarily repaired waiting on TDLR to decide what they were "not going to do" about anything. FACT, The dust has never returned and the temporary repair is still there working fine and never has needed anything except a filter change about every FOUR MONTHS.

FACT, Just one filter not two like TDLR insist to change two filters every two weeks. FACT, Filters that are useless and cause troubles if followed the TDLR method. FACT, Every complaint ever made was answered with "it is legal". Then the follow through of "in mobile homes "ONLY".

Why would they themselves put that word there for air quality of the people? (all the people) WHO CARES? FACT, I care about the insulation that we breathed for ten years while all made excuses and stalled it out completely because it concerned a law that ends with the word "ONLY" tacked on to it? FACT, Everybody is sure busy with "not being able to have the constitution on their side", when it is needed.

Even amendments can't lie this bad? legally? FACT, Not one good reason to ever install the four ton HVAC in this method can be given by "ANYONE" in A/C trade. Including the TDLR who made the law for some reason.

Including the constitution and common laws the people should all be entitled to equally when it comes to being wrong and misleading for having the laws at all about it? FACT, The insulation is the worst kind because it is made for exterior use. FACT, All overlooked because of an invented BOGUS LAW? FACT, All decided "it is legal" in manufactured homes "only".

FACT, Insulation floating freely in every room of home can never be legal the way it was here and never discovered TRUE CAUSE until ten years late because following professional advice of the TDLR to change two filters every two weeks. To lower the SO CALLED "normal Dust" is what TDLR quoted it is done for. FACT, EVERY MAJOR Manufacturer of HVAC instantly voids their warranty when filters are not used correctly to seal the system and TRAP ALL particles flowing through one end to the other of air handler and all duct work. FACT, The method "made legal" by TDLR for manufactured homes "only" might as well not use filters at all.

FACT, It will work just as good and safe as fake filtering that is legal now. FACT, "MADE" it "LEGAL" for our homes only. FACT, Not one person or office with TDLR, Not one person HVAC specialist, Not one HVAC manufacturer, Not one person in the world can come up with just "ONE" SMALL "good" item it does for any A/C parts or any people living around that contaminated A/C system called legal. FACT, but never in any other home in Texas except a manufactured home.

FACT, Not one person or office of TDLR ever gave any reason at all to even have it made legal for a families HVAC system. FACT, Zoos, Self Storage units, anything with A/C , it is against installation and operation codes. But not here? WHY?

FACT, There are at least 35 very good reasons to NEVER use tape inside the ductwork and hang metal duct with aluminum tape from inside. FACT, Over 35 five, destructive and hazardous reasons can be proven not just suggested it "could" happen. It happens. FACT, NOT ONE POSITIVE COMMENT CAN BE PROVEN BY TDLR just to show there MIGHT BE SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THE "self destruct" SET-UP made legal.

FACT, Totally WRONG,Problem causing, Power waste, Parts waste, Hazardous to entire home and family. Why do you think a lot of doctors ask: Do you live in a mobile home? As PART of their examination to explain the excess humidity in lungs. Or just to see if you should get some help eliminating it from your lungs.

Dr. does not know how it gets there he just knows IT IS THERE for mobile homes only. He probably thinks it is because of metal? FACT, It is legal.

Nothing more, case closed. And that answer to solve it all and all bad KNOWN facts is: IT IS LEGAL AND NORMAL IN MANUFACTURED HOMES "ONLY". FACT, TDLR always used a lot of emphasis on the word "ONLY" when making bogus laws for manufactured homes "only". FACT, the main complaint was the missing tie-in causing insulation in our home.

Missing metal section in duct covered over with tape and hidden under floor in insulation. All covered with "it is legal in manufactured homes ONLY". NOT ONE ANSWER to very legitimate questions that can be answered very simply with a yes or no. Some as simple as this, Can this DAMAGE the HVAC unit?

FACT,YES Can this create health hazards? FACT,YES FACT, TDLR if they can NOT PROVE this set-up is safe for ANY HVAC unit in the world. I know they can't prove it, here in America but have the power to enforce it without questions by anyone except the family that breathed insulation for ten years. FACT, "it is legal" for my family to breath it because we purchased a "new" manufactured home.

It took 1-1/2 years to say :it's legal"-case closed. FACT, No one can FIND ONE PLACE THAT AGREES WITH THE LAW. FACT, Every Reputable HVAC using country in the entire world does NOT AGREE. FACT, They know that it is unsafe, inefficient, un protective in any way for the air handler or residents.

FACT, My family breathed insulation for ten years while TDLR dodged all the facts of the laws they had "made" legal in manufactured homes "ONLY" HVAC installation. FACT, THE STANDARDS ( by all A/C Companies) are dismissed COMPLETELY to be able to make this a legal law. FACT, It is impossible to Tie-in Metal duct by covering the open gap with tape from inside duct to simply HIDE IT. Hide the missing metal.

FACT, Impossible to Hang duct runs with tape from floor plenum as done here and called legal. The tape covered over the dropping gap left from missing metal. Total gap where should be NOTHING BUT solid metal. FACT, Two 50' long full size metal ducts connected by nothing but tape.

FACT, Legal in mobile homes only is what I was told I could do about it. All the true causes of so much insulation particles not just the invented and called normal dust. FACT, 24/7 even when A/C not running it still hung in the air and TDLR knew how bad it was by the reaction of the "mobile home division inspector" they sent here in 2001 to check years of complaining to all. YET the "only fact" ever given by the A/C division is "NO ONE" except TDLR A/C Division is allowed to check A/C's.

FACT, It shocked him. FACT, He had no idea what he was looking for but when he called the office they told him it was just the filters "getting broke in" because he showed them photos of the dusty particles sitting on a/c parts and home surfaces. FACT, That is all the A/C division needed to close this case completely and never answer up to any of the wrongs that were committed here. FACT, There just might be a whole lot more Texans who have the large A/C that waste energy, gets dirty way too fast, causes mold, causes moisture in all the wrong places, exchanges heat with unfiltered air on every coil loop and side of assembly metal.

Impossible to filter the unit or home. Impossible to have a sealed unit. A self destruct set-up. FACT, There should not be a law that let my family breath insulation.

I complained as high up as possible in the state of Texas. FACT, Once TDLR says it's legal, IT IS OVER. For all lawyers and state offices for some reason. FACT, No common sense allowed or it sure would never be legal here just like the rest of our state and country.

FACT, "It is legal" is the total and "ONLY" answer for all of what has happened here? FACT, Any "other answers" to questions start to show very quickly why there should not be a law that has LEGAL IN MANUFACTURED HOMES NEW A/C "ONLY". The air coming out of that HVAC is just as important as every other Texans air. My children and grandson breathed this ***.

It is important for it not to CAUSE PROBLEMS that are guaranteed to occur. All of you people look at a manufactured home and see it as very cheap? This was our new home. This was insulation down our lungs 24/7 because every one called it normal and legal WITHOUT LOOKING At it in person once.

NOT ONCE. 2010 case about discovered missing tie-in and hanging metal duct with tape, TDLR never sent even mobile home division cameraman this time. No one. Ever.

FACT, I pleaded with inspector to come see it so I could repair it. FACT, The true and correct laws and CODES for all HVAC installation and care need to be followed for us also. The safe ones. Without INSULATION being "CAUSED" and moldy health hazards created.

Without SELF DESTRUCT caused simply by running the unit. The normal safe ones that all other Texans and Americans can "COUNT ON" being done right. They refused to let me come to TDLR meetings or a hearing about my case at all, even when pleaded with.

FACT, All decisions and made from behind desk and closed doors WITHOUT EVER LOOKING ONCE. Sincerely,

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