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You want to lose! TAP is the way to go!
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Possible Fraud

Why in the world would a company agree to pay a fee to a lawyer morerthan they were billed for expenses incurred that were in excess of the expenses by the operator in a case that is currently under investigation (audit) for improper charges? It sounds very fishy to me. hopefully someone will look into this strange act. I believe this will make it at least eighty words. By my count it is at least eighty words in this message, if not,things are even more sustect
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  • Good customer nrelations
  • Deception
Reason of review:
Poor customer service
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Notified TX Attorney General and others

Good Morning Mr. *******, Thank you for contacting the Texas Secretary of State. Deputy Secretary Shorter requested that I respond to your inquiry. The Secretary of State is a ministerial filing officer for business entity documents and certain registrations required to be submitted to this office. Our office does not have authority to investigate or regulate the business activities of entities on file with this office. However, we are more than happy to assist you with retrieving the filing information regarding an entity filed with this office, ordering copies of information filed with our office, retrieving general information from our website, and pointing you to resources that may assist you with investigations or enforcement. Our online system, SOSDirect, may be used look up information and retrieve filings of business entities filed with this office. We include a help/fees section that includes information on the search descriptions. Copies of the filings may be ordered from SOSDirect. If you need assistance using SOSDirect, please contact our team via phone at (512) 475-**** or e-mail at SOSDirect@*** In addition, we have a Public Information & Response Team that may assist you with general information and specific records requests. The contact information for that team is listed below: Public Information & Response Team Information Requests—preliminary name availability opinions, information lookup, general questions E-mail Phone - (512) 463-**** Records Requests—copies or certificates E-mail Phone: (512) 463-**** A search of the records in our Corporations section retrieved Texas Allied Petroleum, Inc., file number 80112****, which converted from TAP Oil & Gas, LLC, file number 80112****, in 2009. TAP Oil & Gas, LLC, file number 80112**** was originally formed in Colorado as an LLC and converted to a Texas LLC in 2008. The information retrieved in our entity records for the two entities appears below this email. If you would like us to look up additional information in our entity records, please do not hesitate to ask. Below, I’ve included some additional resources to whom you may wish to report a complaint regarding a business: Complaints to the Office of the Texas Attorney General If you wish to file a complaint, you may contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Texas Attorney General. The complaint form may be completed online, and the consumer complaint process is explained online as well. The consumer protection hotline number is (800) 621-****. Complaints to the Federal Trade Commission You may also report any concerns that you have with the manner in which the entity does business to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). To file a complaint with the Consumer Response Center of the Federal Trade Commission, call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-87*-382-****), or use the complaint form available online. Complaints to the Better Business Bureau Another resource would be the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB has an online form for business complaints. Additional Information If criminal conduct is suspected, you may want to contact the local prosecutor. Finally, you may wish to pursue this matter privately. You may consider contacting the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) at 800-252-**** or 877-9TEXBAR (toll-free). Your call will be answered by a referral information specialist who will need your name and phone number. You will be asked in which county you need a lawyer and to briefly state your problem. Remember, the information specialist is not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. The Lawyer Referral Service staff member will give you the name and phone number of an attorney. When you call the attorney to schedule a meeting, please tell them that you were referred by the State Bar of Texas. Your 30 minutes of legal consultation will cost you $20. After the initial half-hour, it is up to you and the attorney to negotiate fees if you decide to authorize the lawyer to take action on your legal problem. If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, Meridith Debus Attorney, Business & Public Filings Division Office of the Texas Secretary of State (512) 463-**** FAX (512) 475-**** This email provides general answers to the questions raised, is not intended as legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Please contact your attorney for legal advice specific to your situation. Texas Allied Petroleum, Inc., file number 80112**** Filing Number: 80112**** Entity Type: Domestic For-Profit Corporation Original Date of Filing: May 8, 2009 Entity Status: In existence Formation Date: March 24, 2008 Tax ID: 320******** FEIN: Duration: Perpetual Name: Texas Allied Petroleum, Inc. Address: 515 CONGRESS AVE STE 2525 AUSTIN, TX 78701 USA Registered Agent: Name Address Inactive Date Anthony Black 7719 Wood Hollow Dr., Ste. 156 Austin, TX 78731 USA Filing History: Document Number Filing Type Filing Date Effective Date Eff. Cond Page Count 257449****01 Certificate of Conversion May 8, 2009 May 8, 2009 No 6 321253****01 Public Information Report (PIR) December 31, 2009 August 16, 2010 No 2 368456****01 Public Information Report (PIR) December 31, 2010 May 17, 2011 No 1 470824****01 Public Information Report (PIR) December 31, 2012 March 12, 2013 No 1 Names (Legal): Name Name Status Name Type Name Inactive Date Consent Filing # Texas Allied Petroleum, Inc. In use Legal 0 Management: Last Update Name Title Address March 12, 2013 ANTHONY BLACK CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 515 CONGRESS AVE STE 2525 AUSTIN, TX 78701 USA March 12, 2013 ANTHONY BLACK DIRECTOR 515 CONGRESS AVE STE 2525 AUSTIN, TX 78701 USA March 12, 2013 SEAN DAVIS CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER 515 CONGRESS AVE STE 2525 AUSTIN, TX 78701 USA March 12, 2013 SEAN DAVIS DIRECTOR 515 CONGRESS AVE STE 2525 AUSTIN, TX 78701 USA March 12, 2013 CODY DAVIS CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER 515 CONGRESS AVE STE 2525 AUSTIN, TX 78701 USA March 12, 2013 CODY DAVIS DIRECTOR 515 CONGRESS AVE STE 2525 AUSTIN, TX 78701 USA Assumed Names: None Associated Entities: Name Entity Type Document Description Filing Date Entity Filing Number Jurisdiction Capacity TAP Oil & Gas, LLC 0 80095**** Converting Associated Entity Information – TAP Oil & Gas, LLC, file number 80095**** Filing Number: 80095**** Entity Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) Original Date of Filing: March 24, 2008 Entity Status: Conversion Formation Date: N/A Tax ID: 320******** FEIN: Duration: Perpetual Name: TAP Oil & Gas, LLC Address: 7719 WOOD HOLLOW DR STE 156 AUSTIN, TX 78731**** USA Registered Agent: Name Address Inactive Date Development Energy Management, Inc. 7719 Wood Hollow Dr. #156 Austin, TX 78731 USA Filing History: Document Number Filing Type Filing Date Effective Date Eff. Cond Page Count 209462****02 Certificate of Conversion March 24, 2008 March 24, 2008 No 7 257279****02 Certificate of Conversion May 8, 2009 May 8, 2009 No 6 Names (Legal): Name Name Status Name Type Name Inactive Date Consent Filing # TAP Oil & Gas, LLC Inactive Legal May 8, 2009 0 Management: Last Update Name Title Address March 25, 2008 Development Energy Management, Inc. Member 7719 Wood Hollow Dr. #156 Austin, TX 78731 USA Assumed Names: None Associated Entities: Name Entity Type Document Description Filing Date Entity Filing Number Jurisdiction Capacity TAP Oil & Gas, LLC Foreign Limited Liability Company (LLC) March 24, 2008 0 CO, USA Converting Texas Allied Petroleum, Inc. Domestic For-Profit Corporation Begin forwarded message: From: Date: April 23, 2013, 9:49:13 AM CDT To: "secretary@***" , "generalcounsel@***" , "cshorter@***" , "***.gov" Subject: Complaint - Texas business address Folks, Please direct me to the proper agencies to file this complain regarding a business with unethical to illegal business practices in Texas. Today at 10:11 AM I received a call from 512-527-****, TAP (AKA Texas Allied Petroleum, AKA TAP Management) The silver tongued caller told me he was calling from TAP Management, an oil and gas firm in Austin, Texas. I responded, “OK, How can I help you? I am Googel-ing you now.” His reply was that I would not learn anything about them on the internet, but by speaking with people they do business with. He suggested something about turning $75,000 into over $400,000 and that surely I would be interested in that. He asked if he could send me some information. I replied that he could send the information to my financial advisors. With that, he said “I hope things get better for you” and then he hung up. After researching them for 5 minutes on the internet, there are multiple stories from their scam victims and an “F” rating from the BBB. Why are they allowed to stay in business in your state? Who do you suggest I direct my concerns to in order to get these folks shut down? Thank you for your attention to this matter. Respectfully,
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Taressa Wdf
map-marker Cheyenne, Wyoming

Dont invest ,just make a donation instead

investing with TAP is just throwing your money away. their BBB rateing is "F" and you just give them money to invest for their own good. not happy with the way this deal went,they are arrogant and higfh pressured to get you to invest and then wham, too late. it took them over a year to start drilling this hole when they said they were ready last july. liars all of them!!!!!! if you want to invest in oil and gas buy up mineral rights!!!they should apply for a 5013(c)IRS status!read the agreement very carefully, 1/2 of the cost goes directly to management activities and then the rest may get used for whatever. they will send you out an update by fed-ex for 20.00 instead of a 3cent e-mail. then you have to keep yourself updated on their site,because they are too lazt to send you a link in the e-mail jokesters all of them
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I would be interested in talking with you about your experience in this matter. I'm going up against them in a way too.

Harold G Oub
map-marker Boulder, Colorado

Exaggerates claims on oil and gas investments

Texas Allied Petroleum exaggerates its claims, preys on unaccredited investors and constantly violates the National Do Not Call List (DNC). It would seem this company is operating outside SEC regulations. I should know, they have called me on several occasions despite numerous requests to be removed from their list and reminders that my number is on the DNC. I finally accepted their prospectus package just to waste as much of their time as they have mine. Lay off guys. Beware of this company! TAP Oil and Gas exaggerates it's claims, deceives it partners and is operating in violation of SEC regulations.
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The callers were pushy, rude, obnoxious, and downright nasty! When they started raising their voice to my wife, she finally just hung up. Don't believe what "John J" says...I agree with the other people who are warning you.


I know these *** bags on a personal level. Not only do they run their business in the most dishonest and corrupt manner possible, but they conduct their personal lives in a eerily similar fashion.

Unethical, deceitful, immoral tactics are the basis of these guys lives which directly reflects their business. Even when they know they are in the wrong, they are so persistent in their ways, that they go so far as to convince themselves they are right. To protect their business and shield their egos.

These guys are ***. STAY AWAY!


this is a company that you dont want to invest in. they are only in it for themselves!

they make their 10% and to *** with everyone else . most wells based on figures supplied to me do not even break even on your investment in 10 years


If it looks too good to be true then it is a SCAM. How fast can you run away from this operation.

Very hard sell.

Not impressed.

Just wondering if John J, is a paid employee of TAP. My bets are he is.


You two obviously are poor, unsophisticated investors who have no business in the real world. Go back to living off your welfare assistance.

I have made a lot of money with this company and others. Obviously it's a mistake for anyone to contact people of your caliber.


They called me too. I've been getting calls from several of these firms-seemingly unrelated.

All to invest in the drilling of a well that MIGHT return $hundreds of thousands. They cite they have succeess with 12 out of 14 wells, however could not advise if any of previous investeors are in the black yet.

If the returns are so great, why do they need add'l invesotrs. Surely a bank or Investment banker would jump?

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map-marker Canby, Oregon

Made me money on my investments

I have been investing with Texas Allied Petroleum for years now and they have made me a lot of money. I am pissed because I did not pull the trigger on a couple projects that would've been extremely lucrative.I wish they would have pushed me a little harder because I could have used a few hundred thousand dollars more in my trust. I didn't know at the time that my investments could have been made through my IRA account. We all know what a beating many of us took by trusting our funds to the hands of snotty newbie college grad financial advisorstelling us everything was going to be ok. These guys didn't share that sentiment but instead took their financial futures (and mine)into their own hands, and I am glad they did. Great company, great group of guys. I highly recommend anyone who can afford to take a little risk to call them, you will not be displeased.
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Scammed my elderly grandfather

This sketchy company name Texas Allied Petroleum (i've also seen it as TAP oil and gas) apparently scams the elderly by targeting them with high pressure salesmen trying to get them involved with some oil well venture. They must buy names and numbers from nursing homes or something to find these targets. Well, they got in contact with my grandpa who did well for himself throughout his years (that also must be a prerequisite). If i had been there when they called him I could have advised my grandfather to hang up on them, or at the very least to take a pass on the deal. But he felt pressured and because of his age he succumbed to their sale. By purchasing some fraction of an oil well, he has lost over $100,000 and receives a monthly payoff of around $200. Yeah... i don't think the ROI is there to payoff for him. Thanks Texas Allied Petroleum, or TAP Oil and Gas, for screwing with a defenseless elderly man.
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I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. It is wrong how that company is ran.

Did you ever get it settled with them. I'm getting screwed too.


It is easy to see someone who is greedy for an inheritance because they are too lazy to go to work for themselves. If the story is even true, then the grandfather invested because of his ability to see opportunity and evaluate risks.

I have made a lot of money with this company and will continue to invest with them for years to come. They are honest and upfront in their business practices. Kills me to see that any poor sap can write whatever they want without credibility or sense.

I believe that true investors with real business acumen can shee through this senseless BS. Poor ***.

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