Why in the world would a company agree to pay a fee to a lawyer morerthan they were billed for expenses incurred that were in excess of the expenses by the operator in a case that is currently under investigation (audit) for improper charges? It sounds very fishy to me. hopefully someone will look into this strange act. I believe this will make it at least eighty words. By my count it is at least eighty words in this message, if not,things are...
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I liked
  • Good customer nrelations
I didn't like
  • Deception
Good Morning Mr. *******, Thank you for contacting the Texas Secretary of State. Deputy Secretary Shorter requested that I respond to your inquiry. The Secretary of State is a ministerial filing officer for business entity documents and certain registrations required to be submitted to this office. Our office does not have authority to investigate or regulate the business activities of entities on file with this office. However, we are more...
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investing with TAP is just throwing your money away. their BBB rateing is "F" and you just give them money to invest for their own good. not happy with the way this deal went,they are arrogant and higfh pressured to get you to invest and then wham, too late. it took them over a year to start drilling this hole when they said they were ready last july. liars all of them!!!!!! if you want to invest in oil and gas buy up mineral rights!!!they...
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Anonymous I would be interested in talking with you about your experience in this matter. I'm going up against them in a way too.

Short Review for August 24, 2016, Other

You want to lose! TAP is the way to go!
I have been investing with Texas Allied Petroleum for years now and they have made me a lot of money. I am pissed because I did not pull the trigger on a couple projects that would've been extremely lucrative.I wish they would have pushed me a little harder because I could have used a few hundred thousand dollars more in my trust. I didn't know at the time that my investments could have been made through my IRA account. We all know what...
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This sketchy company name Texas Allied Petroleum (i've also seen it as TAP oil and gas) apparently scams the elderly by targeting them with high pressure salesmen trying to get them involved with some oil well venture. They must buy names and numbers from nursing homes or something to find these targets. Well, they got in contact with my grandpa who did well for himself throughout his years (that also must be a prerequisite). If i had been there...
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Anonymous I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. It is wrong how that company is ran. Did you ever get it settled with them. I'm getting screwed too.


Jonn J It is easy to see someone who is greedy for an inheritance because they are too lazy to go to work for themselves. If the story is even true, then the grandfather invested bec...

Texas Allied Petroleum exaggerates its claims, preys on unaccredited investors and constantly violates the National Do Not Call List (DNC). It would seem this company is operating outside SEC regulations. I should know, they have called me on several occasions despite numerous requests to be removed from their list and reminders that my number is on the DNC. I finally accepted their prospectus package just to waste as much of their time as they...
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Tony L The callers were pushy, rude, obnoxious, and downright nasty! When they started raising their voice to my wife, she finally just hung up. Don\'t believe what \"John J\" says.....


I see you.. I know these *** bags on a personal level. Not only do they run their business in the most dishonest and corrupt manner possible, but they conduct their personal lives in a ee...

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