map-marker Tatum, Texas

Incorrect paychecks

Teton transportation has no regard for employees. They are focused on the almighty dollar And treat employees lime they are expendable. They make avoidable mistakes with employees paychecks and make no attempt to fix. They do not return phone calls. Even when they are at as the employee have to resolve the proble Then they may fix it. But they are in no hurry. If you come in to the office they have no time to answer questions. basically they will get what they can from you and if you quit then good luck getting your last paycheck. They promise one thing and do something different
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Maram Vfs
map-marker Greenville, South Carolina

Teton doesnt care about its drivers

i worked for teton for 3 mn. and it was the worst job i ever had...they made me drive illegal all the time and when i had a court summons they didnt want to get me back home and didnt care that i would have an arrest warrent put out on me so i drove back home dead head and now theyre holding my paycheck and are charging me for the miles..thats a *** thing to do to someone just b4 christmas and have two kids to buy for..they didnt care about my freedom they just wanted theyre *** money for the load and mine to..bruce the dispatcher has a brown nose and has bad carma coming his way.
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there's always gonna b "the good, bad & ugly" that's trucking unfortunately. U can b assured to NEVER find the perfect trucking co.

or ANY company for that matter. reading all of these complaints such as the guy who had wrecks (yea plural) who knows, maybe they did screw u, stop having wreckS bro, heck your just screwing yourself. as far as paychecks, I never had an issue, mine were always straight on. this is my experience with em, I started out of the gate great, played by the rules etc.

then I got *** & started doing alot of out of routes, illegal running etc. reason beside the point but yep it caught up with me & had a pow wow with Larry, man Ive bumped heads with Bruce & others but in the end, couldn't have ask for better dispatch with Tobey, Charlie, Harlan, Steve. As for Larry, maybe there were bumps but I hold nothing against him, he was always straight up with me & retained my employment there when even there was plenty of reason for awhile to say howdy oss & toss me on my ***. I was never a brown noser either so per the one comment about that, doesn't apply here.

for thanksgiving I was deadheaded 600 MILES home under a load that delivered in an opposite direction, I'm not married, no parents or grandparents so u tell me how kool that is?? one X driver (OO) ask another "why does he defend them" I'm defending them because it's about loyalty, honor & dedication. They showed value to me so I'm showing it back. from the get go these entire crew called me by my name, not my driver ID # etc.

there treated me as family should & although yes there were times of "bad & ugly", it was mostly good.

They are now in an acquisition process by Celadon trucking & it seems a great opportunity for me to transition over to this company & I plan to although at first I wasn't comfortable with the idea of some big fancy company coming along & buying us up & offering shiny new toys with bells & whistles. I will miss Teton much, the people & the experiences I enjoyed there.


Teton is the most non-caring, egotistical, mis-managed, mis-represented,over-managed company I have seen, in My 30 Years of the trucking industry.

The operations boss, is very unknowledgable, in transportation, log books, legal transits, transit times, and general driver etiquette of anyone I have ever worked for. Still not sure how Chris got, or is holding this position.

But He is personally responsible for 95% of the internal turn over and atleast 80% of the driver turnover. The only thing big about this guy, is his ego. Way too much family here. 25% of the management are related !

Do not go to work for this company.

Gotta be a reason everyone else is offering $1000 sign on bonus, and they are offering $2500. And still have trucks sitting !


TN Owner Operator, why do u feel like you have to defend Teton? U really think they would defend you?

This company is full of cheifs. Not enough indians. Even the service guys think their in charge. Its so funny.

I just smile and let them think they really are so important.

Teton is like every other trucking company. If blame can be placed on the driver, in any way, it will be.


Teton is a piece of ****, they dont care whether you get home or not, i have heard a lot of bad things about them, especially their truck equipment, turn over rate it very high and now they are forced to use computers in their trucks because of all the violations the company has. Go with another company because they will put false allegations on your DAC.


Worked for Teton myself. Good company, but can be a little pushy at times.

Bruce is OK most of the times but he can get a little bossy at times.

Nobody can force to run over hours if you know how to handle them within the law... Gotta work on your communication.

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Robert A Huu
map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Worked for Teton Transportation, now I can't get another job

Worked for Teton Transportation for 1 year, now from the marks they put on my DAC report I cannot get another driving job. It's not fair that when I started with them they didn't use DAC, during my employment they started using DAC. They proceeded to place preventable accidents on my DAC which I signed a form stating that I would be charged $250 for every PA, well they charged me and also put the marks on my DAC. Not fair, they screwed me twice, took my money and hindered the possible jobs I could get in the future.
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My husband use to work for Teton,He and my son were doing a run in South Carolina,when he trying to explain a situation to the wknd dispatcher,when his phone loss the signal,the dispatcher assumed that he hung up in his face,and cancelled his card. So they could get no fuel and nothing to eat.

The next day I called the Recruiter,and told him what happen. The situation was taken care of and it never happen again.If the people at Teton know that you will fight back legally they are less pron to harass you. We believe in using every legal tool that is out there if necessary to fix a situation.

Sometimes that is what it takes. But overall They are one of the worst company to work for,and if you are not a kiss but,you will not get much love.


i gues this means i wont be able to get another job easily, but dont give up


Worked for Teton myself. Good company, but can be a little pushy at times.

As for the guy complaining about having preventable accidents (plural!!!) put on his DAC Report...

Of course they should be on your DAC, how else will anybody know how bad of a driver you are??

Besides if you cause accidents who do you think should pay for them?? Teton???


I worked for teton for 9 months and everything was fine. Then when I needed to be home for surgery they couldn't get me home so I left the truck in the TN terminal and paid for a rental car.

Not cleared to work yet and the MO terminal manager called my cell, my home, and my parents trying to reach me to take a load.

Then he went to my home and pounded on the windows and doors hollering my name. I quit but he had put me under a load and now-- guess what?!--I can't get a trucking job anywhere.


i worked for teton for over 2 years. they fired me after i told them i need a break to sleep after running for 3 days straight.

i asked my dispatcher to pull the load i had on me off, he refused, and the load was late. they marked it in the computer as a service failure and fired me.., now im having a very hard time trying to find a job.


no im sure this driver is telling the truth. I worked there for a long time and the Owners Larry & Doug treat you like you are a piece of ***.

Drivers are a dime a dozen to them. There is nothing but favoritism thru out the whole company.

You want it good working at Teton?

You better have your nose up there ***. They treat all there non-kiss *** like ***.


Oh come on! Of course they used DAC when you started.

They and every other trucking company of any size uses DAC. Either you are lying or you are plain and simple ignorant. They are required to report the accident to any trucking company that you go to work for.

Look up FMCSR 319.23. By the way, why don't you share the details of your accident...

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map-marker Little Rock, Arkansas

Ex-Employee Review

i worked for a lease operator while employed @ teton transport.. i have spent 4 months trying to collect my wages from these ppl .. i have spoke with larry the owner to try and get copies of all my trips i turned in and i am told that its not his concern he cant be involved in it ......... i have no choice other than to sue these peopel to collect my wages that i have lost ........ lost my home and all cause they wont pay ..... they owe me nearly $3,000 dollars and i keep getting stonewalled to the point of they admitted to the labor board they owe me the money but r not gonna pay ....... i hope all drivers read this before seeking employment with this company very disheartening that there are companies like this in business....... They have tried to destroy any and all hopes i have of being paid for my labor and work i did for them .......
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I work for Teton and I haven't had any of the problems that folks speak of. I always get paid and anything I have needed to be home for (which was A LOT this year), they always get me there.

The guy in the orginal complaint needs to address the owner op he worked for. I am sure Teton Paid the owner op, but he just didn't pay this driver.


I too work for Teton Transportation,

Larry, Doug, Walter and all of operations are very fine and honest people. You cant help someone who can't help themselves.My experience with this crew is considered to be one of the best thus far. I did move on (My Choice) Ther are lots of haters out there!


Worked for Teton myself. Good company, but can be a little pushy at times.

You said it yourself, you worked for a leased Owner, not for Teton. The truck owner was suppose to pay you, not Teton.

I'm an owner myself and if any of my drivers produce any claims or damage to equipment I will not pay them until I recuperate my loses.

It is a shame that people always complain about employers and only tell part of the story... the part that suits them best...


Does sound familiar? Sweatshop is a working environment considered to be unacceptably difficult or dangerous — particularly by industrialized nations with high standards of living.

However sweatshops may exist in any country. Sweatshop workers often work long hours for unusually low pay, regardless of laws mandating overtime pay or a minimum wage. Employees may be subject to employer abuse without an easy way to protect themselves.

Since wages are unusually low, and working conditions poor, the incentive for owners to invest in modern, possibly economically nonviable technology is less. This is the trucking industry today.....


This company is comprised of a bunch of As*****s. They will lie, cheat and steal your last dime.

Don't go there. Stay away.


I personally have worked for Teton Transportation. In fact, I worked for them more than once and only left due to health issues.

The last time I left, I was very impressed with the kindness the company showed to me and my family.

I saw the owner struggle to keep his drivers employed during the economic crises, at a loss to himself. Larry Hammond and Walter Smith both care about the company, its drivers and the drivers families.

I think they are being given an unfair assessment by the complaintant, and I only hope the owner-op does the right thing as I am sure Teton would.


I worked for Teton for 5 months and didn't have much of a problem. Mechanics took care of all my truck defects.

Sure the dispatch "tried" to make me run over hours, but it is up to the driver to say no.

I quit because I am moving to Chicago and didn't expect to get my $175.00 deposit back, but I did the very next paycheck. So, I would have to say that Teton is not a bad company.


Worked for Teton,glad I got out,their full of lies,no hometime,no miles,no money,they could care less about you and your family,equipment is a disaster waiting to happen,This is not a good company to work for.




My ex-husband works for Teton he too was run beyond hours. Had about 5 dispatchers.

He was never home part of the reason for the divorce they would promise to get him home and I was in the hospital and they would not get him home. The equipment is not kept maintained. Not to mention the pay is terrible per mile. No one in the company cares about the drivers its just to pad their pockets.

They have too many chiefs in the office. If you have a complaint it takes weeks to get it addressed.They are a big enough company that they could get the drivers better rates on insurance for their families. When he went to work for this company we hoped for better than the typical trucking company but its just like all the others. Only for Themselves.

Typical Trucking Company. :upset

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