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Extremely dissatisfied with terminix. While taking order, the agents show very rosy picture and in actual practice they are totally useless. The roaches in my house kept growing and only after fifteen days, they schedule a new appointment, then too the technician did not come in the time slot. I called the customer service and then they called the filed technician. The technician called and told that he is busy and cannot make it. mean while the...
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I didn't like
  • Terrible customer service rude management work not guaranteed
My sister and I wanted one time treatment for ants and cockroaches. We have a limited income so we planned on doing more appointments as needed. Somehow she now has a one year contract. I understand that she has to fulfil the contract. What I dont understand is the tech lying to our face about what service we were signing up for. Techs will show up at the house without appointments. The first time I assumed my sister made the appointment so I...
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Anonymous Terminex policy is to tried to call you 3 times if no answer after the third time they will send you a postcard out on a specific day which sometimes if the customer sees it i...