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YOUR SERVICE PERSON Came out to my house about 2 months ago and since then i see more rodents than before they came here.I was a little surprised the service person was only here for about 10 minutes had to ask him to spray one of the room he bypassed. I am not satisfied with the service or the after effects after paying $179.00. I would not recommend your service, i am deeply unhappy. I thought the guy would give me more than one treatment for...
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I didn't like
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I had a horrible experience with terminix. Hired them due to mice getting in ny house and they did not do anything different then I did. They peeked in my attic saw droppings said they were mice droppings but they were not. They talked me into doing their extremely high exclusion service did not plug up everything and I had to hire another company to complete what they did not do right. They cost me more money and our attic had bats not mice not...
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