Brian M Lmc

Eriq Cook president and owner crooked. This guy gets you to put up up front money to do work then never produces or returns calls or emails.

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Both my company and another local established business in the Colorado area used Eriq Cook (Teq Media) and both of us were scammed by this company. Eriq at one time was providing web services but in the past month has not communicated with either company other than telling both of us "he was on way to a funeral and would return the call the next day". Unfortunately in both cases he never followed through. In my case I had advanced Eriq some money to provide work we were going to have Eriq provide. We had done this in the past which Eriq had always come through on. At this point I would not recommend having any dealings with this company or Eriq Cook. If you would like more details on his lack of performance you may inquire at***.com
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  • Unreliable and a scam
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

Kern Oqg
map-marker Denver, Colorado

Some scammer used my company name to scam someone and need to immediately remove a false, negative review Help

I recently discovered that that on September 5th, some anonymous person posted a negative review on me/my company, and could clearly tell they had been scammed by a scammer using my name. This has actually happened to several my own customers in the past. Every point they mentioned in the complaint/"review" is completely incorrect about my company. They said my company is located in "Roseville", and I have absolutely no idea where that is, nor do I work or know anyone in "Roseville". I am located in Denver, Colorado. NOT "Roseville". They also said "They [TEQ Media] do not speak English, and do not understand spec changes requested." First of all, I am an American-born citizen, located in Denver, Colorado. I only speak English, nor am I associated with anyone who doesn't speak English. The poster clearly had communication with someone who is NOT the real Eriq Cook / TEQ Media Group. They also said that I am located in "India and Pakistan", which is completely incorrect. I am located in the U.S., Denver, Colorado. They also said that my portfolio is fake. On my REAL website portfolio, 100% of all of the projects shown are of my own personal work, and not one project was not (and is not) farmed out to people located in other countries. They said there is a project that was started 5 months ago for a logo and website, and nothing has been done. This is not true for ANY of my customers. I have absolutely no idea what project they apparently paid for. I'm deeply bothered by websites like, because anyone can very quickly and easily, and anonymously post a negative review on any person/company with absolutely NO proof of facts required (no project name/description, invoice #, etc). All you have to do is sign with a Facebook account and write away. Most legitimate review websites require an investigation at least. I have been in business for 16 years and have an extremely solid business reputation. I don't advertise, market or cold-call people, and certainly don't have ANY customers where they've paid me to do work and nothing was done. And for FIVE MONTHS. The poster clearly had communication with "someone" who is not me. I **NEED** to get this false review immediately removed from your website and Internet search results, as it is harming me/my business for completely false and invalid reasons. Here is link to the review:****3411.html Please help!! Thank you, Eriq Cook Owner TEQ Media 720-333-****
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Removal of invalid/false review



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The worst company ever… never trust them with your company. They do everything in India and Pakistan. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO CREATES YOUR DESIGNS !!! and who owns the rights to your brand... They do not speak English and they don’t understand half of the specs and changes requested. They do cheap work and charge a fortune. Most (not to say all) the portfolio shown in the website is FAKE… Eriq Cook is a total bluff just like Teq Media is. I hired them to create my website and image and it has been 5 months and still I have nothing. DON'T EVER HIRE THIS COMPANY!
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Kern Oqg

I am the real Eriq, the sole owner (and ONLY point of contact) of my company based in Denver, Colorado. This post is completely invalid in every way.

It was posted either by some unknown competitor, or the poster of this complaint was scammed by a scam artist using my company name and info (which happens to many businesses on the Internet today unfortunately). It's happened to several of my own customers, where scammers use a legitimate company name that has a good reputation to scam money out of unknowing people.

After further investigation of this post, I discovered that it says my company is located is "Roseville." I am based in Denver, Colorado, and do not know or work with anyone in Roseville. In fact, I have absolutely no idea where in the world "Roseville" is.

The poster also says "They [TEQ Meda] do not speak English, and they don't understand spec changes." It is only me, there is no “they”, and I am the ONLY point of contact for my company (I am also American and speak English).

The poster also said that my portfolio is completely fake. I have no idea what portfolio you were shown, but all of the projects on my REAL website are 100% my own personal work. None of the websites on my portfolio have been farmed out to anyone outside of the U.S., especially to "India and Pakistan," as you stated.

You clearly were scammed by someone (or people) who is not me.

I have been in business for 16 years, member of the BBB, very involved in the business community and 90% of my customers are all by word-of-mouth. I do not advertise or cold-call people, and my success and longevity absolutely depends on the satisfaction of my customers.

I'm upset by websites like this, because anyone can very easily and quickly post anything anonymous with absolutely NO VERIFICATION of any facts (no invoice numbers, project names/details, dates/time frames, etc are required to post a complaint here). Most reputable review websites enter into an investigation process first at least.

And for me to respond to you DIRECTLY requires me, the REAL business owner, to pay a whopping $1,000 fee paid to, which in essence is an extortion company in itself. I'm sorry I’m not going to pay $1,000 to reply "directly" to you, so I'm posting my public response here. PLEASE contact me directly at 720-333-****. I need to get to the bottom of this as this is a serious issue.

You clearly have not had ANY communication with me, at all. Thank you.


Hello, I am the real Eriq and aware that a couple of scammers are using my name to scam people. I discovered two scammers recently were using my personal and business name on Facebook, and currently in the process of getting them shut down right away.

Other scammers have done the same thing to several well-known clients of mine in an attempt to scam people as well. This is a common scamming practice on the Internet today, unfortunately.

My website portfolio, located at is 100% ***ALL*** of my own personal work, and none of it is or has been farmed out, or sourced from out of the country. Especially India or Pakistan!

You clearly spoke with a scammer/fake company, as I am a LOCAL Denver business registered with the Better Business Bureau (A+ rating), and I am heavily involved in the community and with reputable business organizations.

In no way, shape or form would you EVER speak with anyone but me personally, as I am the sole proprietor/owner and designer/developer. You clearly had communication with a "fake" person--or multiple people--who are NOT me. I've been in business for 16 years, have a solid business reputation and do not have ANY negative reviews, anywhere.

I also have a concern that this "review" is a possible scam in itself, for multiple reasons (posted by "anonymous" , in an attempt to trick me to submit very detailed, personal and sensitive contact information which is very valuable to scammers/spammers.

I've seen this happen with other people I know.

There are MANY types scams on the Internet, like the fake IRS scammers trying to scare people into paying money, for example. It's a little hard to tell, but discovering this review required me to submit a reply immediately (never leave ANY posts/reviews unanswered, positive or negative).

I don't know who you are, but please contact me directly at 720-333-**** to discuss this further. Thank you...

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