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I never had back pain until I slept on a Tempur Pedicure mattress.My husband has the same problem. Worst investment we ever made. I hope people read these reviews before buying this very expensive mattress ! My daughter also has a Tempur Pedicure mattress and now is suffering from bulging disks on her neck. She had to quit work as a teacher. She's seen several doctors and is now considering surgery. We're tired of waking up in pain every day....
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I didn't like
  • Permannt valleys and sag spots
  • Its miserable
  • Warranty issue
I would never buy this mattress again - It's horribly expensive, terribly uncomfortable - sleeps hot hot hot and when you live in Arizona, you don't need hot! My husband has back problems and we hoped this mattress would help him but instead it made his back much much worse and he's ended up sleeping in one of our guest rooms on a regular wonderful Simmons mattress and is virtually pain free! I hate it as it is very hot to sleep on and turning...
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My hands and arms have been physically damaged from waking every day with them completely asleep. I cannot sleep on this giant peice of ***. My body aches like nothing ive ever felt. I have lost all stremgth iny right arm and cant even carry a gallon of milk in from shopping. Im so *** pissed off. I want to sie for the pain and suffering i have had to go through on this bed. Ive had it for 4 months and it has destroyed me. I feel like Ill never be the same. Scam, fraud, peice of ***!! *** YOU TEMPURPEDIC...
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