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I was so *** to have believed on their advertising tactics. I bought this mattress two years ago because I was suffering with lower back issues and their advertisements clearly indicated that temurpedic mattress relieved back pain. I have been experiencing even more back pain since I started sleeping on this mattress. Recently I went on vacations and slept on five different beds but did not feel that much pain as I had felt after sleeping on my... Read more

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I purchased a split king Luxe Breeze mattress set and matching split king Ergo Plus base set in 11/16. I have tried to get rebates through Tempurpedic's National Veterans Day Promotion. Per their listing, each mattress qualifies for a $200 rebate, and each base qualifies for a $50 rebate. That means I should get a rebate of $500.00. After sending in receipts and proper documentation of purchase, I received a check card for $100.00 from Promisis,... Read more

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I have purchased two Tempurpedic mattresses in the past year, both Countour Queens. The quality of the mattresses are excellent and I have no complaint on that score, they are firm and comfortable. However, Tempuredic promises that if their mattresses are registered on line, the company will provide a free pillow. In neither case was this offer lived up to. I have registered the mattresses and received no pillows. The first time I did the... Read more

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Our mattress is 6 years old and when we purchased it the warranty was 10 year full replacement the next 10 years depreciated replacement. Our mattress has indentations on my side and my husbands side causing back pain every day. The company requested I take pictures using a quarter and a ruler which we did but the indentations are not very visible on the pictures becuase the mattress raises up some when you get off but sinks teriibly as soon as... Read more

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I left a message a week ago at a customer service number given to me by a mattress Firm response. I emailed the customer response. I called 1888-811-5053 and got a real person who instituted a trip ticket for me and promised a service tech will be in touch to repair our broken frame within 48 hours. So if you are having problems call this number. She even took my email address so I will be in the loop with her... Read more

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Four years ago i bought a defective piece of junk from Raymour & Flanigan in West Hartford, CT. Now i have been trying to get them or Tempur-Pedic to do something about it. This mattress is a cheap piece of junk that did not hold up. It was comfortable for about a year. Then it started to sag. I tried rotating where i slept. Now, there's just a big bowl in the center of it. Every morning my sinuses run like crazy if I'm on this thing for more... Read more

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Purchased Tempur pedic Cloud - The first mattress we purchased and after 4 years had huge hump in middle and both box springs completely fell apart. After contacting Tempu Pedic customer service they said "yes we've been having trouble with those box springs". So they replace our original SOLID memory foam mattress (which was a solid piece of memory foam and very heavy" with a "new version/design" that was half the weight (has the grey bottom... Read more

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Amen to that. We're going on one month and the smell doesn't go away. Friends in CA have the same mattress (why we bought ours) and it didn't seem to suffer from the same problem Read more

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I purchased a Tempurpedic Cloud 11 months ago. Original out-gassing was significant but we survived. Over the past couple of months I have woken several times to severe knee pain when I roll on to my side. I sink in the middle of the bed but the feet stay elevated, forcing the knees to take the side way bend. My spouse is also having orthopedic problems, though less severe as she is shorter than I am. I had allergies when I purchased the bed... Read more

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I never had back pain until I slept on a Tempur Pedicure mattress. My husband has the same problem. Worst investment we ever made. I hope people read these reviews before buying this very expensive mattress ! My daughter also has a Tempur Pedicure mattress and now is suffering from bulging disks on her neck. She had to quit work as a teacher. She's seen several doctors and is now considering surgery. We're tired of waking up in pain every day.... Read more

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