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We had Telmex for several years. During most of that time the Internet service was very choppy. Towards the end we were having outages several times a day. We had no trouble talking to a person on the phone in English, and they always responded promptly to our complaints and sent service people out here. But the service people never solved the problem. We finally cancelled and went with Redes Communications, which was slower and three times...
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I liked
  • Package
I didn't like
  • Did not get what i paid for
The good: customer service is good. Modem/Gateways are the worst in the world. When replaced with an Actiontec Gateway works much better. (This is at your own cost and you have to order from Amazon.) We have been locked in to 5mb/seconds for years and they keep giving us bogus promises.. tomorrow, tomorrow coming soon. They have a monopoly in our building and the other much faster speed companies have to use their lines. So we are stuck with...
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estoy en Monterrey, tengo dese varios años Infinitum y hizo upgrade a 100 Mbps. Te dicen en su famoso Ookla Speednet test que los 100 Mbps son la velocidad de bajada. Plena mentira, el test te muestra la banda ancha que tienes, quiere decir la banda tiene la capacidad de 100 Mbps (megabitsporsegundo) no bytes. Telmez tiene control sobre este test ! Pura mentira el resultado. La velocidad de applicacion o sea las datas que realmente te llegan...
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Anonymous ya estoy *** Telum y feliz, olvídense de Telmex, no sirve ni para un cinco

I didn't like
  • Being shuffled around endlessly
  • Poor internet speed