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Misleading and Deceptive

In the recent past I was looking for a new telephone system for my office and I googled several companies in the Washington D.C. area. I came upon a company called Telforward. I also found this site Pissed consumer with complaints about the company. Well I had to see for myself if the complaints were warranted. First I went to their website and it was a very shoddy web page that was lacking in information and just plain boring. Then I found their new web page at and it was totally new and advertising a new system they are selling called the UC-iPBX. I scoured the internet to find info on this product and found it to be a starbox from a company called star2star. I also found that the new Telforward web page is just a rearranged copy of the website and leads you to believe that they are a large company capable of providing great service. I even contacted some of the customers that are quoted on the website and they have never heard of Telforward. Flooring America said that their system is 10 years old and that they never purchased equipment from Telforward. They also said that they do use them for service because they have one person on the staff that has been managing their systems longer than he has been with the company. Me being a trusting person, I decided to visit the company to discuss my needs. Let me just say that Telforward lacks forward motion. As I drove in I had to check the address because it was in an old run down building. I stepped inside and the Telforward office was a real junk shop crammed to the max with empty boxes and old furniture. I met with the CEO and while speaking he mumbled and paused several times during our conversation as if trying to remember his sales pitch. I noticed that he was trying to use a lot of manipulative phrases and it was obvious he was trying to mimic by body language which is a trick to make someone feel comfortable. Bottom line this company is broke and starving and seems to be led by incompetence. Misleading and deceptive
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Why do they keep claiming the employees write all these negative claims. Can't they ever accept the fact many clients or prospects dislike them and what they stand for. Apparently the owner was in a nut house recently and is hated by many and respected by none! Dallas is a great city but you as a person, you are a peice of SH1T.


Former Employee


I have no experience with Telforward. I came across this post when I was googling Star2Star.

We have one of their systems (installed by a different dealer), and I can say that the phone system is awesome. It saved our business over ten thousand dollars a year, with little upfront investment. It has a lot of innovative features, and the redundancy systems keep us up and running no matter what. We were hit severely by hurricane irene, but while our building was without power and Internet, we were still able to route our calls to other locations that weren't affected.

It's a shame that there are dealers out there with horrible service, but I don't think many are like that.

If you are looking for a new phone system, you can contact star2star directly, and they will find another local dealer who can take care of you. -Chris


What is "foamier"?


This is a foamier Employee pretending to be a Customer.


No not a former employee but you do sound like a current employee trying to defend yourself and the company. That is definitely a noble gesture and I applaud your efforts. I do however notice that you don't dispute what was written and I thank you for agreeing.



"Interesting you are a client and that was not your experience at all"

You sound like the grumpy old owner of the company.

Now if you had to guess what employee is disgruntled, where would you start? Maybe it's your father in-law you fired on Christmas Eve? Who wouldn't want to work for you when you give out those kinds of gifts! I was a consumer of your company and let me be the first to say.

I am a pissed consumer thanks to you. What goes around comes around and from what I am reading, yours is coming real soon.

Don't forget people talk and eventually when everyone is pointing the finger at you, claiming your an ***. You just might be an ***.


Interesting, I am a client and that was not my experience with them at all. Based on the level of malicious detail, this sounds like it is coming from a former disgruntled employee. THis site is for consumers only.


Wow sir, you nailed it on the head! You took the words right out of my mouth.

I also googled three or four words from there web site and noticed they have literally verbatim stole website lingo. I also had the same impression of this owner. It was like he wanted me to feel guilty for him and his staff. Which I also noticed has no clue how telecom works.

The mumbling of the owner is very annoying and he comes across as a wannabe entrepreneur but truly has no idea. Now how can this company that "changed the way telecom works" work out of a beat up office with no more than three people on staff that don't know the very systems they sell? I advise anyone to compare there outrageous prices. Trust me I can show you his quote that was almost double there competition.

And the Maintenance prices??? How can you sell me maintenance with no one on staff who knows anything technical and on top of that offer me unlimited tech support on a system that's supposed to be self manageable.

This company is nothing but smoke and mirrors and i advise everyone to beware of this misleading owner and company. Don't fall for this scam.

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Telforward ***

This company is a joke. They sell used equipment and claim it to be new. They say they have a call center that runs tech support. The truth is they have 1 technician that they pay a salary and work him 80hrs a week. If he questions them, they say do you want your job. They charge you for everything, even there fake call center service is a charge and it doesn't exist. There prices are the highest around and they are completely under staffed. Matter fact its all family running this joke of a business! This company listens to numerous books and audio on how to manipulate people. If you dont believe me call there main number and talk to the super fake receptionist / Wife. Its the most fake a person can act. Everything is super and if there late for a job its somehow because we wanted to help them more of give them more of our time. It a freking joke.
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I definitely agree with all of the comments 100%.


WOW -KUDOS to "Chucky's back"

I love to hear the truth finally.

Well done!


I've heard stories about the owner not being in his right mind.


What has been written is all 100% true. They do sell used equipment and claim it to be new.They have no call center whatsoever.They did have one certified and qualified technician whos job was threatened any time the boss felt it necessary. He was even threatened when he informed them that he was called for jury duty.

It was a family owned business but the family has vacated or were fired and it is now being run into the ground by one who has no knowledge of how a business should work. They do read books on how to manipulate people and read facial gestures and will even go as far as shedding real tears when attempting to manipulate an employee.

He promises commission on any sale an employee brings in but when it happens he will renig and suggest that they told the customer to write a letter saying it.

Employees are listed as hourly but are never paid overtime when they work extra hours. If something can't be found he insinuates that an employee stole it.

The "F" word and any other profane words are used whenever speaking to employees.

He actually gets angry when a customer writes a letter praising an employees performance saying that they did'nt mention telforward.

This company is a joke being led by a person with noone but himself in mind.


I thought Telforward was out of business. They were suppose to do some cabeling for me, never showed up, never called, nothing.

Someone told me they went belly up.

Telforward or should you change the name to Telbackwards. Give it up!


LOL. Get a new job, he did.

Remember him saying he quit because he had a new job. O and I think he makes almost triple what your broke butt paid. What owner comes to work every day talking about " I haven't brought a paycheck home in years" like employees want to hear that?Especially when the owner pulls up in a Benz, wife has a BMW. Pays $300 a month for the gym and pays a $4000 a month mortgage.

LMFAO no paycheck? We aren't ***, you are.

U do realize the letter Shelly emailed you was a 100% true! I think it said you suck at life.


Agreed with Rcoombz 120%.


You sound like a former employee who was fired and you are trying to get back at this company. This forum is for "consumer"

complaints. Get a new job and move on.

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