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Avoid this company!

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Updated by user Dec 04, 2014

By the way, this company are called "Opt Out UK". They make you think that they are the Telephone Preference Service but I don't think they are. They need reporting to the authorities.

Updated by user Dec 04, 2014

Tried to write an old fashioned letter, but their welcome letter doesn't contain any address in the letterhead. Only shady companies with things to hide block all THREE ways of communication! So, it looks like I wasted my money and will never get my complaint resolved!

Original review Nov 10, 2014
You can't reach them to complain. They don't answer the phone and emails are rejected. Below was my complaint letter that will never get to them! You can see from this, why they are to be avoided! Dear Opt Out, PLEASE ESCALATE MY COMPLAINT TO A MANAGER. I received your revised instructions for my call blocking device. You sent this because the manufacturers instructions were totally unclear. I have tried to follow your own instructions instead. Despite telling you which phone system I had before confirming my order, your device doesn't work with it! I just tried to phone you and got the ridiculous message to call back. Then you hung up. What kind of service is that? I would also say that the nuisance calls continue! All I can do is block the nuisance calls where a number is displayed, which isn't many! There are only 20 that I was able to block, yet I paid your company to stop this constant hassle. I originally ordered the previous device and was given the spiel that you had upgraded me for free. In my opinion the previous device where the caller had to simply enter a "5" if a real person, would have worked for me. I wouldn't still be getting all the nuisance calls! Why didn't I get the device I ordered? Summary of Complaint - Can't call you to discuss this, as you give out a ridiculous message and hang up every time. - Upgraded to the wrong device by your sales staff - There was no need to do that. - Current device doesn't work with my BT Graphite Phone System. I can't even change the date from 2012 to 2014. - The Nuisance Calls continue. - Your device can only block calls after they have caused a nuisance already. The enter "5" device means you don't get any nuisance calls, only if a real sales person is *** and pushy. There aren't many of those, as most calls are automated. Conclusion I am totally unhappy and would like you to comment on this situation, giving me a solution to being mis-sold the existing solution that is obviously not workable. It won't technically work with my phone system and is not at all practical or suitable to do the job. I was sold a system where a real person entered "5" and was put through and also added to a safe caller list. That's the only one that will work for me, as it won't put through all the rest of the automated calls. With that system I would get peace and quiet. With your upgraded system all I get is the constant hassle still. Why doesn't going on your opted out list work? Thanks in advance for your early attention to this matter. Yours faithfully, John R. Knight
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Reason of review:
Can't talk or email to complain

Preferred solution: Send the equipment originally ordered.

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Ban unethical lead generation companies with a single complaint

Are you getting unnecessary calls on your phone? Registered your number to TPS, and still getting harassed by those calls, then be sure that your number got leaked due to unethical practice called "˜sugging'. No need to fear with a single complaint you too can put a ban on this illegal practice. Now it is obvious that you get irritated getting marketing calls middle of your busy schedule and that often go the extreme. Even TPS cannot stop it, and then you feel disgusted and complain against the same. However, TPS cannot be blamed in this case, there are number of lead generation companies who in the guise of survey collects data including those numbers who have opted for TPS. As a result, many marketing calls are directed at your phone. Some lead generation companies are known to breach the trust of their consumer by trying to sell them products while going conducting research over the phone. According to Direct Marketing Association, this is termed as sugging and this practice is strictly forbidden by DMA, but still some lead generation companies are registered with complaints to use this practice. Phruit Limited, reputed lead generation company in UK is a good example who recently was involved in such unethical practices and made their reputation at stake. A single complaint from a customer fueled investigation against them, and it was found that the company has broken three most important DMC codes, this includes: 1. 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing2. 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers3. 3.18 on "sugging" or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research Based on this complaints DMA suspended Phruit from its membership. Such a punishment is surely hard on the part of business. So if somebody whom you know is still receiving marketing calls even after they had registered to TPS then ask them to lodge a complaint immediately. Ask them to raise their voice by web complaints or they can comment on complaints, which already exist. Or can choose any social media to express their views about the company. This will help others from being trapped. Or people can opt for mails, and ask the calling company to stop such practices immediately. Now if you or any know person is receiving calls from Phruit Limited then they can contact them in the following address: Phruit LimitedThe Barn Huddlestone's Wharf Newark Nottinghamshire Ng24 4ul Call them at: 0844 41 4* 741 Other than this, you can also mail directly to the company director, Phil Lightfoot. As "˜sugging' is making marketing calls loose customer faith, lead generation companies are losing their foothold in global market. For some unethical companies the one, which are genuine, too gets their business hampered. Better option is that whenever you get a call from marketers, ask them whether they will sell your personal details to any third parties or not. It is to ensure that you can later complain or disclose the company on the web if they breach your trust. Shaun Aster loves to raise his voice against such unethical companies and fights for protecting consumer rights. He writes about unethical practices like "˜sugging' opted by companies like Phruit make consumers aware and stay alarmed.
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Do not fear marketing calls anymore: Be under protective layer of consumer rights

Sharing information without making people aware that they are going to get marketing calls which they do not desire, is an illegal step. Collecting information about a particular individual in the form of a survey call and then selling out that information to product selling companies is popularly known as "˜sugging'. Members of DMC who accounts of this allegation can be suspended or their company may be ceased if they are found guilty. You may get innumerous call every day and you may be irritated by them. You think to register your number to TPS. However, after TPS registration you still find that you are getting marketing calls. Do not blame TPS for it. It is not them who have breached your trust but it is some lead generation company that has made you fool. Such a reputable lead generation company running in UK do got charges against them and got themselves banned from DMC. This case was a telemarketing activity undertaken by Phruit. Commission has investigated based on a complaint from single consumer who was registered with TPS but still has been contacted with of will-writing services, which Phruit has previously offered him in the guise of a survey call. Then DMC found out that there were about 100 web-based complaints against Phruit and there was an attempt to validate compliance with TPS cleansing. Those 100 complaints were attributed to Phruit directly or to companies who were using their data. Commission underwent a two-year discussion period with Phruit and their compliance team and anchored their ongoing concern over TPS compliance and misrepresentation of research. Based on the evidence forwarded to commission, it was found that Phruit was misrepresenting itself as a survey company, but the calls were actually designed to sells and goods and services to people concerned. The practice was made public through number complaints, and it was seen that Phruit was no better than a cold cal marketing agency. Lot of sub sequent complaint where made against those companies who were using Phruit's data and while Phruit in turn responded to certain questions the company failed to provide key data as to why they share data to other companies, even the information of those who have already registered for TPS. Commission found it breaching three codes of practices, namely: 1. 21.18 and 21.20 based on TPS compliance and data cleansing.2. 3.11 is another rule under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers.3. 3.18 charged on for "sugging" or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research. Compliance found this as a serious offence and saw that it involved fundamental code on TPS compliance, misrepresentation and failure to comply by code-complaint. Commission proposed that Phruit will be suspended for a whole year and the lifting of this suspension is conditional. To get membership Phruit needs to prove that they were not guilty and has to justify their action. If you have, fallen prey of such marketing calls forwarded from Phruit then feels free to make your complaints their office address. Contact them at:Phruit LimitedThe BarnHuddlestone's WharfNewarkNottinghamshireNg24 4ulOr you can call Phruit at: 0844 41 4* 741 Shaun Aster is a prolific writer who generally writes on issues related to consumer rights and their violation. She raises her voice against unethical lead generation companies, unveils their tactics and makes consumers aware, like the way she expressed her views on Phruit.
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Things to do to stop unethical practices by lead generation companies

In the age of cut throat competition, every business is trying their best to rope in more customers. But in order to do so, some companies are forgetting the basic business ethics resulting in some unethical practices that are affecting both their customers and people in general. For example, some of the lead generation companies in the United Kingdom are using a method called "˜sugging' to sell things to unsuspecting people. In sugging the callers disguise as researchers and carry out marketing call. Some of the lead generation companies are even invading people's privacy. They are including the contact data of people who have already opted for Telephone Preference service(TPS) to opt out of marketing calls in their database. As a result people who have opted out of marketing calls are getting marketing calls all over again from the companies who buy contact data from these lead generation companies. Phruit Limited is an apt example. The company used to portray itself as the industry leader in lead generation and was a member of prestigious Direct Marketing Association (DMA). However, the company is found involved in a few unethical practices. In an investigation by DMC, that was triggered by a single complaint, it was found that Phruit broke the following DMA provisions:-"¢ Provisions 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing"¢ Provision 3.11 under which Phruit must have a responsibility towards compliance by suppliers "¢ Provision 3.18 on "sugging" or carrying out sales and marketing in disguise of researchBased on the findings of this investigation the Direct Marketing Association suspended Phruit from its membership. Without a hesitation, this suspension was a fitting punishment. However, as you can see all these started from a single complaint by a commoner, you too can stop such unethical practice. If you know someone who is getting marketing calls even after opting for TPS, ask them to find the reason behind the same and lodge a complaint against those callers right away. They can also post their complaints on various online complaint boards and can even comment on complaints that are already existing. They can even post the phone numbers of social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter to let people know about the incident. If you know the company then you can go to their FB page and lodge complaint there! This will alert more people and put a pressure on the company to not practice such things. In case they have received calls from Phruit Limited then they can contact them at:- Phruit LimitedThe Barn Huddlestone's Wharf Newark Nottinghamshire Ng24 4ul Phone:- 0844 41 4* 741 The mails can be addressed to Phil Lightfoot, director, Phruit Limited. In case you or your acquaintances have been a victim of "sugging" or have got marketing calls in guise of research, you can also opt for some other measures. When you get a so called "˜research call', ask the telecaller whether they will sell your personal details to a third party. And you can choose to end the call right at the moment you feel that the telecaller is trying to sell you some product or service. After that, do not forget to lodge your complaint and disclose the number on various online platforms. This will be a fitting punishment for such companies. Shaun Aster voices his opinions against any unethical practices taking places around him. He is keenly interested in consumers' right and tries to alert people about the unethical practices by reputed companies like Phruit Limited.
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