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Complained to Teleflora - was offered 30% refund. Didn't want to settle - requested full refund. They insisted on picking up unwanted item (what an embarrassment ). Pick up had to happen within 48 hrs from the delivery time. Recipient was supposed to be contacted to arrange for the pick up time - that never happened. It took me additional email to let them know that my relatives are working and can't babysit their courier service all day long....
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I didn't like
  • Failure of full refund
Very dissatisfied. Ordered a Zen arrangement and Teleflora delivered sonething that looked like a get well arrangement for an older person. I understand substitutions are sometimes necessary but this is in Cali where all flowers are always available. This is what was ordered on the left. This is what was delivered on the right. There isn't a single bamboo or orchid and it certainly is not even close to a zen arrangement. Shame on Teleflora.
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How the arrangement was suppose to look was stunning with a zen feel to it and I was super excited when I found it! My new co-worker received it today as a thank you, and what was received was ridiculous! No Zen feel! No organization! No design!!! Looks like a 5 year old put it together!! I think they just used all of their left over flowers to fill space so they didn't have to design it! Super dissappointed and embarrassed that a new co-worker received this from me! Called customer care and was told they could give me a 40% off for my next purchase! No way am I going thru them ever again! Then spoke to a supervisor and was told they will deliver her a new arrangement, but will be taking away the old one in exchange! I explained that it was done professionally and not just flowers for a family member... That it would make matters even more embarrassing then this pathetic interpretation! They refused to send another on any other conditions! Did get a slight refund, but it does not resolve my embarrassment behind a very messy thank you gift! DO NOT SHOP TELEFLORA...
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Anonymous Oh MY! How embarrassing... It looks like people should stop using these types of services and connect directly with their local florists.

Look what i ordered & what i get.Very disappointing! I know they can change a flower if its seasonal, but nothing in my order was seasonal. They even chabged the vase & flowers were not fresh as well.Poor service, smh
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