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A Judgement has been entered against Derrick Lee DBA Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting

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Updated by user Aug 28, 2017

Mr. Lee conducted an online Photogenic Competition where family and friends could vote for one of thirty participants of the 2015 Pageant for $1.00 per vote.

All proceeds were to go to the Ann & Robert H. Luries Childrens Hospital at 225 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60611. Voting opened on March 2nd and concluded on March 28th, 2015.

The competition raised thousands of dollars for the hospital. The complaint is Mr. Lee has failed to turn the money over to the Childrens Hospital. Mr.

Lee made it very clear in all of his public posts, messages, and also conversations with contestants and staff that all proceeds or every dollar were supposed to go the hospital. The State of Illinois on August 22, 2017 entered a judgement against Mr. Derrick Lee DBA Team DQ Pageant Prep in regards to the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practice. For 2 years we have asked Mr.

Lee to donate the money he collected. Now he has been ordered to pay the hospital THEIR money.

Original review Aug 27, 2017
On March 20, 2017, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, Consumer Fraud Unit, filed a civil fraud lawsuit charging Derrick Lee with certain violations of the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act. On March 27, 2017, Derrick Lee was personally served with the Summons and Complaint. Derrick Lee did not answer or otherwise respond to the complaint. On August 22, 2017, the Honorable Moshe Jacobius entered a Final Consent Judgment that concluded the lawsuit against Derrick Lee. The Final Consent Judgment contains an injunction that restricts some of Derrick Lees future activities. Significantly, Derrick Lee is prohibited from soliciting charitable contributions in Illinois on behalf of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Childrens Hospital of Chicago or any other not-for-profit entity or charitable organization without its express and written consent. The Final Consent Judgment also imposes a money judgment of $3,400 upon Derrick Lee, including a payment of $2,900 to the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Childrens Hospital and $500 to partially reimburse the States Attorneys Office for attorney fees and investigative expenses. Derrick Lee further stipulated that he had collected at least $3,000 for the benefit of the Hospital and that he had already provided $100 to the Hospital. The Final Consent Judgement is attached for viewing purposes and is public record. ** Stipulations 10-13 and Derrick Lee's signature on the consent judgement should answer any and all questions as to the intent of the money that was collected.
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  • Contestants were amazing
  • Director was unethical
Reason of review:
Consumer Fraud

Preferred solution: Glad to see the hospital get the money that was collected in their name


Another Victim

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I was ripped off by this company because I was advised to pay for a hotel room through this company for a pageant weekend. He never reserved the hotel, so I had nowhere to stay for the pageant weekend and had to go home. Basically, he kept more than $1000 from me for a pageant in which he made sure that I could not participate. After I made it clear that I knew that he ripped me off, he tried to play the victim and told lies that the hotel cancelled the reservation (they provided proof that he didn't make a reservation in the first place). Later, he tried to convince me that he changed the reservation and selected a different hotel, but I didn't believe it because he had been acting vague and would never tell me the name of the supposed new hotel. He left me stranded late at night with nowhere to go.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

I hope it makes you feel better that an injunction and judgment was entered against Derrick Lee. Now that he has to pay the hospital back $3000 and pay the state $500 I fear he will continue to steal from people to pay the state so they get off his back.

The fact that he is still directing for anyone is unbelievable. If he scammed you as part of Miss Globe US, Miss Bikini, or Miss Latina contact Dawn Rochelle Warner. She needs to know what her director is up to. She is the national director.

He did the same things to contestants of the International Ms.

and the director no longer works with him. People must speak up and be diligent in informing others so that Derrick Lee DBA Team DQ Pageant Prep is stopped and shut down for good.


Derrick has pulled one stunt after another. Please contact Joseph Hudson at the states attorney and file a complaint.

There are many scams he is involved with.

Also call the Illinois department of revenue and let them know he is continuing to do business illegally. He is not registered at all.

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map-marker Schaumburg, Illinois

Team Dq Pageant Prep And Image Consulting Review from Schaumburg, Illinois

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As a contestant, I agree with many of these revelations. It sucks that I spent so much money into a pageant that was spoiled from the beginning. All the fees post-application was ridiculous. I was paying by myself & everything cost. I was surprised we were blessed with food the day of. Derrick promised a lot of things were going to happen after the pageant that never came into fruition. Some of the runner ups were promised leadership positions in next year's pageant and nothing. I was supposed to have a headshot photo shoot with Eva and nothing. Just empty promises. Derrick required attendance at several rehearsals or contestants would be kicked out of the pageant!! Mind you these were always in Chicago and during the winter months. If you didn't live close to Chicago the pageant wasn't in your favor. Pageant prep events would be held there and I know one contestant who drove from the St. Louis area to Chicago for an interview prep with "judges" on a Monday night!! Before all this came out Derrick took money from me by promising I could compete again with a local title and a photoshoot. So now I'm wondering how I can get that money back. Anyone know?
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

Several people have contacted the Illinois State's attorney and the Attorney General. They may be able to help you.

I also suggest contacting the National Office and talking to Stephi Barton Williams the national director at Miss United States.

She should be informed you were a victim. She may have other ideas.

Miri Rrr

The Attorney General and State's Attorney's office is where you need to start. Attorney General handles the civil aspect.

The State's Attorney will handle the criminal aspect of your complaint. What Derrick Lee has done is not right and I hope that they can help people recover their money.

Please contact the Attorney General here:


Please contact the State's Attorney here:


If it was paid via the internet you also want to put in a quick claim on Ic3.gov http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx If you have not contacted the national office. Contact Stephi Barton Williams so she is aware you are another victim.

She may be able to get you help with this.

The other thing I would suggest is spread the word to family, friends in the pageant industry to warn people not to do business with Mr. Lee or Team DQ.

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map-marker Chicago, Illinois

Derrick Lee was VERY unprofessional

Derrick Lee was extremely unprofessional. He loved to call people out when he didn’t like them or something they did. He would do this in front of everyone. He took an email that was sent to him to take care of and thought the “proper way” to handle it was to post it into a Facebook message to the ENTIRE GROUP of queens with the only purpose of humiliating the queen and her father. I was mortified for her and her parents. This is just one example of Derrick Lee at work. *I would upload a picture to prove it, but unlike Derrick I do not want to embarrass the family or contestant any further.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: People should make sure the pageant community is aware of Derrick Lee and his business practices. No one should have to go through what we have gone through as his queens.


Well it looks like Kim Triani and Connie Larson were correct. The state of Illinois just entered a permanent injunction and restitution to the hospital due to the charity fraud.

Derrick Lee DBA Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image signed the judgment and acknowledged the following:

Derrick Lee stipulates that he solicited and collected monies from members of the public as part of the Miss Photogenic Competition.

Derrick Lee stipulates that he solicited and collected these monies for the benefit of the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital.

Derrick Lee stipulates that he solicited and collected AT LEAST $3000.00 from members of the public during the Miss Photogenic Competition.

Thereby Derrick Lee was ordered to pay $3000.00 total in restitution to the Ann and Lurie Children's hospital.

So all of you that went jumping to Derrick Lee's defense or hired him knowing his actions are a disgrace to pageantry and have no place in this industry.


I would search for the name of the director of every pageant before entering to ensure that it is not this person.


Nice one Kim Triani

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1164712

Kim had nothing to do with Derrick humiliating a family in front of other queens and their families. Derrick Lee did that all by himself.


Derrick has a habit of doing this. Look at his Facebook page.

When he doesn't like what people say about him. He will post about it trying to make himself look like a victim.

I am not fooled by any of it. He is not a victim.


I was also mortified for the dad and his daughter. I was also part of that group.


I was part of that Facebook group message. It is true.

Derrick's only intention was to embarrass the young lady and her dad. Instead of contacting the dad privately to address his concerns, he posted in a group message and responded, "This is the side of pageantry that I don't welcome and can't entertain." Simply meaning in my opinion, I don't care about your concerns. Your concerns are not important. I was shocked that Derrick had put this fathers private email into a group message but even more shocked by his response.

Do not put your family through dealing with Derrick Lee. Save yourself the headaches.

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Miri Rrr

Derrick Lee Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting / Miss Illinois United States Director Scams Contestants - Contestants/Families/Directors Beware

Derrick Lee Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting / Miss Illinois United States...
Derrick Lee Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting / Miss Illinois United... - Image 2
Derrick Lee Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting / Miss Illinois United... - Image 3
Derrick Lee Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting / Miss Illinois United... - Image 4
Derrick Lee Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting / Miss Illinois United... - Image 5
Derrick Lee Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting / Miss Illinois United... - Image 6
The Miss United States pageant held March 26, 2015 - March 29, 2015 at the Copernicus Center Illinois was directed by Derrick Lee of Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting. Derrick Lee held an online photogenic competition hosted on his pageant website www.missillinoisus.com. The competition was a fundraiser to raise money for Ann & Robert H. Lurie's Children's Foundation (https://www.luriechildrens.org/en-us/about-us/Pages/our-foundation.aspx) The competition worked like this. Contestants would go out and get family and friends to donate one dollar with all proceeds going to the hospital. Online voting opened on March 2nd and concluded on March 28th. The winner would be announced at the Miss Illinois United States pageant on March 29th. The photogenic winners along with the new state queens were to deliver a large fake check to the hospital within one week of the pageant. Unfortunately that did not happen. Instead Mr. Derrick Lee kept the money. Derrick Lee never signed a contract with the hospital to use their name or collect donations in their honor. The hospital contacted him several times. He never contacted them back to execute the proposal. Thousands of dollars were collected and one of the winners asked several times about going to the hospital to present the "Big Fake Check" to them and different reasons were given over and over. Derrick Lee had even told people that the voting website was linked direct to the hospital so he didn’t know how much money was raised. None of which was true. All donations were submitted to a PayPal account under the name Team DQ Pageant Prep and Image Consulting and the email on the account was derrick.illinoisus@***.com. Mr. Lee made it very clear in all of his public posts, messages and also conversations with contestants and staff that “all proceeds” or “every dollar” were supposed to go the hospital. Most of the posts even tagged Derrick or the Miss Illinois Organization page. It was only after people started asking questions that Derrick Lee months after the competition ended went online and made a $100.00 donation on October 13, 2015. All proceeds do not mean Derrick can donate $100 of the thousands he collected. Proper authorities have been contacted. This is just one scam Derrick Lee has pulled lately. Derrick Lee was never under contract for the Miss Nebraska or Miss Wisconsin Miss United States systems; however, he promoted himself and such and took entry fees from unsuspecting contestants wanting to compete without a signed executed contract from the Miss United States system for 2016. Just recently he attempted the classic bait and switch telling one such contestant that he was now the director with another system and she could compete there. Of course that entry fee was more expensive. Another one was during the week of the national pageant. This was over the Fourth of July in Washington DC. Derrick Lee claimed the hotel screwed up his reservation and playing on the emotions of his contestants asking to sleep on their floors. He would rotate from one room to another. Come to find out Derrick Lee had a reservation and only cancelled once he got to Washington DC because he didn’t want to pay for it. Throughout the week he also put his food tabs on contestants’ bills. Derrick also was not upfront with contestants as to the cost of the pageant. There were tons of hidden fees. They were not informed in advance about a required ad page that cost $79 and that each contestant was required to buy 10 tickets at $20 each. It wasn’t until after you paid him your non-refundable entry fee that he would hit you with additional costs. Derrick was also not very nice to staff, contestants or royalty. He had the national *** queen travel to his pageant only to be told she could not take the stage. It wasn’t until a staff member put her on stage going over Derrick’s head that the NATIONAL queen was recognized. This is just one example of Derrick treating people unprofessionally and disrespectful. Derrick Lee’s business Team DQ Pageant Prep and Imaging Consulting doesn’t even exist in the eyes of the state. He doesn’t have the proper credentials to be doing business here. No one seems to know where he came from; all we know is too many people in the Midwest have been defrauded by him. Derrick Lee as victimized several people, I am just one of many and this needs to stop.
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Reason of review:
He scammed people

Preferred solution: Derrick needs to donate the money he collected to the hospital and he needs to pay EVERYONE he owes money to.


Which pageants?

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1702687

He continually switches pageant directorship because he runs so many cons that people eventually catch on and his contracts are terminated. He is the most unethical person to walk this earth.

The director at Miss Bikini, whatever it is called, Dawn R. was warned about him and knew he stole money from sick children and still hired him.

Unfortunately there are many people in the pageant world that care more about $$$$ than ethics. Any system working with him, SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED!


This guy STILL will not stop. He is now operating as "Derrick Scepter" instead of Derrick Lee and hosts tons of pageants.

He is doing this so that when people Google "Derrick Lee", they will not know to avoid this new moniker. Please spread the word of his new name.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1650742

Best advice is to contact the state's attorney Joe Hudson that worked this case so he is aware. Give them any information on new scams he is doing.

He will not stop until he is behind bars.

Anyone that steals from sick children is pathological and anti-social. Please do the right thing and inform the state's attorney.


I'm not going to say the person's name, but I have information that suggests that this person is still doing fradulent activities and needs to be investigated again. The person just keeps taking over different pageants and modifying the tricks just a little, but nevertheless, is still likely embezzling, etc.


Derrick Lee Investigation on CBS


1. "According to the hospital, they never gave Lee approval to use their name to solicit money.

A year later, no one knows how much money he collected."

2. "Months after the pageant and after Kim Triani blew the whistle, Lee gave $100 to the charity."

3. Business isn't registered in the state of Illinois. Not to mention he was rude to the reporter.


"Lee also has been accused of owing money to past contestants." 5. "and $4,000 to a company that created a pageant video" 6. “I was a first year director,” Lee says. “I made some mistakes.” - so do all first year directors get passes to steal people's money?

Confused here. What does that have to do with him not turning in All the money from the fundraiser to the hospital in a timely manner? 7. Screenshot of text message when contestant asks "how much money have we raised in total for the hospital." He responds "I haven't gotten the the current total.

It's linked to the hospital account." So he needed to check with the hospital about the total they had received, but yet they hadn't received any money at that point. Again confused. 8. Note that one of the screenshots states "The winner of the Miss Photogenic will present the donation along with the new 2015 Queens ONE WEEK after the pageant, in-person at the hospital." Why did it take months to donate $100 on-line and why weren't the queens involved in making that donation?

9. In the Email screenshot from Derrick Lee to the Hospital he tells Nicole Loughran "The week after the pageant, which is scheduled for March 29th, the winner will present a check to you from the Organization." He goes on to state "it will be proceeds from the fundraiser of the pageant." Doesn't sound like he donated all the money from the fundraiser.

10. ****Never would answer what happened to the money.**** My top 10 reasons not to get involved with Derrick Lee or Team DQ.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1168444

For someone that has been telling everyone he is innocent, he looked guilty as *** in the news cast. He evaded questions, was rude, and ran like a coward. Derrick Lee what did you do with the thousands of dollars you raised in the name of children?


Derrick's America's Little Miss Illinois (national director Gloria Parnell) was also let go by the Miss United States organization for unethical behavior. Stay clear from anything having to do with this organization.

Derrick steals from charity and he has announced Danielle Kaczanowski Miss Illinois Teen Miss American Coed as a judge. She is the contestant that lied about graduating early, and doing charity work for the Brookfield Zoo and Relay for Life (both organizations wrote letters stating she didn't volunteer for them). Unethical people like these are ruining pageantry!

It is time for people to step up and speak out. This is NOT what pageantry is about.

Miri Rrr

I hope the hospital gets their money.


This was the worst pageant I have been involved in. Period.

Enough said. Now moving on.

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