Tammy M Rvp
map-marker Plantation, Florida

Scammed out of $8390

On March 18, 2019 I purchased a truckload from Diana for $8390 that was suppose to be 36-40 pallets of Kohls kitchenware, housewares, general merchandise and a "few" Xmas items. These were suppose to be overstock, shelf-pulls & customer returns. When Diana mentioned Xmas items, I was perfectly clear with her when I told her I didn't want the load to be heavy with Xmas. She guaranteed me it would not be, but would have "a few" xmas items here and there. I was okay with that as that is normal for this time of the year. I paid the cost via wire transfer. After Diana received the money, she sent me an email with an attached Agreement for me to sign. I read it over and called her back to say I wasn't happy with the wording, since the word Salvage was used. She stated that the same form was used for all purchases no matter what the load was. Dummy me believed her and signed it. Her script is obviously well rehearsed and executed. Fast forward to delivery day. What I received were 36 pallets of xmas junk!!! Strategically placed in each pallet was ONE broken non-xmas item. When I called Diana, she said that it wasn't her fault that there are "dumb workers" at the warehouse where the pallets came from. She said she would discuss this with Kohls. (buying time) The next day, she became defensive and said there wasn't anything she could do because it was Kohls fault. I reminded her that I was her customer and not Kohls' and that she needed to make things right with me and deal with Kohl's on her own. Each time I spoke with her she would ask for 2 days, then 3 days, then next week to get things fixed. Result was just more BS out of her mouth. I sent her numerous pictures of the broken merchandise and she would say things like "I know. Believe me, I know" (I have a recording of her saying this). She offered me credit on another purchase. I informed her I would never purchase anything from her again. Then she added $1000 refund to the solution. I reminded her that I paid $8390 and all I got was garbage. She told me that maybe I needed to go through things and "make them look nice" so I can sell them. I told her there was no way to make these items look nice because they are broken or missing parts. I asked multiple times to speak to the owner, Mr. Raphael Shabtai. Diana always said that wasn't possible. So I sent Mr. Shabtai a message on facebook. Within 5 minutes of sending that message Diana called me and not happy that I did that. Mr. Shabtai didn't even have the decency to answer my message or call me (I sent my number in that message). Since this has happened to me, I did some deep searching(yes, I should have done this prior to purchasing) and have found out I'm not alone with these same complaints. All their positive reviews are from fake accounts with fake profile pictures. Check them out on facebook and look at all the positive reviews....ALL FAKE PROFILES!! I even discussed this with Diana and she laughed and told me it wasn't true but some companies can pay to have positive reviews placed for the business. Hmmmmmm. I am devastated by this whole ordeal. Being scammed is bad any way you look at it but for this amount is causing me great financial stress. TDW Closeouts (The Discount Warehouse) should not be allowed to do this to anyone anymore!!!!
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  • Being scammed
  • Not honest company
  • Being lied to
Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Full refund


Thank you for this. I was skeptical and this just confirmed it.


I would like to add to my review above. Mr.

Shabtai sent me voice messages threatening me for posting my negative reviews. This is exactly what he said, "Stop harassing me on my *** facebook, you B****. If you wanna *** with me, I'll *** with you and you'll be sorry that you ever *** met me.

So don't *** harass me. You hear me?" This ought to tell you a lot about this man and the business he runs.


Thank you for writing this. I almost made a purchase.

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Saba Tts

Bad quality, not as discribe

Tdw Closeouts - Bad quality, not as discribe
Tdw Closeouts - Bad quality, not as discribe
My order 1 pallet of Nicole Lee handbags. Received Roxbury by Nicole Lee. It is not what I ordered. I would never pay $27.00/piece for Roxbury 10 times past season bags. Second pallet was Kooba handbags $500 retail price. It's mean bags should be leather. Received V-Couture by Kooba all poly bags $99 retail price. It cost me $44/piece!!!!! Half price for pallet! Over too much. Not as describe! I contacted Raphael about Kooba bags. He told it was mistake on site about $500 retail price. Why customer pay for his mistake?! All bags defective. It was bad storage with moisture and wrong temperature. Material rotten and peels off in first day of wearing. I have a lot of unhappy customers and bad reputation of my internet store, thanks of TDW. I lost my $7500 what I paid to TDW and lost a lot of shipping money, because I give a full refund to my customers for these scam bags. I cant donate this bags, only dump in garbage container. Hope my money and my tears make happy and proud Raphael and his "business". Beware of companies who don't take a check and credit cards as payment. You sign that you can receive any garbage. What you will receive. BEWARE!!! I attache one pic of bag all in spots, can't clean spots out...
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  • Would not stand behind there product or word
  • Not honest company
Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: Full refund

Karleen Gqu
map-marker Chapel Hill, Tennessee

Liars, Cheaters and Scammers

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! The Discount Warehouse, Inc ACCREDITED BUSINESS: NO CONTACT: Mr. Raphael Shabtai ADDRESS: {{Redacted}} PHONE: 954 746-**** FAX: 954 746-**** Website: http://www.tdwcloseouts.com They were to send me a Craftsman Tool load that was supposed to be shelf pulls and very minimal scrap!! What I got was PURE JUNK!!! Took it all to the dump!! All F_CKIN GARBAGE!! Over $13,500 and there response was they would give me a credit of $6500. Then I order a Walmart General Merchandise load and dished out over another $5,000 because I could only use $1,000 of my credit. (could not use MY credit all at once) HMMM.... What I received was a truckload of Lasco fans that were all salvage!! I called and talked to there OWNER Raphael Shabtai and he gave me his WORD AS A MAN that he would take care of this problem and send me out the right load and I would send the 22 pallets of fans back to him on the empty truckload!! There owner Raphael Shabtai is anything but a MAN OF HIS WORD!! He is a liar, cheat,scam artist who will *** and tell you what you want to hear!! He is NOT A MAN OF HIS WORD and is not to be trusted!! Shop anywhere else but this F_CKED UP company!! They will rip you off !! Go ahead and Google them and find out the truth!! There owner is a piece of *** and sorry excuse for a man! His word means nothing!! It starts from the top of this company and doesn't get any better!! They will tell you want you want to hear and they only want to take your money and then offer you a credit and therefore controlling you from buying from them only!! I BEG YOU......DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! You will regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Would not stand behind there product or word
Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Scott R Mmx
map-marker Chicago, Illinois

The Discount Wharhouse TDW

The Discount Wharhouse I purchases 2 semi trailers of goods from TDW. First load from Big-5 sporting goods, I was told and have in writing from TDW that it was a "full load hand packed" floor to roof truck packed tightly. When I received the truck most of it was knee high to me and was mostly garbage that went straight to the dump. I have photos. The next load was to be "all new mix of product to contain trees, wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, yard displays, lights, decorations, tote bags, x-mas gadgets, ribbon, out door sculptures, and ornaments, I received only trees and yard statues and it is all used and all marked damaged defective and is mostly junk. They put in writing that it was NEW and 26 pallets. It is all used and I received only 19 pallets. I spent a total of $22500.00 on the 2 loads and have only trash. I have many many photos including the inside of the trucks before I started unloading them. This money was my retirement, TDW outright lied to me and stole my money...... (Less)
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We ordered 19k of Carson's kitchen merchandise and some sporting goods shipped to country of Georgia and we were very sad when when unloaded the cargo as it didn't worth 5k. When we spoken to the sales lady Diana she promised to cover our losses in other shipment of clothing and yes we were stupids to believe here the amount we purchased was 54k (30000) $1.8pcs of assorted mixed off shelves clothing when the container arrives the quality was poor and we ended up with more than 1000 pcs of marked and defective clothing, We didn't make money as far we lost time and money.

Every one be careful and stay away of this company. American Closeout Georgia


MAN lookout!! He is NOT A MAN OF HIS WORD and is not to be trusted.

Can't wait until word keeps spreading on this company and they shut down!! It will be a great day in the USA!! Raphael Shabtai...go home!! In this country when you give a man your word it means something!!

If it don't then you are nothing!! Raphael Shabtai you are NOTHING!!


This company and there owner Raphael Shabtai are liars and scam artists!! Shop somewhere else!!!!!



They will rip you off and there merchandise is ***!! Straight to the dump *** I am talking about!!

Save your money and shop somewhere else!!

These guys are losers!! Don't be a loser, buy from someone else!!!


I almost bought from these people. I just ran into this article.

Thanks for saving my life.

I also noticed many negative comments on rip off report. OMG!


The name says it all. You get what you pay for. Hope you learned your lesson...??...

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