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Psychic Savantace at is a Scam

Psychic Savantace at gives inaccurate readings. Don't waste your money. Not a single one of her predictions came true. She is not a real psychic! She wasted time and money and her predictions were not right. Her timeline as to when my ex would come back to me was incorrect. He is now engaged to someone else! He was never going to come back but she kept giving me false hope. If she tells you your ex is coming back, don't believe a word she says. She tells you what she thinks you want to hear so you will keep coming back.
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My name is Cal Stubbington and I live in British Columbia, Canada. You can look me up on Facebook and contact me there if you wish.

I have used the services of Savantace over 8 times now, all with phenomenal success. After trying over 20 different Psychics that charge ridiculous prices, I found Savantace. She has helped me and my fiance to an incredible degree. I'm not a Christian but I am convinced that she is guided by angels.

Without her I would be in the dark. Sincerely; Cal Stubbington


This is a fake complain written by a crooked company that files false complaints, then sends a letter to the owner of the company, informing them that a negative complaint has been filed on 'such n' such' complaint board and for a fee they can remove the complaint. They can't remove the complaint unless it's these complaint boards themselves that are setting up business owners in order to extort money for removing bogus complaints.

There are numerous complaint boards suddenly rising up along with hundreds if not thousands of other businesses being slandered by fraudulent companies, attempting to extort money with the promise of removing these bogus complaints. I know this because it happened to me. My company was only in business for one week. I was a web developer and the complaint filed stated that I had burned the customer for a couple of thousand dollars, working months on a website I had allegedly never delivered.

LOL, I never charged more than $500 dollars for a website and in the week my company website got off the ground, I hadn't actually received any business. I never had a customer, lol. Then the same day of the bogus complained, the complaint wound up on every complain board on the net by the same person, on the same day, though one of the complaints varied a little, stating that I had robbed them of $10,000 dollars on a website. $10,000, lol now that's funny.

That same day, I too received an email from a company in India, informing me that they noticed a complaint had been filed against me on ripoff riport and for $500 they could remove it. Sure, yeah, OKAY.


Psychic Savantace is the most phenomenal psychic I have ever personally dealt with. "Heartbroken" is Greg R. who works for in their technical support department. He was hired by the management to troll the web, search out all complain boards and write fake complaints about Savantace because she quit their company after a year and a half, citing publically that they train their employees to hustle and lie to all of their customers. They wanted Savantace to tell her clients everything they wanted to hear in order to keep them on the phone at $13 dollars per minute and when she refused, they cut her hours, her pay and reduced her call volume to next to nothing.

Telling a frantic woman in love with a married man that he isn't ever coming back, doesn't win too many minutes on the phone and Psychic Savantace refused to make up stories. She's incredibly gifted. I worked with her for 2 years and she's positively brilliant and genuinely gifted. She quit and built her own website, where she exposed several psychic networks and relayed their unscrupulous, deceptive and borderline criminal strategies for keeping people on the phone. I know this to be true because I worked in management for and I'm fully aware that Greg was directed to exact revenge in an effort to dissuade her regular clientele from seeking her out since she kept her original name.

She charges $30. per hour and they charge $780 per hour. Do you think is comfortable knowing that their most famous, most popular, most loved and respected psychic has left their illicit company to start her own company, charging $750 dollars per hour LESS? No, they are not. The bogus complaint has erupted in the current wake of her departure and after she cited their unscrupulous, unethical and outright immoral business endeavors on her website.

They were robbing people blind, raping their credit cards, wiping out bank accounts and there are scores of complaints filed against Greg's company with the Better Business Bureau as well as Ripoff Report. This is nothing more than revenge and retribution along with the desperate attempt to keep her hundreds of customers at bay and it will never work.

She is also a psychotherapist and at $30. per hour, she is worth her weight in gold. Her work is a labor of love and while she is worth 10 times that amount, she keeps her fee low enough that it's affordable for virtually everyone.

I no longer work for either as I began to realize that I wasn't helping anyone; I was merely helping a monstrous group of *** artists, thieves and scammers, line their pockets with money they robbed from the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill, the desperate and people in really horrible situations and circumstances.


I'm Psychic Savantace and I own the psychic website in question here. I designed the site as well. I have no contention with any legitimate complaint but this complaint is bogus, fraudulent and hinges on criminal intent.

This morning someone lodged this same complaint about me on every single complaint board they could find. This is a bogus complaint perpetrated by either the psychic network I used to work for or a company selling fake services, with the claim that they can remove complaints for a fee as I also received an email this morning that said this:

From: Edward

Date: 11/14/2013 7:21:30 AM

To: Psychic Savantace

Subject: Subject: URGENT: Negative Information Found Online On Psychic Savantace

"To Whom It May Concern,

This is just a friendly heads up.

While searching through reviews I found your website listed on with a negative review done by one of your customers.

Therefore this negative information shows up on the 1st page of Google for a number of search terms such as: your Psychic Savantace, Psychic Savantace +

complaint, Psychic Savantace + fraud, or Psychic Savantace + rip off, just to name a few.

Its reported that 80% of consumers check the internet before they buy and this negative rating will hurt your sales and ultimately your bottom line.

This has been done recently in the last month or so. You may be experiencing loss of sales already and may not know why.

Again, this is just a friendly heads up. We are a reputation management agency based in Los Angeles. We can help clear up this information and can do it amicably against this bad review and if more arise in the future so please contact me if you would like us to help."




I came up with the idea of a website for generating customer complaints many years ago and I also developed a website for just that. Here's where the problem now lies with complaint boards, scam artists are now using boards like this to their own financial advantage.

The same person that filed this complaint, also filed one against me at another "Complaint Board" this morning. I received an email this morning informing me that I had these complaints filed against me on these websites but that I could have them removed for a fee.

The 'perpetrator' here knows that I worked at another psychic network because my current company websites states just that.

My current prices range from $10 to $30. I've only been up and running here for a few months and I just recently started the $30 phone readings, of which I've had no more than 7 total. It would be next to impossible to "take" thousands of dollars from someone for a $10 dollar reading.

"Psychic Savantace took thousands of dollars from me when working for a network I've been going to for years."

That's impossible. I've never had a client that ever spent that kind of money on my services. I've never been the type of psychic that fills people with too-good-to-be-true, bogus, imaginary stories, tales and fables. That's what most of the 'other' psychics on that 'other' network did and do and are trained to do and for that reason, I quit 'that' company and ventured out on my own, exposing them so there is a huge possibility / probability that this particular [bogus] complaint was filed by none-other than that company.

I exposed them and wrote about the horrors of their unscrupulous, unethical practices on my website. They charge $780 per hour. I charge $30 per hour. They're a multi-million dollar company and how do they lure people into spending that kind of money? By telling people fantastic stories and exactly what they hope to hear. People don't pay $800 per hour to hear in 30 seconds that the married guy or gal they're in love with is NEVER coming back.

Unfortunately, I was always the odd-man out at that company. I refused to rob the seniors, the disabled, the mentally ill, the desperate and the frantically broke of everything they had in order to keep their interest and keep them drugged up on false hopes and lies.

Nobody has ever spent thousands of dollars on me - not even my parents, LOL.

"They have always given me good advice and predictions until SHE came along." That was 3 years ago and No they haven't given anyone accurate predictions. I had a solid 5 star rating while I was there and never one complaint.

"They" that this fraud speaks of, is a popular online psychic network that is riddled with countless, horrendous complaints on this same website and countless others on the Better Business Bureau.

"I called one day to ask her why none of her predictions came true and she had vanished from the network only to pop up on her own site."

That isn't true. Nobody makes a call like that at $13. per minute. I was a 5.99 per minute psychic and I never had a customer that spent 'thousands' on me awaiting the arrival of my predictions.

Any customer I had there that became a regular, spending a great deal of money on my services, only did because my prior reading for them CAME TO PASS and occurred and due to that, they sought me out regularly because contrary to the consensus, I happen to be a Tarot card reader (not a clairvoyant), that has 100% accuracy.

"Could it be because she cannot get hired with another network?"

After learning the in's and out's of the online psychic networks, there is NO WAY I would ever work for another company because THEY LIE and they're without mercy. They're vicious, cruel, unrelenting and brutal -- all under the guise and pretense of "we care."

There is no way. Most of their clients are the poor, down-trodden, broken, financially destroyed of society; lonesome, heart-broken, depressed and in severe dire straits and that's what these companies thrive on -- making them believe in something that will most likely never happen.

I NEVER did that and opposed them at every juncture and they know it and now they want to crush me for that. IT WON'T HAPPEN, - YOU WILL NEVER WIN.

I haven't worked there for a year and suddenly 3 days ago this complaint against me wanders in. That's because they just discovered my website that exposes their vile, despicable, reprehensible schemes that barely slither in between the cracks of loopholes and grey areas. The phrase, "For Entertainment Purposes Only" is their only saving grace.

"Her timeline as to when my ex would come back to me was incorrect.

He is now engaged to someone else! He was never going to come back but she kept giving me false hope.

If she tells you your ex is coming back, don't believe a word she says. She tells you what she thinks you want to hear so you will keep coming back."

That is NOT ME and this is NOT how I ever operate and the writer of this post knows that. I quit for just that reason and then I exposed them on my website because I refused to string anyone along using their lures, lies and persuasions. I have never extended false hopes to anyone nor do I implement "time frames and times lines" where something of this nature is concerned. is owned by and after seeing this particular post, I know now they're 100% behind the complaints.

GOOD LUCK because the cards are not in your favor.

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