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Tapia is very competent and honest. Fast response times and excellent craftsmanship.
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This a smear job from Val to try and clean up his reputation but all the locksmiths call him cockroach behind his back because he undercuts everyone and he is rude as ***. His ego is bigger than his small stature and he lacks respect for others.

This guy needs to move out of Napa and find another job. He gets so many fake reviews on his profile its ridiculous. He is such a nerdy, whiny, complaining sissy and never seen such a coward. He is bullied by his customers into lowering the price because he is afraid of a bad review.

He has to cover up his criminal record by offering a discount.

He got caught harassing and old lady after she stiffed him with a bounced check. Don't trust this guy he will come back and break into your locks without authorization.

Criminal, Hypocrite, Immigrant.

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High Point, North Carolina

Tapia Locksmith

Tapia Locksmith
I was scammed by a Val Tapia when I was forced to call a local napa locksmith after having my car keys stolen. He promised to delete all keys from the car's computer the following week my car was stolen. Tapia is now under investigation for having his fingerprints on the car. Police were able to find the car but it was beyond recognition after Tapia had brought it to a chop shop after selling copies of my keys to local thugs. Don't believe the hundreds of fake reviews posted by his hacker friends. He parades around town guaranteeing a discount for review to ensure he has proof of not intending to steal the car, beware of Val Tapia, best car thief in the bay area.
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Fake review by competitor Robert Paul Cantrell of Master Key Locksmith, Loyalty Locksmith, Cantrell Napa Locksmith, Electronic Locksmith, Best Vacaville Locksmith, 24/7 Locksmith and others. The guy has had it in for me since days one.

While he makes up fictional criminal records for me.

Here is his real one:


Stalking, harassment, shoplifting, banned from Walmart for selling *** and being in the possession of a spiked bat. Is this the guy you want with the keys to your home?



I have extensively documented his abuse of both customers: imgur.com/IAmnK4w imgur.com/WkeNlKC imgur.com/iRlpieV imgur.com/k0CwuXg imgur.com/7dR1Ggo imgur.com/MjcAPOi imgur.com/doB0NMZ imgur.com/NPxFjP1 imgur.com/VRxvQcc imgur.com/VaiVCnf (there is a ton more by the way) And other locksmiths: Affordable Lock and Key: imgur.com/a/d7iwY Newcomb and Sons: imgur.com/a/TJBLP KC Locksmith: imgur.com/dIWsJDf Vallejo Locksmith: imgur.com/3yjQphs This guy is also a total weirdo: imgur.com/a/vGUxN


Hey your link to his record does not exist... Im sure this is just retaliation of your fake review profiles, Val Tapia.


This is a fake review by a local competitor.

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Napa, California
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Tapia Locksmith