map-marker Carrollton, Texas

I was suckered into becoming an owner. I put a down payment of $1000.00 and have made payments 9 times for $280.00 each payment. Which comes out to $2520.00 plus the $1000.00! That’s $3520.00!!!

Me and my wife have ran into a financial hardship for the last 2 months. I made payment arrangements with the loan company but apparently now Tahiti village says I owe them maintenance fees so we cant stay until there payed up. I tried to work out a payment arrangement with, Kim the collector but she said until I gave them a little over $1000.00 I was not welcome to stay and then she hung up on me! I would love to have that recording. I drove to Tahiti village and apparently you cannot go and talk to the collection crew in person. So basically I paid $3,520.00 for 2 plastic cards with me and my wifes pictures on it! Never was able to stay and I wont give up another dime.
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User's recommendation: Don’t buy time share from Tahiti!!!