Sub contractor not paid.

2018, he built a house under Grace Scott homes in Strasburg Co. After doing a beautiful job, I was not paid in full by Tracy and he just went non responsive on attempts to collect. I have invoices and email correspondences if you want to come at me with some lame comments. Do not trust this thief and lying crook.
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Grace Scott Homes LLC= Tracy A. Henneberg

Update by user May 03, 2017

He doesn't answer his phone or texts. He has no intentions of settling anything.

I need to be able to get ahold of the other complainants on this website ( to possible go to court with me. Please contact me if TAH contracting LLC was the guy you dealt with, or you were scammed by Tracy A.

Henneberg, or by another name he goes by Grace Scott Homes LLC. judyrobertson01@***.com

Update by user Apr 04, 2017

We paid him $10,000. deposit on Feb.

1st 2017 after that the excuses started why he wasn't working. Never got permits to work. Took out load bearing walls. Cost us thousands of extra dollars because had to have engineer and designer come in and tell us what we had to do to support the roof etc.

Had promised he would work everyday with helpers, but never did. I found his BBB complaints he never had answered (has a F rating) and customers on "pissedcomsumers,com" that had the same kind of experiences and he owes them all money and never finished jobs or never even started their jobs. I put his name with the DA at comsumer affairs. He is now using a different LLC name it is now Grace Scott Homes LLC and its not associated with his name of Tracy A.

Henneberg but is in his wife name or perhaps she is his girlfriend, Megan Myers. He knows every one is after him with the name TAH contracting LLC.

He got this new LLC December 2016. He had told us he could start work right away that he had 1 more day of work on his personal house, come to find out he was working for days on his personal house ( flipper house) and not on ours.

Original review posted by user Apr 03, 2017
Tracy Henneberg is a scammer. He has our $10000. deposit to work on a house we own. I googled his name and his business name of, TAH Contracting, and see many complaints. Now he is going by the name "Grace Scott Homes LLC", that's the name he has used on our contract. We had to hire a different general contractor to get our job done. He is a true Consumer Fraud. I have filed a complaint with them. He has not called and will not answer our calls. He has no intensions of returning any of our money. I learned the Grace Scott Homes LLC is in the name of his spouse or girlfriend. Megan Myers not Tracy Allan Henneberg.
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I was also ripped off by Grace Scott Homes LLC and Megan Myers. Tracy is attempting to use Megan and Great Scott Homes to cover up his frauds at TAH contracting.

Make a complaint with the Colorado attorney general, ripoff report and as many other places as you can. We need to expose this scammer for what he is.


Please post your job name and how you were ripped off Please! Hard to believe people like you with no true facts to back your complaint!

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Tracy Henneberg = Scammer

I paid TAH Contracting aka Tracy Henneberg $5,000 to do a deck for my house. After I paid him he kept coming up with excuses for why he couldn't get the work started, delay after delay and excuse after excuse he never came through and did the job. At the end of the day Tracy just stole $5,000 from me and never did what he promised. This guy is a total crook and should be thrown in jail! I'm not even sure this is a real business or just a way for Tracy to steal people's money. I believe the references Tracy gave me were totally fake or relatives, from what i've started to uncover online this guy is a complete scammer.
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In 2015 my late daughter-in-law recommended him because she new his wife for years he got me for 32,000 dollars was supposed to rebuild my burnt house same as other people lies and bs from this guy he needs to be stopped some how Dennis Burrier Bailey Colo


We have just read your comment about Tracy Hennenberg. Is he the same as Tracy Hennenerg?

We may be in his scam right now. How can we get ahold of you.

Can you give me a phone number or meet us at a restaurant perhaps.


Tracy and TAH also ripped me off. Frank, you should make a complaint with the city of Denver. They are reviewing his complaints and license right now.


Wrong again on the address Franklin!


Funny how Franklin Win doesn't seem to exist and TAH hasn't done anything work in Parker for years! Please call if your a real person!


More Pathological lies from Tracy Henneberg and TAH Contracting. Don't believe a word that comes out of this low lifes mouth.

There is a reason Tracy lives in a house in his Mommy's name, it's because he is going around ripping so many people off he can't even afford to support his family. This guy is a TRUE *** artist.


This is the address for this scammer by the way - TAH Contracting LLC, East Pioneer Drive, Parker, CO

@Franklinwin M

Are you *** Franklin? The real scanner lives in Boulder on Kellogg Circle.

The address for TAH is just a address where billing goes not the residence of Tracy. Please get your facts straight before you post such BS on here!

I would be glad to meet you face to face and discuss this! Thanks, Jim


We need to get everyone together and go after this Tracy.

Iam not letting him get away with this and we need to band together.

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