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sorry 2 see this is STILL going on! it began in the early 80's. if u work at a co that offers a private gym or phys ther room, such as hospitals or great companies such as a fire departments or police stations, I would use that. or if at all possible, 2 save $, get your own in home gym workout equip. may cost a small mint, but at least u know it will never close & take your $. due 2 80's scam beginning, I always have in home gym equip. the... Read more

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The facility in Cheektowaga is quickly becoming a dump. On any given day multiple machines are broken and generally stay that way for weeks. They got rid of the wipe down towels last year and replaced them with hand sanitizers that are regularly out of sanitizer. The help there is useless, most of them just stand around, check their phones and socialize. Whomever manages the place clearly does not train anyone on customer service or how to... Read more

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I have attempted to cancel my membership on FOUR separate occasions over 2 years. Each time I was never given anybody's last name or title, it was always just "desk person" First Name. World Gym has a no phone cancellation policy, you must come in and you must bring your key fob, when I did this I was told that I cancelled "so soon" to the next payment due date that I would be charged "one final time". This made me angry but I really just wanted... Read more

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On may 25th 2013 at about 4:pm I stepped inside World Gym (number 6933-37-27718 located at 12155 Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs, California 92240 tel. 760-329-8504)to ask and get information about the Gym fees and services. As soon as I walked in, an employee by the name of Woodroe Ohlemann approached me and offered to help. I asked about the Gym membership fees and services and I told him that my son and I are interested in becoming ... Read more

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