purchased double recliner sofa in August 2015. Bob's is replacing a cushion that is deformed. Great. As for my Bobopedic full size mattress, not so lucky. Also purchased in Aug 2015, middle is sagging down 2 inches in the and the brown trim around the outside is...
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I liked
  • Sales team only
  • Great sales team
I didn't like
  • Furniture
  • Shady business practice
  • No solution
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Ordered a bedroom set for my grandson and it was ***. Light didn't work, back headboard sliding piece broken, drawers under broken, nightstand broken. Took the nightstand back and set up a service call for the bed. Second nightstand came in and broke the next day....
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I have to say that Bob's came through and I now have a refund. They did the right thing. Thank you


Welll that's unacceptable!!!! B.B. needs to be contacted.. and your credit card company, if you paid that way!!! Not good business policies..