I spoke to several customer service representatives and two supervisors at Walmart who were incapable of correctly processing a return for three items ordered online. The crux of the issue is that, if one places an order online and proceeds to check out as a guest,...
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Walmart - awful customer service

Get educated

Increase in wages would obviously cause the purchase price of their products to rise. Which would turn away many people. Causing them to lose sales. This is America after all.

Had ample money in my pay pal to purchase a gift card and they never issued it to me - said they would never did and I couldn’t do Christmas shopping - won’t go to Walmart for my shopping then : they advised they need to confirm it would take 4 hours - then I wait and...
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I liked
  • Unwilling to satify customer
I didn't like
  • Online product pricing
People selling on Walmart that are 3rd party will jack the Price to four times the intended amount. They hope your dumb enough to buy without checking other websites or they want you to think they are Walmart. There is no honesty or intrity with these sellers. The...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service department
  • Unprofessional
I purchased a TV to be shipped to a local Walmart store. The shipping took 10 days and I was ok with that. On the 10th day, the TV wasn't there. I called customer service and they promised the TV would get there by Sat. On Friday, I got an email that the TV was...
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Your comment is unnecessary and unhelpful. Walmart is heavily advertising their ship to store service with the benefit of keeping inventory low in their stores. People should ...


Don't buy a TV that is not in stock at any store and never buy one on line. Too much chance for various problems.

I didn't like
  • Not fixing their errors adequately
  • Customer service and shipping errors

Walmart - Never agian!!!

Walmart has to be the worst for site to store. Went to order something said it could pick it up that afternoon so I order it and Bam it says i have to wait till the 13th so i tried to cancel it!! NO walmart isnt having that less than 2 min and they already took my money. and now i was like ok well i guess ill wait and then ill just get the item when it gets to the store. Now im being told if i want the item i have to wait 7- 10 days for a refund and then if i want the item i have to reorder it !!!!
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Ease of Use
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Layout of Store
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
My suggestion is that a class action lawsuit should be filed against Walmart .There is no possible way I could list all the bad expireiences I have had with not only staff but also upper management.I am familiar with laws and civil rights for consumers and have an...
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why don't you just stop shopping there


It's not anyone's job to look after your stuff, instead you should have asked where to leave your stuff like customer service area. NOT between the lanes, or else someone woul...