I cannot find US or Europe customer service email address or way to contact them directly with any electronic ways. Seems to me they are hiding. They always pushing back to the dealer where I had a problem with. They are not willing to support. They told me when I got...
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I liked
  • Like the design of the car
I didn't like
  • No way electronic communication with vw usa or europe
  • Customer service
I was billed for CarNet on a vehicle that was traded in. My rep at the dealer said everything would be cancelled because they turn in the vin number to VW. NOT TRUE!!@ I was just billed 199 for the CarNet automatic subscription. I called the day it was posted to my...
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I didn't like
  • Custimarer care
  • Service supervisor and his excuse
  • Phone call experience

Volkswagen Of America - The worse company

Volkswagen is deceiving, dishonest, and the list goes on...... I leased a 2015 beetle convertible back in December 2014. During the heavy down pour in S. Florida, rain leaked into my vehicle at the base of the window and flooded the interior of my vehicle. The issue was resolved and I was informed that the carpet and rugs have been replaced. The smell of mildew has been present in my vehicle ever since. I took the vehicle back after noticing that the carpet had never been changed. They kept the vehicle for 9 days and are now asking me to pick up stating there is no smell and no work was done. Aside from this issue, I had to take the vehicle in a few times within the first 8 months of having the car for all kinds of issues that should never take place in a brand new vehicle. I have learned my lesson......NO MORE VOLKSWAGEN AND NO MORE GUNTHER COCONUT CREEK !! I cannot wait for this lease to be over and return this vehicle back to them so they can scam another buyer.
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
I didn't like
  • Very deceiving and dishonest
I leased a 2012 passat v6 sel which supposedly had leather seats. i recently noticed 2 small tears on the side of the drivers seat. when i inspected the tears I noticed that the material was not leather at all , but a piece of vinyl (very flimsy vinyl). When I brought...
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