Paid £72.47 for "overnight" shipment of a small parcel from UK to France. Package eventually arrived two days later. No notification whatsoever from UPS, either to me or to the recipient, that the package would be delayed. No explanation whatsoever from UPS, only a vague, feeble apology about "problems caused by your shipment" (sounds like I was putting them out by sending a package!), and this only after I REQUESTED an apology. No refund yet, although I'm still demanding one. UPS seem to think it's perfectly acceptable for them to charge consumers for a service and then casually fail to provide it, without any explanation or apology. Would never, EVER use UPS again and would strongly advise all other potential customers to stay away.
Product or Service Quality
I didn't like
  • Delivery lies
  • Unprofessional and rude behavior
  • Failure to deliver overnight
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Bought a $5 guarantee delivery at UPS for 3 day delivery

Bought a $5 guarantee delivery at UPS, Guilford, CT to Atlanta, GA. Package (eye glasses for a trip) arrived two days late. Party already left for trip without glasses. UPS said not guaranteed for adverse weather. But I bought a guarantee for three day delivery. What does guarantee cover me for. UPS did not give a refund. In addition they did not every refund the $5 for the guarantee. This package was eye glasses for a seventy eight year old man, who was going on vacation. He left for the trip without the glasses. UPS sells a guarantee, with no accountability.
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