Store# 03243 4524 Challenger Ave Roanoke, va 24012 5409773745 Juanita in customer service hole punched VOID on my VALID DRIVER LICENSE . I think her full name is Juanita harper wilburn. Why did this no in store can answer and they told me they were'nt going to reimburse me the money for having to have replaced. Not even a 20$ gift card. All over an exchange for same product. Not even taken out of customer to ask her why. This is piece of...
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Anonymous Wow.....


aliens_amoung_us There has to be a reason why this happened (if it really did). Seems you're either leaving out information or making stuff up. Which is it? I've never known anyone from Walmar...

I liked
  • Overall walmart is a good place to shop
  • Low prices
  • Clean store
I didn't like
  • Attitude
  • Being treated like i did something wrong