I too fell a victim of the Reloadit scam if I would've known I would'nt have purchased their reload pack. I started the National Alliance to connect with other victims of Reloadit. If you you like to reach out and discuss possibly ways for a reasonable resolution you...
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I didn't like
  • Inability to provide the promised service
  • Very slow
  • No one with reloadit customer service spoke proper english
bought a reloadit pack and cannot create a safe to transfer funds to my netspend card. i was told to use a different internet browser several times, and that did'nt work. then i was told wait 24 hours,and no results. every time i call and talk to someone at reloadit im...
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Retha Ward

yes i have been going through the same thing with them today and i loaded this so called reload pack with almost all my money and i have tried 10 devices an waited so many hrs...

I liked
  • Thought of kicking them in the face

Bought reloadit card on Monday to reload a card and pay my internet bill which was due Wednesday. it is now Saturday.... and I continually get "We are expecting technical difficulties" message. I thought maybe the card I was tryiing to reload was the issue, so I went...
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