TCF Bank - Unacountability for their mistakes

Wanted to stop a payment and the employee didn't tell me that a recurrent payment will to go through anyway. She didn't know how to do the paperwork correctly, then the following day after noticing that a $200,00 were withdrawn she offered me a new debit Card. Damage was done and the Bank doesn't want to hear anything... They don't recognize that their employees are not only untrained but aloof and useless. The State Attorney was contacted as well as the BBB. A complain is also going to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as well as Social Medias. I want y $ 200.00 back onto my account before closing this account.
Additional Fees
Billing Practices
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Interest Rate
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
I liked
  • Very little
I didn't like
  • Being humiliated
i filled out application for person and submited it. and you said you sent it. the cemetery has not accepted it. i was adding my former pastor rev. horace l petty who has been buried at parkview memorial gardens in livonia michigan in 1998. i filled out the application...
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Your review makes no sense. There are no applications on FindAGrave and they don't submit anything to the cemetery offices. If the cemetery office says they have no record of ...

My husband and I signed up for Oak and Spruce with Silverleaf resorts when our children were babies and we were together. It seemed like a great family vacation getaway. Since the divorce, I have not been able to keep up with maintenance fees which continue to be...
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Did you ever get your money back? I've had a similar experience with Silverleaf.

I didn't like
  • Untrustworthy but constantly want you to upgrade
  • Poor phone customer service
  • Unaccomadating for owners
Angies List - I quit Angie's List, and here's why...
I received a letter from my pool service company offering me a monetary incentive (letter posted) to post a positive review on Angie's List. I did not accept and as a result I abruptly cancelled my Angie's List membership. I had turned a skeptical eye towards...
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That is an unethical company, has nothing to do with Angie's List. btw, that is grounds for being removed from AL, so hope you reported them. A business can ask for an hones...

Have called five time to cancel services after several info is taken and several phone transfers i get connected to a fax number or just disconnected, i have left several e-mails and have not even been acknowledged! very poor customer service. So i don't even know...
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that's claropr modus operadi big problem in Puerto rico same problem

I took my grandkids to get pictures taken,,I paid 110.00 for my package and 2 free 10x13's,got my paid pics but never got the free ones BECAUSE THEY CLOSED, I have called and called the number on the sign and set on hold for way to long,,went to the web site on the...
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I bought a photo pack for $140, i payed in cash at my local store and still do not have my photos they have my money and I have nothing so i would say that is a rip off, and t...


they didn't intentionally scam you out of anything. and your monetary loss, is a lie. you didn't lose 110$. you got those pictures, you didn't get 2 free pictures that you wou...

I decided to use the service and got about 1k followers. They delivered timely but the followers dropped off very quickly by 60 or more at a time. After around the number that was purchased was added all 1,000 dropped off within 4 days. I have screen shoots and have...
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Glad I'm not you

purchase more followers What a loser you are

Ashley Furniture - Peeling and discolored leather recliner sofa and chair
I purchased a coach and rocking chair set leather and coach has cracked and side and discolored badly and was rold leather was real and repair man came out to replace it and still looks awfully bad. The representative n phone said the reason it is discolored is because...
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I tried to buy a cellphone on 4/4/13. The creditcard i used was at it"s limit, instead of letting me know this through website comunications, you just booted my order out. Had i have known this info, i could have used a different means of payment. Ithink in the future...
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Dear Valued Customer, We’re very sorry that you encountered this negative experience on our site. Could you please contact me at your earliest convenience so that we can l...

My son was charged $37 insufficient funds fee 5 times (total $185) despite deposting funds exceeding the negative balance prior to at least three of the transactions for which he was penalized. The tellers he talked to acknowldge this - they gave him receipts showing...
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:) Happy to report that I was contacted by the TCF Bank and that they have refunded him 4 payments, a total of $148.


5/3 Bank just recently had a HUGE lawsuit over this kind of thing. I suggest you and all other bank members save all paperwork and statements, names of employees spoken to, et...