My brother went to the free one day course in Boston and then the three day course. He called me and told me we had to go to the Bus Tour in November. I went and it was way beyond what I expected!! I've never gone to a more professional education than this. Nick...
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I liked
  • True knowledge
  • Staff support
  • Best bang for the buck in real estate education
I had been looking to get into real estate investing for about 6 month when a first attended a free look see put on Nick Vertucci. Being impressed by the caliber of his trainer and their ability to answer all the questions ask I sign up for the 3 day training and then...
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I liked
  • That they are the best in the business
  • Instructors
  • Network received
I didn't like
  • Only complaint was the cold presentation room
  • Gaining weight from all the good food were were served
Okay, I got home late last night and then decided to travel to the in-laws for Turkey day. However, during the NVREA Bus Tour "Go Green Bus" I sent out for deals to a realtor I had previously asked to send some deals. With the new way of getting her to think about what...
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The NVREA is a great investment if you want to be a winner at real estate. If you apply what you learn and put in the time and real effort, you get what you put into any endeavor. You can and you will achieve everything you want. The teaching is awesome, the network is...
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I liked
  • Best investment in my future
Nv Real Estate Academy's reply to:

Thank you for your review Gloria as you know from our discussions you have not put any effort into your own business and did not follow any of our System. Regardless we refunded you and wish you the best of luck. NVREA MISSION STATEMENT The Nick Vertucci Real Estate...
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I am very pleased with my purchase with the NV Real Estate Academy this past year (2017). They went far beyond what was promised as part of the course materials. The bus tour is only one part of the overall learning experience. The network and support of national real...
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I liked
  • Associated companies
  • Can do spirit of teaching
  • Instructors and curriculum
We attended the free class in September 2016, the 3 day event in October 2016 and the bus tour November 2016. We were very skeptical like anyone else but after seeing it for our own eyes and running the numbers we decided to move ahead with the program. The program has...
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I liked
  • Support of nvrea
  • Data driven
  • Quality and honesty of staff
NV Real Estate Academy is the best education for real estate investing! Basically, it's hard work. I paid for an education and I'm using my NV "degree" now to make for a better living for my family. Some people will spend $45,000/year for a college degree, and then not...
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I liked
  • Fantastic hands-on real estate training and education
While attending the July NVREA Bus Tour we met so many fantastic people from the Vertucci family ( I really can not tell you how wonderful they are to the attendies and of course the staff and instructors. I had lost a lense to my reading glasses the first day of the...
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I liked
  • Pride networl
  • All of it the education was great the service was great
  • All of it
Sometimes there are things in life that just seem too good to be true. When you have someone tell you that you will have to invest in a training that is a significant financial obstacle for many people, you can't help but be skeptical and hesitant to make that leap....
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