I am 79 years old and even though my bill is paid, they will not fill my tank for 5 days. My tank is about empty and will be by tomorrow. I phoned last week and again yesterday and today. They gouge on price, and they are abusive to talk too. I am going to phone both my state and federal representatives. These people should not be in business. I didn't hire them, they bought the company out that I had and then just raised their prices higher...
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I didn't like
  • Inflated propane gas price
  • You have my money but i dont have your service
I was informed today by an america gas rep that they no longer has a minimum amount of annual gas purchase to off-set tank rental fee. Initially he made it sound as if this had been the standard policy until I pushed him on the issue. The then said everyone had been notified of the change. When I question the $36.00 late fee on the $90.07 invoice, he that is the minimum late fee charged by america gas whether the amount is $1 or $100.00. Well I...
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I liked
  • Nothing - absolutely nothing
Amerigas are a bunch of lying cheating sons of guns and the white hall, md location have been playing games and giving us the run around in addition. We had a contract and budget billing that ended may 2016. While under contract we were on scheduled delivery every month but they never came when they were scheduled and they let our tanks run dry twice.Then they jacked up the price for the new contract year. So we told them we were not renewing....
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I liked
  • Driver attitude
I didn't like
  • Prices per gallon
  • Bait and switch
  • Delivery practices
For 40# of LP gas, I was charged $276.23. That's $5.80/gal.!!!!!!!! This is the last time they fill my tank! Oh, it's there tank! Other reviews say they charge $40 to pick up their tank! OUTRAGEOUS!! There has to be a law for price gouging.  They're buying up all the competitors in the area and hoping customers don't notice. I'll rate them as 0.  I need 80 words so here more words.  Dishonest, cheaters ripoff artists,...
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JeepSux in maine it went from 1.89 to 8.99 per gallon and rising fast just in 1 month after buying a local company they claim its top teir oil but its not top teir its low teir


Joe I know. They bought out only sawyergas.. Use to work for them. They need to straighting up. Poor Management


Americas is charging $2.00 more per gallon than all the other local companies around here. They are a ripoff! We also asked them to give us 100 gallons due to the high price. The office lady said she would let the driver know. What does the driver do? Fill it up. I wouldn't refer this company to anyone. They also offered for us to pay for ameri-loc for $150.00 a year. We would then be guaranteed to only have to pay $3.00. Again propane prices...
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I liked
  • Nice drivers
I didn't like
  • Theit pricing is unfair
Amerigas provides special rates for my subdivision so I decided to change from my other gas company. I called for a price quote before ordering & was told 3.10/gal. After they did their inspection I noticed a $47 something charge on my cc. Called to inquire & they said it was for tank rental. I OWN MY TANK. They apparently filled my 100 gallon tank a couple of weeks later because I noticed a HUGE charge of $631.42 on my credit card bill....
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