I went to refill my much needed prescription on Jan 26th . I went to pick up later that day and was told a problem with insurance company there needed to be a pre authorization for it , so I realized we just had been changed to this optumrx in Jan. so my doctor sent in...
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Do you have CalPers? I just had the exact same problem on Jan 30. I had a prior authorization thru the previous company (Caremark) and an FAQ from optum saying prior authoriza...

I didn't like
  • Could not speak to supervisor
  • No one will give an honest answer
  • Would select no stars if i could
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Optumrx - Horrible customer service

I started work with a new company and they use OptumRx, to my dismay. Each time I call into their customer service is a new adventure and usually a bad one. Today it took me 6 calls an over 3 hours of time to get one prescription filled, with each call yielding a different level of competency from the service rep but mostly poor and untrained. Of the 6 there were only two that I felt knew what they were doing so on three different occasions I requested to speak to a supervisor but was never got connected to one. It's obvious when a lousy rep doesn't want you to speak to someone above them since they will either put you on hold for long periods of time (almost 30 minutes one time) or transfer you to nowhere. Take my advise and pay the extra to use a local pharmacy. You're time is worth more than you save.
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I didn't like
  • People and the processes
  • Refill authorization handling
  • Lied committed fraud
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