My wife and I came to Orlando to buy a condo and somehow (big regrets) we meet Jim Shelton. We wanted to see several condos and townhouses. First of all, this idiot has no clue as to what he is talking about. I am a real estate lawyer and know how condo associations...
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Stay away from this guy as he is the biggest bull *** I have ever seen. He comes off as an expert in the real estate business. This guy will BS you until the cows come home with stories of insider knowledge of a fraud scheme perpetrated by local developer. He got some...
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Ugh this man.. total fraud and scammer. He tried to get us in a couple of different lawsuits against Bobby Ginn and another group and it was pure crazy

I didn't like
  • Jim shelton lies
  • Jim shelton scam
  • Withholding info
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