I watch hln and fox news on xfinity they cut off services you use most to incite a call to customer service to tell you you're bill is due "We can extend you're due date the 19th to a new due date the 19th" all the while they express the fact the you owe 131.00$ due on the 19th with no option to talk to an agent! trapped in their automated system and xfinity site doesn't work then they say its you're equipment ARRRRGGGGG I tried all to resolve...
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I liked
  • Broadband
I didn't like
  • Redirect to force a call
I tried to sign up for comcast/xfinity internet service. Made the initial call, got an awesome price and all ways SUPPOSE to be good. The very next day a tech comes to my home and does nothing but tell me that he didn't have the equipment to set it up, that he would have to get a different tech to come out. That was perfectly fine too. Well, I waited and waited and waited and nothing and no one. I called them to find out why no one had came...
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I liked
  • Comcast internet
  • Comcast tv
I didn't like
  • Being lied to
my experience with comcast xfinity has offers upon offers but all benefit xfinity they sell you a 12 month program for one price a true bait and switch program is for 12 months but after 10 months my bill went from 25.60 -85.00. when you call xfinity the answering computer wants to know how you will pay doesnt allow you to talk to a live person. their cable boxes are cleaned and put back into service never fixing them i had...
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I didn't like
  • Communication of changes
  • Management is aware of most problems
  • Price or customer service
I have had enough.... If it isn't the internet it is the T .V . blackscreen with an error message or the phone , going in an out. No conversation possible. I hope the internet stays up long enough to finish this. Hours on my cell phone trying to get customer service and I have had a rep, that had no idea what she was doing actually HANG UP on me when I nicely asked to be transferred to tier two service rep. She had nothin to loose I had no clue...
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Anonymous this describes my problem exactly. For over a year.

I didn't like
  • Promises not kept
  • Comcast practices account practices-discrimation and hypocrisy
  • Support representative too lazy process order modem
i paid my bill for 8/03/15 and 9/03/15 and i get a new bill 9/12/15 for 75.64 and late charges added on top of that. i called and inquired why was my bill so high when i just paid and they said i did not pay according to there records so i told them i would call them back which i did with receipt in hand. now its oh we are sorry and i said i was filing complaint with bbb which i did because my service is the same and my bill keep changing, so i...
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I didn't like
  • Incorrect billing
  • Very upset

Signed up for Xfinity "Triple Play" phone, internet and cable service in June. It works only 1/2 the time. Customer service is awful. Do not sign up for it under any circumstances. Internet works only intermittently, cable for tv quits working several times a day, phone has no dial tone several times per day. You have to turn cable boxes and modems off and back on several times per day. Complaints to customer service do nothing and tech support...
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