I have had my paypal account for years. I have been screwed a couple of times. And this one being the worst, my bag with my card and financial information was lost and someone did fraudulent activity on my account. It was at 7,700, and I called and reported fraud so they put it to $1,700 and some change. And they denied my claim claiming that I did the activity since 01-24-2017, and it's 02-13-2017. This is unjust and I am not going to pay or be...
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I didn't like
  • Difficult to resolve acct issues
  • Paypal were stealing from costumers
  • Extremely poor customer service
I called on 9/10 to ask for support my account problem and the girl who answered my phone was SUPER SUPER UNPROFESSIONAL and UNEDUCATED. This is REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE AND UNACCEPTED. If you have money to open the company and run business, you need to spend money to hire qualified staff to do the job but not *** *** to say *** thing. I called on 9/10 to ask for support my account problem and the girl who answered my phone was SUPER SUPER...
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I ordered an item from ebay that was being originated out of china ..Item arrived was somewhat similar to the item posted but was clearly a bootleg copy..Classic bait and switch sent all my proof and pictures Paypal then made a final decision that if I returned the item to china and seller said everything was returned and in good condition than I can get a refund..1ST off my cost of shipping was 80% of the cost of what I paid due to the size...
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bobs2015 Anytime you order something direct from someone in China you take the chance that you will be scammed. That's just the way it is. Use this as one of life's lessons. Now you kn...

I liked
  • Ease of use
  • It until now
  • Flexibility
I didn't like
  • Paypals inability to communicate wih buyer
  • Negligence
  • Fraudulent activity
My Ebay/PayPal was banned and all money confiscated and account records destroyed. I can no longer buy and sell on ebay even using American Express as VIP merchant account. I was told that the donations to Christian organizations were fraudulent; that I was engaged in fraud; my computer business is fraudulent and the the transactions for computer parts and computers also fraudulent. Of course none of this is true in any regard. I set paypal up...
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Anonymous It's because your a thief. Using people's stolen credit cards. Even stealing from your dead father. Your day will come. Using the Lord to get money. You should be banned fr...

I didn't like
  • Paypal credit
  • Stole money
  • Fraudulent charge
This is a negative rating if that were possible. They are horrible. I have filed a complaint with them, my bank and the BBB. That is just the beginning. It's is my intention to post THIER dishonesty & unreliable business associates every site I find on line. On 6/11/14, I made a payment to PayPal (Trans ID #6K481832T5688073D) $658.96 for a phone & accessories ordered from oppo-mart in china. We paid for expedited shipping 5-7 days....
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