In my experience, Dell will sell you a defective computer, promise to make repairs, as is demanded in their own warranty, and then continue to return a broken computer to you. I have spent hours on the phone troubleshooting with countless representatives, been lied to many times, all to still have a computer with faulty hardware and error codes. Their repairs department is convinced that the issue is resolved, but my laptop after only a few...
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I didn't like
  • Refusal to make repairs under warranty
  • Customer support - rude and ineffective
  • Sells faulty hardware
In July 2016 I bought a new Dell Desktop Inspiron 7000 with "premium tech support" After my personal computer guy installed the machine for me everything was working. Next day I went to Outlook and got a POP UP that said the program was not supported by the product. I called Dell. I was transferred to India, of course, where I spent 51/2 hours talking to a guy who stripped my computer of all programs, reinstalled them and Outlook still didn't...
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