Clear Internet - Clear wireless is shutting down! PLEASE SONEONE HELP ME!!!!
Omg! Same situation here. I had Lear for 3 years now and come to find out just recently they are shutting towers down. I'm soo very sad. I called customer service, they told me that, I use an average of 300 gigabytes of data monthly. There are 9 members from my family...
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I feel your pain!!!!!! Also a Clear member.


Try to go for Xfinity/Comcast. They cap at 300 gb per month. Hope this helps. I am switching to Xfinity Nov. 5th a few days.....bitter sweet...Goodbye...Clear...-sn...

East Los Angeles, California
I liked
  • Movable hotspot
  • Awesome service
  • Unlimited data
I didn't like
  • Turning off service
  • Closing company
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