ATT - How AT&T Ruined Our Christmas Driving Trip With The ZTE Mobley!!

My hellish experiences with AT&T. We planned a 8-10 hour (in one direction) driving trip for Christmas and needed to get some sort of hotspot internet service for our trip for gps, the kids and my wife to use in the car while driving. I looked around the net and kept coming across people commenting on the how you can buy this device called the ZTE Mobley that you can plug into your OBDII port of your car and it provides unlimited hotspot service for your car passengers using the car connected unlimited plan that cost $20 a month. I thought great exactly what I need. On Wed Dec.20th I went to AT&T's website and went to order the device. I chatted with an online AT&T rep and asked her about ordering the Mobley and the unlimited plan. I was told that this was a limited offer plan and it's not online anymore But that I can buy the device, choose any plan, and when I received the device I could just call customer care and they would change the plan to the unlimited $20 plan. I even had her check with a supervisor to make sure I would not have any problems switching to this plan after receiving the device. She assured it would be not problem and to save this chat as proof and it would be honored if there was any issues. So she helped me finish the order online. Friday Dec.22nd I received my device. This is when the problems started. I called customer care and explained what I had and what I was told to do. The first rep didn't even know what this was and put me on hold. After coming back to the line he said he couldn't help me and that I had to call the connected car dept. I called them and I was told that plan is no longer available for this device. I explained to him that I have in writing a rep and a supervisor stating it was. I was transferred to a car connected supervisor I was told the same thing. I then asked for a manager and was told no one was available that he would take down my information and I would get a call back within a couple hours. 4 hrs later no call so I go back to the website where this all started and opened a chat with another rep and explained the situation. I gave him the chat ID from the previous couple nights and after reviewing he said i'm going to talk to my manager to see what we can do since I see this was promised to you and should be honored. They did attempt to fix this but said they are not able to apply the change. He then told me to call the loyalty dept. While I did this my chat was disconnected so I got no chat ID and couldn't email it to myself but I did take pictures and video of the chat window for this second chat as proof. After explaining the situation to the loyalty rep he was very nice and agreed that I should have this honored since it was promised. He found the $20 car connected unlimited plan in his system and attempted to apply it to my account but said it would give him an error. He said he would put me on hold and call the car connected dept. After coming back he said that the car connected dept would take over the call as they're the one's that are in charge of this. After speaking with Andrew he told me this plan is no longer available for this device. He had the nerve to offer me a limited plus plan for $125 a month if I used auto pay. Really?? Or I can stay with the 1gb plan for $10 or get a 5gb plan for $25. I asked what happens for the 1gb or 5gb are used? He said I would be charged $15 per gb overage. Again Really?? How is this helping me? I then asked for someone above him. I was transferred to Lea who was supposed to be the top manager there. She told me the same thing as the others and went a step further and said they stopped applying the plan to accounts right before Thanksgiving and she couldn't apply the change. She shocked me and said this has happened before since the Thanksgiving deadline where employees are telling this to people but then get denied when they ask for the plan change. This is a full month after the supposed deadline!! I even saw some other posts on here where people where being told the plan expired in Oct. Then another date in to beginning of Dec. Which one is it. Has this plan ended four different times? Seems like a bunch of lies!!! She said she would take down my information and submit it to the next higher up's who could add this plan and I should receive a decision but to be aware all requests have been denied. It could also be up to a month to receive a response. So basically a month, two months, maybe even longer this plan has supposedly expired but you have two separate employee's stating this to me and other customers as late as Dec. 20th. This is not right and then you won't honor it!!! In all this time I spent dealing with this on Friday. I was not offered any kind of discount or credit. I asked the manager since I'm leaving for this trip in less than and hour. I've been on the phone and online chat for over 3 hrs. I have in writing a promise. Your aware this is still happening and nothing has been done to fix this since? Your employee's are lying to customers to sell devices. If she could do anything in the mean time for our trip and while i'm waiting for a decision. The answer was flat out no. Not even a lousy month credit. You have other employee's agreeing with me but are locked out from making the change. So AT&T im going to expect you to do the right thing and change my plan on my Mobley to the one I was promised by two of your employee's and leading me to buying the device only to be turned away after doing what you told me to do. As a matter of fact you should honor the request of the other people on this forum you promised this too also. Then you should immediately make sure all the employee's stop advertising that this change can be done or bring this plan back. Because of all this bull we ended up leaving the following morning because the wife and I where so upset by the utter lies, misinformation and just flat out not caring about customers. The kids ended up with no wifi as we promised them and just made the drive that much harder. Thanks AT&T!!!! Hoping you will make this right!
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