We actually booked our stay here through OUR FAVORITE vacation service, Global Discovery Vacations. When we found out we weren't beachfront, we asked to be. The hitch? Timeshare presentation. We went. Turned everything down like 25x like you have to, and were on our way out of the door to transportation and with parting gifts. Saleslady walks up to us with one last beg. Then a guy came up. "We have a foreclosure. We will give you this... Read more

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Vidanta does not qualify prospects. They carpet bomb every tourist that they can get their hands on by promising freebies which in our case were not delivered. In fact I was told that the process would take 90 minutes of my precious vacation time and they stole 4.5 hours! They did not meet my expectations. Here is my experience on the Vidanta timeshare sales process: 1) 1st agent - soft sell, interested, knowledgeable, concerned and caring 2)... Read more

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The Vidanta Group, Vida Vacations, Mayan Palace and Vacation Privileges people are not to be trusted and are among the best I have ever seen at separating you and your hard earned money. I have all the documentation to prove this and will provide it to anyone who emails me. My wife and I were accosted in early October 2015 at the Rental Car place (Thrifty) in Cancun. A mild mannered guy was very smooth and got us to go to a sales presentation... Read more

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This place is so full of it. Lies lies lies. I am here in Nueva Vallarta and I am just so disgusted, I want to go home! We too purchased a 2 bedroom/2 bath in the Grand Bliss. NEVER have we ever been able to get a room here, it is always booked. We were promised 20% off EVERYTHING if we ever downgraded to the Grand Mayan. Lies Lies Lies. They plant people in the bars to "flirt" with you; they have propaganda on the tv that speaks in... Read more

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What Vida sales team tell you is all lies..they tell you something and they sell you something else. We paid $5567 USD to buy 40 weeks vacation in Vida resorts...they end selling us in no where resorts...We called after 4 business days of signing to cancel after we discovered spam and they refused to refund the money. Our next step is to dispute the charges with Visa. They present themselves as owners...they tell you stories..they try to take... Read more

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