I bought a visa gift card at Walmart near my home. I was going to be laid up from surgery and I wanted to be able to do some online shopping. Within the hour, someone 200 miles away, used the same gift card number at another Walmart. I called the "helpline" and was...
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Never buy these cards, they are indeed a scam most times. I understand why you did as I just had gallbladder surgery 2 days ago, but i got all my crap done before then so just...


OP:You bought a Visa gift card... not a Walmart gift card.I seriously doubt Walmart employees are manning the phones at the helpline you called, so exactly why are you complai...

I liked
  • Walmart was ok prior to this
  • Target here i come
I didn't like
  • Obvious illegal activity within the store
  • Not taking care of a customer issue in a timely manner
  • Obvious fraud within the company
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