UPS - I do too many deliveries per day, sorry I made a mistake

Packages not delivered...2:30PM Friday called UPS - routed to call center in the Philippines... opened a ticket...notified UPS driver, pkgs not received (Friday). 5:30PM Friday, Received call from Ups in USA (John in training)...the driver contacted by (Jen) dispatch, he admitted he delivered them to the wrong address. "I deliver 150 pkgs per day, I make mistakes" I asked UPS to go collect them immediately, "no driver in the area to pick them up". 2 Philippines...calls later, Friday 10:30PM UPS USA sent a driver to area. Per dispatch, the driver was told, by the people he left the pkgs with, "We saw pkgs, but we don't have them." I was told to open an investigation. Monday, AM&PM Philippines, they can not open a investigation ticket. Tuesday, 2 calls in AM, Philippines, they can not open a ticket. Tuesday PM, Philippines, opened ticket!! Wednesday, email notification packages were delivered to correct address. NOT...called back Philippines...reopened investigation ticket...Thursday email notification packages were delivered to correct address. NOT...called back Philippines...reopened investigation ticket...Friday, Asked for update, no response from UPS. Is UPS working their employees too hard? Or am I expecting a level of service UPS is unable to provide?
I liked
  • And in the usa
  • She was helpful
  • Speaking with gretna
I didn't like
  • Philippines call center was extreemely difficult to work with
  • Driver admitted he delivered 3 pkgs to the wrong address however
  • Customer service and delivery

UPS - Delivered to wrong street and wrong postcode

Woke-up this morning to discovered my 96 years-old Mum had accepted a gigantic parcel. But I hadn't ordered anything like it in size. I looked at the single label on the parcel. I saw the wrong person's name, the wrong postcode and the wrong street name. Did a Google on UPS, saw a number and rang 0345-7 877 877. The *** BT-type menu was irritating. Pressed 7 for additional choices then had to repeated say 'NO' to *** questions. Eventually UPS's computer system got the message and transferred my call to a Human Being. All he could do was to promise 'the warehouse' would call me within an hour. UPS called and said they can't collect their parcel today because the driver is "in another area" and what size was it ? The parcel is 58 x 44 x 22 cm. I'll visit the correct delivery address and ask them to come around in a car to collect their gigantic parcel. I have photographed the delivery label but won't exhibit it because it has someone's name and address on it. Needless to write, I am not impressed by this USA company. European standards are much higher.

UPS - Delivered my $4500 guitar to the wrong address

This is the second time UPS has delivered an expensive package to the wrong address. The last time was a $3500 guitar. I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone trying to track it down. The driver seems to have realized his mistake and picked up the package and brought it my house. The customer service rep offered me no compensation for the stress or time spent calling their customer service line. Don't these guy have GPS, or do they just not care. This is the last time I will use UPS if I have a choice. I'll pay the extra cost and go with FedEx.