I pald for gas on the 25th l call on the 28th ask when will i get my gas? i was told they do not have a date yet. they have our money sitting in a bank account somewhere getting paid interest. Then when you ask about your gas you have paid for, a person on the other end of the phone gets very nasty with you. They charge you what they want to. Every time my tank has been filled,they always sent a statement saying you have a credit, a sure way to...
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Hart We also know about excessive charges.
Also rude employees, incompetent service which could have resulted in our home being blown up.
Would be interested in a class actio...

I didn't like
  • Total lack of customer service
  • Scamming people
  • High prices and having to call multiple times to get delivery
We signed up with Amerigas in 2011 when we moved to Lompico (Felton). At that time, we didn't know a lot about propane companies, and there was an Amerigas tank in the yard. So we set up an account. LESSON LEARNED. Do your research!!! These crooks charge AT LEAST DOUBLE the average price per gallon compared to other propane companies in the area. Here are the prices I've found. Amerigas $2.79 Ferrell's $1.33 Mountain $1.99...
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I liked
  • Nothing - absolutely nothing
I didn't like
  • Amerigas
  • I did not like
  • Poor customer service
Amerigas has been charging 80% over market rates for my gas deliveries...for 2 years!! I just didn't know. Over charged for a repair that had been ignored..... They were happy to let my gas vent so they could sell more. Very poor local and Corp. customer service. I have contacted both local and corporate...no replays addressing my concerns. I mistakenly thought LP gas pricing was somehow regulated like electric service...NOT SO! Typical...
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I didn't like
  • Deceptive pricing
  • Lies
  • Customer service