I was injured all the way back in 1997. I was working at group homes for the STATE OF CT. This ended up being part of a strategic scheme by now-in-jail, Governor Rowland, He mandated supervisors to "run us out" instead of laying people off. (See Sebac Vs Rowland) I went to a neurosurgeon they picked. He knew I was NOT trying to stay out of work. He wrote restrictions so I would not get re-injured. An attorney followed up with a letter...
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I liked
  • Approved first half of 2016 surgery in 10 days
I didn't like
  • Denied second half of 2 part lumbar surgery
  • Lies about who makes decisions for dr
  • Tries to make you switch doctors
On April 27, 2013, a young man with heavy boxes on a gurney slammed in to me from behind at Trader Joe's Palm Desert, CA; he did not observe me because he could not see over the boxes. I had to twist my whole body to the left to keep from falling down. I now have painful Tenosynovitis (average level 8) in both ankles as well as a torn tendon in my right ankle. I have to wear a boot so that I can walk a little. I have been told by my doctors...
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pissed off We are going through it now. My husband was 15min late for an appt that they scheduled an hour and 45min away and was full of construction. Doctor turned him away and bc of t...


Defend Run to a lawyer

I didn't like
  • Treatment by claims adjusters